Rihanna - Umbrella (Thirsty Merc version)

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Sorina Milea : While the original blows in my opinion this rendition should win a grammy.

Daniela Garcia : 2017 already and I can't stop watching this video, so much talent in less than 5 minutes..

Thanh Vân Trịnh : This is just amazing as f. excuse my language but f yes baby this version rocks. It hurts me to see this videos not getting millions of views. It hurts man

Kaitlyn Baker : The double bass player... love it... this inspires me beyond belief! There are still real musicians out there! 

Jaystarr : Holy Hell... Australia has some of the best talent in the world..Thirsty Merc are up there with the best...Speedy recovery to you Mick...Cant wait to see you back on stage...

Josh L : This cover never grows old!!! Love it!!

Giantsdansschoolvzw : I want this song! Were can i pay or buy this song, please!

Steven Kaye : Genius. Rai is a genius. Mind you, I do also love the original.

winslow wong : shite song but they made it good especially the guitar and rai dancing on the keys is pretty special

Philipp Buschmann : where can i buy this song?

Fabian Peter Hammerle : i wanna know the chords he is playin... :D

Josh : genius

stephen brook : too good. 

Natasha Roberts : Amazing

Thirsty Merc : @JessiieSchembri yo jessiie we usually mingle after our shows. come say hi.

Donnelle Brooks : Wow I've only just found this, it's sooo good!

A L F I E : Wow, just wow!

AustralianTrains : Watched these guys rock Warrnambool and it was a brilliant show. Enjoyed them so much went to Ballarat to see them again and took my daughter along. Now she loves Thristy Merc too. Great show guys..

Tom Laveign : that guy is a badass piano player man

Ezra Nixon : Wow, this video really exposes rhianna the shit singer she is. LOVE IT GUYS!!!!!!!!!!1

TomTom : its so hard to find musicians with real talent these days. cant wait to see u guys on saturday performing :) u guys are my inspiration <3

JessiieSchembri : RAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII :) bro. you seriously leave me gobsmacked EVERY TIME! you boys... well , far out i would be in awe if i could meet you all.! xxxx Jessiie

MvP1292 : fucking awesome

The Stompbox Nation : Where can i get the mp3 lol

stittykeys : Can't believe you made such a shit song sound so good!

Sophie Burrows : Am I the only one who thinks this is FAR better than the original? :L

Nelson 11596 : perfect balance in all instruments :D

Nelson 11596 : Definition of music

Nelson 11596 : Definition of music

Heycatchy : Thank you.

Megan Luscombe : can you guys ever do anything wrong? seriously! absolutely genius. loved it. i'll await the 'S&M' interpretation ;) keep rocking guys!

cassidymackie : YOU ARE SERIOUSLY MY IDOLS GUYS. I'm sixteen and a singer/pianist/songwriter from the Gold Coast. You played at the Cooly Hotel a while back and coz I was underage you guys sent me a poster instead :) I'm looking at trying to come to the Caloundra Music Festival - any chance you guys will have a meet and great after you play? I love you all. Keep inspiring people like me. Cass xxxxx

Ingrid Franke : NO, you are most certainly NOT the ONLY one! This is the 2nd band who play this song WAY BETTER than the original! Many thanks for the upload~! Freakin' AWESOME!!!!!

mrjarrgo : the singer sounds alot like Robin Thicke

SharpWizard : BEST BAND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VincentBujor : just awesome interpretation, love these bebop scales!

sherriff rua : Mad, crazy, and very cool guys. you guys got a brizy concert in a small setting anytime soon???

Dan Mc : I used to believe in a god, then I was subjected to thirsty merc

musicaconlimon : great style!

Peta Gray : Soooooo good!!!!

Digby Howis : Would've loved to hear a wah in there... chicka wucka chicka wucka

laura elvenly : this is awesome!!

Josh Ellery : Oh my god, this is honestly insane! So wicked! Absolutely brilliant.

Josh Ellery : Love this cover! Prefer it to the original tbh(: thanks for commenting on my tommy and krista vid too :D

Mikaela Donges : Beautiful voice. Such talented musicians :)

Stuart Russell : pure funk and soul what an awesome band!

Suzie Newbury : WOW! - Our aussie boys always know how to rock this shit!

mehdi nadir : DUUUUDE!!! gave me chills!!!

chunkymunkyy : OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH i'm grooving to the beat! love the mashup and jazzy chords :)

Squirrel Big : Nice jam