Primitive Tool : Build Primitive Tree House In Forest

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levi boffamartin : very cool what country is this?

The Dorks of Charleston : 6:25 when you beat your meat 12 times in a row and have to put in the extra work to bust

MTB Wolf : I wonder if they discussed this and planned prior to taking this on. They seem to all have an idea of what they wanna do. If this was a group of Americans they'd be arguing the whole time

MTB Wolf : It's things like this that make me ashamed to live in Florida.

Sky Hudson : Make a bathroom with privacy

Nichole Ballge : at 22:16 i felt so bad

Danny Devito : When you play to much fortnite and your mom says to go outside.

Joseph Alota : This idea will work in survival mode...this tells you that everything in the forest can be used to survive.even you dont have any metal things to cut some branches...

deathtaker 67 : Look closely In 0:57 there's a Lion on the right

Anne Hegerman : HE HAS A MUSTACHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chris Freely : Okay but I never once saw them work on a secret knock.

The Rad Pandaman : that's what your January looks like but here in New York it's been snowing all morning. It's April 6th!

Sadou Jalloh : That's really creative

kori lol : I accidentally hit this video and no regret man

DipsandChip : I love the description

Alex Gilges : I really hope these guys make some decent money off of these videos they are really great

Felipe Potiguar : Não sei como esses cara conseguem fazer tudo isso sem usar ferramenta será que isso presta mesmo

The Gamer : He took a spill

Aidan Chartier : How long did it take to make

Bubblicous n : Question Do you guys use like natural tools you find anywhere in the wild to help?And how do you learn how to craft all this stuff?

BigManBilly : Make a chainsaw from a beaver.

MR_GD : Very well made video and buildings I will use something like this at some point

cleide silva : Vocês são excelentes

SRG __Miller : 22:16 😂

Edmund Chang : He has such great friends 22:15!!

Acrimonious Mirth : Skills shown: 8/10 Cinematography: 8/10 Ambiance: 9/10 Acting: 13/10

Vilheki CJ : Acre (só para os br)

Ian T : Did you suppose we would actually think it was raining at 12:16

Nyan Cat games & Cringey stuff : What country

pietro ecks : Os cara e forte mano kkkk

MANNY 07 : How to build in fortnite 😂

SquabbaTheHutch : I used to build Lego Star Wars ships

Artynox : 33:33 good boy

Suavepoos Two Up & Two Down : This is cool these guys would be my befriends if i knew them

Will Ruhl : They deserve more subs


Steven Gordon : What language do you speak

遥李逍 : Good idea...

Yousef Ahmed : عىوهلى

Enig Ma : they did a fabulous job, but their poor hands must be bloody.

Adam Fajkus : It’s amazig woow!!!

acoustic Singh : U can made swimming pool here

Peerapat Thongtasee : โหดเลย

Kiara Hughley : [Ooooooo

asdasdasdasd714 : That is better than my actual house lol

Ana Justice : 22:16 lol...ya ok??

Fauzi : SOU o unico br que ver isso ??

Pedro CANOVA : 9:54 - 10:20 since when this thing become a porn?!

Edrein Joy Delos Reyes /ejyellow328 : #Sub love your vids