The myth of Hercules: 12 labors in 8-bits - Alex Gendler

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TED-Ed : Find out what went into the making of this video with this fun behind-the-scenes look from directors Jérémie Balais & Jeff Le Bars:

Tosh T : Are you kidding me? This is next level awesome. Well done! 👍👍

cramer floro : That. Was Epic. I love this new style

Buqui : 5:19 Helios: Bruh, you did that? Hercules: Yeah, bruh Helios: Nice...

Vivian Fedorov : Despite what pop-culture says, his real name is Heracles, meaning " glory of Hera" And yes, I find it ironic how he is named after his step-mother/aunt who wanted to murder him.

Scottie Terrier : The art in this video is absolutely gorgeous. I love the video game like style, and I hope there are more of these in the future!

DextroyGaming : i love these vids keep up the hard work

magic reborn : How many Percy Jackson readers here?

Loven Dra : You learn more about history from TED-Ed than by going to school.

DNOMHCIR B : Where can i download your game?

Diego Raya : Hands down best TEDED animation right here. This wins the animation award, everyone can go home now.

See U in History / Mythology : Great Job :)

Dragon Slayer : It's truly amazing for the ratio of likes to dislikes on this video.Ted ed did such a good job on this video.The 147 people that disliked are little wusses that can't animate and get salty when videos come out late.

Tariq Imran : Why don't the creators of god of war make a game on hercules? It make be an amazing game!

Rebel_without_ a_cause : Then along came kratos....😉

haileyxin : This is beautiful beyond words. I almost cried after watching. Thank you for this! 💖 love from the Philippines

keegan yang : Hercules is Roman. The name of Hercules in Greek was Heracles

Drevin Williams : My biggest issue with this story was always a question of blame. I don’t know much about their culture, but if it was Hera who cursed Hercules and he wasn’t of his own mind (basically under her control), then why was he made to atone? Why not her? Just for the story? Or was there a reason it fell on him specifically? I’ve never heard a version of this story where it says HE wished to atone. Every time it was told, someone else said he must atone

pravat aryan : Do videos on hindu mythology.

Ace_Pendragon 666 : Gotta admit im loving the 8-bit style. But isnt he supposed to be Heracles in Greek not Hercules since Hercules is his roman name

Kaustav Majumdar : This is bit-iful and you know it.

Aditya Waghmare : *Who else has played Hercules video game as a Kid will understand this "Rule Number 95 Kid - Concentrate"*

Valyris : Wow this art is amazing! I love how the gods are drawn its so good and accurate im in awe i need more

Exu : 8-bit Greek myth presentation.... Heck, Midas and Asterios/Minotauros is jealous how perfectly made this video is..better than golden touches and a large labyrinth

Edison Tan : Is that a berserker of the einzbern family??

Ankit Jakhar : A giant with three heads and three bodies... doesn't this means three giants?

Steven Marshall : ya'll left out the best part where he frees Prometheus...

jelle moody : Actually there were more than 12 labors but because there wasn't enough room on the temple of Zeus to put all the metopes of the story of Hercules only these 12 labors got popular.

A Vsaucy Boi : Can’t wait for the anime version of this

Adam Sanaf : Hercules is the strongest..... BASAKAAAAAA

Puneet Saxena : After all a new Greek mythological video has released. You don't know how much I love Greek mythology. Keep uploading Greek mythological videos as fast as you can 😃😃😃😃😃🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

missing code : 16-bit

Elfos64 : 8-bit philosophy? Is that you? I wondered what happened to you since you'd apparently left Wisecrack.

Baron YIP : 5:39 DLC lol

אדיר ברק : had to comment, this is so great. the 8bit style animation is ridicliously good and fitting to the story telling. you should try do more and more of this

The Ahdurin Region : Anyone else really have an urge for this to be a real game?

Khalil Khalil : A giant with 3heads and 3 bodies so are they connected at the stomach and private area, or are they like 3 giants with the same consciousness because that’d be op having 3 attacks ready at the same time, also well done I really want this as a game because this is amazing.

Sloan Kulper : Best Ted Ed video ever! Maybe one of the best on YouTube period.

SHOW MAKER : Whens the game coming out?

Anonymous Dude : Wow great unique way to tell tales

marlon ng : Nerofest anyone?

Leonidas Deathbell : Nice but isn't Hercules the Roman version whereas Heracles is the Greek

MONKEY D. LUFFY : Where can I download this game ?

Sihyun Lee : I think this will be watched by old fashioned video gamers everywhere lol

Jman Awesome : Dude, I would actually play this game.

anikó kovács : This animation should get an award for its design! 😮☺

Τεο Κωνσταντίνου : You forgotten the 2 snakes on the start of the story

Jami Casey : In greek mythology his name is Heracles not Hercules.Hercules is his roman name but anyways great animation

Viet Vu : I know Hercules story by heart, but I kept watching till this video ends. Amazing!

NorgThefish : Hercules: yes I can tame Cerberus with my bare hands. > Hercules proceeds to hug the Cerberus. > Cerberus looks annoyed Cerberus thinks to himself "Okay I guess" Hercules has tamed wild Cerberus.