Primitive Tool : Build Primitive Tree House In Forest

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levi boffamartin : very cool what country is this?

RGNet channel : good video

DillonCrouch : 6:25 when you beat your meat 12 times in a row and have to put in the extra work to bust

Tizona Amanthia : 22:00 That kind of familial bond, good stuff. hooray for tree houses! keep building, and have fun.

Acrimonious Mirth : Skills shown: 8/10 Cinematography: 8/10 Ambiance: 9/10 Acting: 13/10

Humberto Miranda : And the Oscar goes to... Great actors! heheheheheeh Excellent video my friends! Great job!

asdasdasdasd714 : That is better than my actual house lol

lehc omog : Theres no rain.hahaha

Nacherel Jesus : The bit where yous pretended to sleep, and pretended that it got dark/morning came was funny as Haha.

longus : Is there going to be a part two?

SandlyCut ™ : YES! finally, we got the new primitive channel. good job boys. I hope your channel grows up and you guys start making money from it. and by the way, you guys should do some kinda village. <3 viewer from Finland. sry for bad English

Alex Gilges : I really hope these guys make some decent money off of these videos they are really great

Luke Skywalker : Mmmh nice build, but since the channel is called "Primitive Tool", I would love to see how you did the Iron axe that you used guys...

Den Galih yudha p : it looks like artificial rain😂😂😂

James Alexander : is this osha approved?

Jamescanride 206 : I like how you guys were pretending to fall asleep and how it was raining and how the guy fell out of the tree fort, also this is the best shelter ive seen yet built with bear hands👍

Sothea Phin : Which region are you ? Maybe I will come build a house with you guys the next time I come to visit my homeland ! Greetings from Switzerland !

jay the wolf : i like when they kind of goof around lol

Char Cole : Primitive technology?

Soriya009 Com : Thank for make video long time

Yoran van den Berg : Mooi boomhut 🤙🤙🤙🤘🤘

NayitanBerg1YT : Hasta su se hallaron los vatos

peak tra : Cambodia

SandlyCut ™ : woaw. falling down then starts acting... and starts fixing somehow the problem,. thats really good idea. do more this kinda videos <3

Gilbert Aumentado : Roof cant protect from rain...

Elijah Salazar : This is impressive asf

wiltz deang : If your homeless just go in your treehouse in your live in your treehouse and make a trap for a fish

Mcecilia Webster : sensacional!!!!! Mas eles não comem não?? rsrsr

Agu : awesome

RandomScrub : Make a chainsaw from a beaver.

RelmGT //Growtopia gameplay,commentary,walkthrough : You are cambodia like me

SandlyCut ™ : Here some support. Subed and liked <3

mathias lyngstad : could you guys maybe make a Northern style house for Cold weather?

longus : LOVE the practical effects! Fun production. Great Job!

Lol Troll : Someone pee on the top of the three cuz they can’t adit a rain

Copey Copes : The time and effort you guys put into this is incredible. Keep up the good work 😀

IThinkAndIWonder : You guys are doing a great job with your videos. Thank you for sharing!

Luke Awesome : These guys are smarter than our own president

TirdadGaming : Wow you guys works are cool! You should get 10 mil!

CTplayZ : nice fake rain

SanCher : таких каналов сто тысячь видел

jerry talon : awesome

Андрей Анонимовичь : he dont speking? wtf

TheOriginal GGHarasser : Old School Technology

Bildgesmythe : Great!

ANDRO GAMES : Ficou muito bom hein

ANDRO GAMES : Theo of veh whi Zool not em asw

Người Việt Nam : Diễn thì đừng cười, cười thì đừng diễn...

Silver Gamer : i love this i will deffinetly sub and like keep it up

Silver Gamer : love the mustache