OK Go - White Knuckles - Official Video

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WallFlee : so many good boies

Deborah L. : Industry: It's impossible to work with animals. OK Go: Challenge accepted.

Pyagrl*16 : That dog high-five that lands right on the up beat is really satisfying to see, especially knowing that they've made it most of the way through the take after they've been making their brains bleed for the last umpteen takes.

Omnywrench : 2:50 - OK Goat

CJLinOHIO : I'm truly amazed those dogs could teach the people to do that.

OnceUponAVideo : I hope the band got treats for their performance too

Everett Elzie : 2:50 that's one weird dog

mightisright : I suspect this video was more difficult to make than the one where they were in zero gravity.

Carol A A : Their "I must focus" expression is the best.

iEstella : after 5 million times I've watched this video I just now noticed the goat.

HoodedGargoyle : the chair spinning looked fun... too bad i don't have friends.

JacksGames : Anyone remember seeing this on 3ds?

Chris Skurkey : the doggses have trained OKGo well

Jacklett : OK Go: We need dogs for our music video. Producer: ... How many treats so you need. OK Go: All of them.

selena flores : somebody please tell all of them they are good doggies they deserve it

White CD : When you take your dog to ikea

a lazy guy : now try it with cats

Aditya Sanjeev : Every dog person's favorite video

Chris : I don't know how many times I've seen this video, and this is the first time I noticed the goat...

Yamashita Maki : Looks like an IKEA commercial.

ゆっくん : 日本人いる? イッテQから来たんだけど…笑

nelly nel : damn....I never noticed the goat around 2:50...lol

Jaidy Melendez : aww those cats are cute

tomo 0324 : イッテQから来たやつ👍

Samuel Hatch : The goat is kind of like Quirkology's "Did you spot the gorilla" experiment. Your eyes are so attached to motion and what's going on closest to you. In this case, you are more focused on the dogs flipping the chairs than Andy coming in with a goat on the leash.

Kiffer 454 : 2:51 😂😂😂 love the random goat😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Applejack McCrack : 2:50 that was probably my goat

Mark B. : Looks like all their props are from ikea

ロメインレタス : イッテQから

se eun kim : I remember watching this in grade 5 and being obsessed with this song and then I forgot about it but it was always in the back of my head and I would hum the tune of this song but I just couldn't remember what song it was but now I've finally found it again, 5 years later

Alex Soto : I like the part with the dogs.


Owldude000 : Their videos were impressive enough before they added some perfectly timed doges and a consenting gote

Katie Norman : Modern day Beatles. Love OK Go SO MUCH!

Ciara Kenny : I was watching this the first time I had pizza. that was a weird day.

lars lovelot : And THIS, is what it's all about people! What kind of a monster would give this a thumbs down?!? Great video, great dogs. Thank you OK Go for showcasing why we love dogs so much!

Y&A_ L/E : イッテQから来た人!!!

ようこ佐伯 : イッテQからきた人👍

Lydia Bolen : "with friends"

DanGamingTV : You'll never get that taste, out of your mouth You'll never get the paw prints, out of the hen house now And you can't go back, same way you came Round all the pieces up, but they just dont fit the same White knuckles Maybe it's not so bad So let your hair down now White knuckles Yeah maybe it's not so bad Aww go ahead and let it down So come and let it all out, let it bleed Did you get what you want? Did you get what you need? Behind the lines, behind the walls Tell me what's the bet you made, was it that bad after all? White knuckles Yeah maybe it's not so bad So let your hair down now White knuckles Aww maybe it's not so bad Just let it all come down now So just have fun, it's far enough Everybody needs to sleep at night, everybody needs a crutch But couldn't good, be good enough? Cause nothin' ever doesn't change but nothin' changes much Yeah, maybe it's not so bad So let your hair down now White knuckles Aww maybe it's not so bad Just let it all come down now Yeah maybe it's not so bad Just let your hair come down now Oh maybe it's not so bad Just let it all come down

Slushy AJ : Imagine how many times they had to do this before they did the whole thing perfectly

zekigames : DO YOU KNOW THE WAY

パン男 : イッテQから笑笑

Actually Tiny And Very Afraid : this makes me so incredibly happy

My Grandma Died : We can't do that video with those dogs!

fireinacan : I had never noticed the goat until tonight.

Oh Cassiopeia : Goat

Christina Hirtzel : That single dog barking in syncopation at the end just blows my mind every time. If they planned and executed the barking, they are gods. If it was a fortunate coincidence, the gods were playing along.

Oscar V1180 : White Knuckles vs Ugandan Knuckles

niu niu : イッテQから来た人👍