Vytautas Mineral Water! It's Earth's Juice!
Vytautas Mineral Water

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An English version. Because everybody should know about this Lithuanian awesomeness! (written and directed by Tadas Vidmantas)


maksimus001 : Polska wersja jest lepsza

TheNoogie : Can everyone confirm that this is the best thing ever?

Humphrey : where can I buy some

Jaromir Bracki : Finally bought it. Tastes exactly as described in this ad.

ZeDusty : As sexy as a tiger! In a Bugatti! Powered by the liquefied thoughts about size of the universe!

answer199 : This ad probably raised Vytautas exports by a lot :D well played fellow lithuanians, well played

mikki mikke : This is the best water commercial

Karolis Kanapickas : Vytautas > RedBULL


Yaropolk Volikov : Yeah, it's kinda funny as hell, lmfao etc, but seriously, guys. This video made me want to buy it

Kizzi Fish : I Literally Want this drink. .-.

Unconventionalsenshi : frickin trippy! And awesome :D If it was sold here, I would seriously start buying it, just to give props to the genius who has put this ad together.

CrazE Go Entertainment : So this is what LaMelo and LiAngelo are walking into...

Instagram Lifehacks : Only in lithuania :D

TheWolf401 : I've tried it and it's true, it tastes super bad :D lol

BumbleBee : Обе вариации одинаково хороши !)

Slobodan Milanov : I reuploaded this video. Now I am married to a horse

Jay Zee : Sold

kiziamix : Polska wersja lepsza joł 

Viktor Valkovský : read the blue credits at the end!!!

TheDaaados :  ( .   ) (   . )    or    <3  ? Smart choice! You choose  ( .   ) (   . ) You choose Earth's Juice!

Light Yagami : This is the best ccommercial I've ever seen.

The Crazy Pineapple : OK, this is freakin hilarious. Better than Polish version, I think.

marek trzyrzyk : Polish version is better

Maciej Janko : well i prefer Polish version, english one is funny too but it lacks the energy of the polish one, energy it got from minerals...FROM VYTAUTAS!!!*DUBSTEP YELLING BEARS INTENSIFY*

aleks35rus : Плевать о чём они там пиздят главное смешно

Aleksey Yaremenko : Bless god I live near Litauen! Going to get it as soon as possible

Mindaugas V : It tastes weird at the begining but now when I am used to it, I like it.... Its because it has so much minerals ;) But the advertisement is Hilarious :D

MrMyszor09 : Polish version is better

Jakub Badoń : Where can I buy it ?

Александр Ожередов : Em... Litva? You siriusly?

Артем М : бля бля бля, а почему версии разные вам не кажется странным?

NIXXAL : Lt is best.

Fry Lock : This makes me think of Dethklok and old spice

Roland Deschain : Английский вариант лучше и познавательнее русского)

zepcertoxic : Watching this while drinking Vytautas

Michael Doroshenko : SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!11111111

Ryan Cheung : Click the automated captions for an adventure.

Rafał Brzeziński : Well, now we know the answer to an eternal question: What if Mr Torgue was born in Lithuania and went into marketing instead of blowing things up in an awesome manner?


Blyfycyfyfyf : Since few months I'm drinking a bottle every day. Without this commercial I wouldn't event hear about this water :)

ugne daniele Reikalaite : For my forein friends I present this mineral water as "Tears of Lithuanias enemies!"

LordClydeofOMAR : I can't believe this is actually a real product. This definitely has my vote for funniest commercial of all time. The people who wrote this year's shitty superbowl ads should've been taking notes.

Abyss : Hey Edward! :DD

Miveys : What you been drinking making this video??

Роман Рублёв : блин английская тож смешная

augustinas pelakauskas : +kebab remover in lithuania

Relax : That might just be the best mineral water commercial ever

k b : hilarious