Sweet Brown - Original Report and Autotune Remix

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jona123 : who watching this in 2018

Dialora Gardon : Thought about leaving a comment...'Nah, ain't nobody got time for that.'

In my Feelings : Who looking at this in 2018 just me ok I'll leave

Skilled_player Here : She is awsome

Mary Miller : i got time for this song

jona123 : better than most modern music

Keely Anne : This belongs in the Radio and Television HALL OF FAME!

Soren Aleksander : That nice lady better have gotten PAID for this !!!

Cody Miller12321 : Oh Lord Jesus It's a firrrrr

Flexy : i aint grab no shoes an nun, jesus i rain fo my life killed me

James-Sheridan- : oh lord Jesus its a fire ant nobody got time for that

Oscar Scheepstra : It might be funny, but I actually felt bad for her.

sa sa : still 2018 legends never die


Peter Gameplays : I said oh lord jesus there's a fire xD

TextilePlays : can I donload this on sponifty

first last : how bout the guy walking back and forth behind her....

Schroeder_2000 : I wonder what she thinks of this.

Banished Rabbit : Is... is this a real news report? Nah, it can't be.

Rob Zimpel : New Ringtone

proplayer25 pro : 2019????

ddd texas : Whos watching in 2017?

Michaela Breslin : Theis makes me laugh every time

GigI Soochkoff : 2018?

Melanie Mars : I thought somebody was barbecuing. I said, Oh lord Jesus it's a fire. Ain't nobody got time for dat!

Megan Demmon : I love her i always say oh lord jesus its a fire :-)

Niikkii Gee : Nobody got time for that

Hirzelicious : Wow, renekton in this video! :O

paul : What the music called

C'Anna Harvey : I said oh lord jesus its a firrr

Edson J. Cornejo : Mu life's completely worth it after I saw this video, hahahaha.

Millie Katlynn : ha I love the remix#aintnobodygottimeforthat

Razvan Ionut Dumitru : She just grabbed Jesus

Jasmine Cadena : I said oahh lorddd jesuss its sa faraa

Steve Balistreri : Best song I've heard in a long time. Problem is, "I do not have time for that"!

Lemuel Vince Laderas : very nice hahaha

woahits steph : LolXD any body got time for that😜

Jasmine Cadena : this is so funny but I feel bad for her

Shawn Manchester : This is so old

Elmer Flores : Ain't nobody got time for that

Him Bike : Best video ever. I almost got kicked out of Marines boot camp because of bronchitis. Then I ended up winning the physical fitness 3 mile run. LoL.

Mercedez : Somebody got time for that video to be made

abdelmoamen abdelmoneem : i wet to get me a pop

abdelmoamen abdelmoneem : fuk jona 123

VIZER : 5 years, not even a mil views WHAT btw just subbed I've known this meme for like 3 years

Nick Correa : 2018 anyone

Kris Estrada : Is this a real song?

Parker Lee : Love this

Tracy Dotson : "I thought somebody was Bob-B-Q-ing!"   #WalkingDead  

abdelmoamen abdelmoneem : meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee