GREATEST win EVER on Celebrity Name Game!!

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Comments from Youtube

Christin David : you gotta love Craig Ferguson, even when he plays a prank on you ...

Boko Gigani : Craig One of The best Positive Guy in American Television... !!!

strawboy1230 : Oh Craig-- no man, not that hair. It looks like you dipped your head in grease. Just keep rocking the last 1-2 year of the Late Late Show look.

ɪᴍᴀɢɪɴᴀʀʏꜰᴀɴʙoʏ : Holy shit that was so cute. Love Craig. :)

bainsey89 : Beautiful game show moment. Next time that happens, mess with the second contestant even more:  start with 0, play it through, and have the celebrities act confused and give wrong answers.

looneyflight : NICE! i wsa hoping theyd actually try to make him answer them again.

quizzlie : I remember watching this episode. I get WAAAAY too happy when people win this game. :D

xXGamerDudeXx13 : Absolutely incredible to see that happen. 1st time in CNG history with a perfect score for just 1 contestant to get. And this is shades of Ray Combs back on Family Feud in the early 90's when he jokingly tells the player he/she got only 8 points & tells them after the time's up, won the money when the player got over 200+ points in the 1st half alone. Craig did it well right there. "Uhh, your partner got 0! jk he got em' all!" lol

djpatc63 : No one had done this before and no one's done it since. Name Game has one those great game show bonus rounds like Dick Clark's Pyramid or Password of the 70's and 80"s.

Rocky Road : Love this show!! This one is my favorite episode, it's saved on my dvr!!

Taz : Ray Combs would be proud

Marcin P : The guy on the lef is sharp as hell! Nice!

Teru Kage : Brilliant idea, Craig. I can't stop smiling.

Cecilio Miekley : one of my favorite it was funny when they flipped everything off to fool the guy

Justin Time : As firebaby7 eloquently stated...Ross is Boss!!! Good clues too,but Ross kicks ass on this game show.

Hunter Inscore : It would've been funnier if they actually made him start the whole round over and tell the celebrities to play dumb so the time could run out while they were still stuck on the first clue. :P

Kathleen Craig : I love seeing this again! The first time I was holding my breath and shouting all at once during the last few.

Mekrab J : How freaking awesome was this guy!  I love Ferguson and this game show. More please.

ITSMYYARD : Someone needs to tell Challenge TV in the UK to air this!

henry farrell : What a win the first contestant did an outstanding job getting 10 out of 10 without passing on any of them well done.

MadelineTopper : This reminds me of when a contestant gets 200 on the first part of fast money on Family Feud. The host would then act like they got a few points and ask goofy questions to the second person.

I Am The Bucket : That's hilariously adorable. :)

Mao Yang : This was EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron Paul : this deserves more views...

Lisa Gale : mine is saved from when it was live.

646guy : The best part about this clip, for me, is the absolute joy, happiness, and excitement that Cat and Ross had when they pulled off all 10.

BlueEyesWightDragon : I love this show! and I want Ross Matthews on my team!

Shana Takoor : That was beautiful ;)

Deb adams : Yay, amazing. I LOVE this show and Craig!

nintendonerdsvideos : Ray Combs is smiling down from Heaven

Brian Orr : :( .............................

Vyselink : That was awesome!

dreas mom : that was the funnest when I've ever seen. also like Ross Martin. Hes niw on the day time celebrities show. Don't remember the name of the show. I quit watching it until he came on their. Think you save the show.

jbird1777 : Oh..... my...... God! The most I've seen was 9 (with the same guy celebrity) but then I thought I'd look it up on YouTube. Unbelievable!

Trevor Martin : Ray Combs-ing it, I see.

J Miller : I cried for them!! #sosweet

SwankeyMonkey : Man, I love Craig Ferguson!

hazey : that last 3 second q and a wow :D

Orchid Wilson : @SniffPainter Thank you. I hadn't even noticed...

Maurice Chavez : I'm pretty sure i heard Jar Jar BRINKS. haha. it won't matter anyway.

nibsvkh : Ross is the best!

highdesertsukari : If you get them all in the first round they should double the money.

schmolik1 : Do they use photos anymore? I probably wouldn't have known Jar Jar Brinks if it didn't appear on the screen. Of course I wouldn't have been able to describe it anyway.

jester figment : cat deelay? wow

Fernando Villalobos : his dance is wack also

Clinton Watrin : I even loved it when the nerdy girls Rachel and Julie congratulated the guys by hugging them. That's what more people should do.

Mr. Nobody : Aww, that's sweet!

Justin Bishop : AWSUM!

big POPPA : O DAmn that mn is smart