The myth of Hercules: 12 labors in 8-bits - Alex Gendler

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TED-Ed : Find out what went into the making of this video with this fun behind-the-scenes look from directors Jérémie Balais & Jeff Le Bars:

Tosh T : Are you kidding me? This is next level awesome. Well done! 👍👍

Tariq Imran : Why don't the creators of god of war make a game on hercules? It make be an amazing game!

Noodle_toonz : 5:08 if its getting to hot just shoot the sun great logic👍👍👍


JRT : : "Hercules" Me: You are using Greek god names but use Hercules instead of Herakles? But, otherwise this video is AMAZING

cramer floro : That. Was Epic. I love this new style

Jesus Christ : 6:54 *MEME REVIEW*

kiram sultan : The heroes are the animators

Phenie Fire : 2:22 if she is a female deer then why does she have antlers?

אדיר ברק : had to comment, this is so great. the 8bit style animation is ridicliously good and fitting to the story telling. you should try do more and more of this

DextroyGaming : i love these vids keep up the hard work

Tu rd : If this was a game i would totally play it 🤤

Sloan Kulper : Best Ted Ed video ever! Maybe one of the best on YouTube period.

Elfos64 : 8-bit philosophy? Is that you? I wondered what happened to you since you'd apparently left Wisecrack.

Jack McFord : We need a Kickstarter campaign to make this game!

haileyxin : This is beautiful beyond words. I almost cried after watching. Thank you for this! 💖 love from the Philippines

no non : Sorry I had to say this... 5:31 I dOnT fEeL sO gOoD

Christopher Castillo : Wouldn't the 12th labor also be cheating because he got to the underworld with Athena and Zeus

Fauzan Hermawan : WHY ISNT THIS A MOVIE YET?!

Jeremy Brookes : can you do all those would be heroes. Odysseus, Perseus, Theseus? A lot of "yusses". And then there was achilles.

Puneet Saxena : After all a new Greek mythological video has released. You don't know how much I love Greek mythology. Keep uploading Greek mythological videos as fast as you can 😃😃😃😃😃🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

MLGslayer 69 : My favorite part is how it isnt clickbait


Mystìç : Thanks for the walkthrough!

Gav : To those saying it should be a video game, check out Apotheon. It's not 8-Bit, but a great game set in Greek myth in the style of Ancient Greek pottery

Kaustav Majumdar : This is bit-iful and you know it.

I've got problems : Many of these are so incorrect. 1. Its not Hercules its Heracles 2. He shot Hades for no reason 3. It wasn't the belt, it was a girdle 3.5 he stole said girdle 4. He used the hydra blood to make poison arrows that would later kill Paris in the Trojan war.

clash with god : It's sound like contra

Raptor Rampage : I would pay for a game like this

Valyris : Wow this art is amazing! I love how the gods are drawn its so good and accurate im in awe i need more

Totally Innocent : A giant with three heads and three bodies... doesn't this means three giants?

HummingBruk : 10/10 would play

SHOW MAKER : Whens the game coming out?

Shikhar Sachan : Hercules treated world's madness by atoning for his!

Nikos Spiris : Kind of dissapointed it was Hercules and not Heracles...but oh well...

Dragon Slayer : It's truly amazing for the ratio of likes to dislikes on this video.Ted ed did such a good job on this video.The 147 people that disliked are little wusses that can't animate and get salty when videos come out late.

Jack Sprack : Perfection.


Tostarenian Pikmin : honey you mean HunkiLee’s

tere mese : better than god of war

The Ahdurin Region : Anyone else really have an urge for this to be a real game?

Blank : I want to play the game

James C. : Sounds like chuck Norris to me.

Ian Kenney : Does heart machine know you're using their graphics?

The Catty Vader : I Wonder what happened to Helios. Im so worried

Buqui : 5:19 Helios: Bruh, you did that? Hercules: Yeah, bruh Helios: Nice...

Zach Basinger : I'm not a virginian

K T : Where Hercules 2 at?

Quirkless : *What? I thought Hercules was only tasks to find an apple?*