Rihanna - Umbrella (Thirsty Merc version)

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Sorina Milea : While the original blows in my opinion this rendition should win a grammy.

Daniela Garcia : 2017 already and I can't stop watching this video, so much talent in less than 5 minutes..

militova : Holy Hell... Australia has some of the best talent in the world..Thirsty Merc are up there with the best...Speedy recovery to you Mick...Cant wait to see you back on stage...

Kaitlyn Baker : The double bass player... love it... this inspires me beyond belief! There are still real musicians out there! 

lilsponge777 : This cover never grows old!!! Love it!!

winslow wong : shite song but they made it good especially the guitar and rai dancing on the keys is pretty special

list74 : verse Fm7, Eb7 chorus Dbmaj7, Ab (Eb on the bass), C (E on the bass), Fm7, Dbmaj7, Abmaj7, Gm7b5, C7b9. for the Terence trent d'Arby ending part Fm7, Bb7

Steven Kaye : Genius. Rai is a genius. Mind you, I do also love the original.

Fabian Peter Hammerle : i wanna know the chords he is playin... :D

Alexandria Sorensen : I like it it very raw and very original

Josh : genius

ehson hussain : This should have been more popular than the original!

Philipp Buschmann : where can i buy this song?

SilkSatin Paradise : It would be awkward if Rihanna covered "Hit Me Baby One More Time"

NaivelyTrying : I love this, I LOVE THIS.

Schmibitar : Damn son, this is nice.

bjmcnamara009 : Just so damn good

cherishlady : Oh I cant get enough of this song this version of course!

cherishlady : so much talent!

Donnelle Brooks : Wow I've only just found this, it's sooo good!

Thanh Vân Trịnh : This is just amazing as f. excuse my language but f yes baby this version rocks. It hurts me to see this videos not getting millions of views. It hurts man

Jesse Da Conceicao : mto bom

Mikaela Donges : Beautiful voice. Such talented musicians :)

LFM : So good

Peta Gray : Soooooo good!!!!

A L F I E : Wow, just wow!

Nelson 11596 : Definition of music

Nelson 11596 : Definition of music

Linda B : Looooovvvvvveeeeee!!!!  Heaven to my ears! 

stephen brook : too good. 

Ross Matthew : 100,000 views? what is life?

Angels Cass : Me encanto esta versión. Buen trabajo.

Giantsdansschoolvzw : I want this song! Were can i pay or buy this song, please!

Stuart Russell : pure funk and soul what an awesome band!

Squirrel Big : Nice jam

M : Nice one!!!!

dylan alinson : Rihanna/Terrance Trent Darby in one song???wtf good version

flickypowa : better than the original

Dan Mc : I used to believe in a god, then I was subjected to thirsty merc

charphoto1 : Wish the bass was a good 80% louder for this to kick.

SHEENA Wilbow : There you go... It's gone. There were no dislikes on it at all.

SHEENA Wilbow : Everyone is entitled to an opinion mate. Settle down.

Andrew Hobbs : I will gladly pay for an MP3 of this.

Andrew Hobbs : MP3?

Heycatchy : Are you kidding me? Oh man.

Heycatchy : Thank you.

Ivan Konstantinov : Когда концерт в Москве!? When a concert in Moscow!?

VincentBujor : just awesome interpretation, love these bebop scales!

Diara Perez : Its just .... *.*♥♥

Janine Bass : LMOA MTMusic002, that is so true!!! This version is so much better than the original, good work guys!