OK Go - White Knuckles - Official Video

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Deborah L. : Industry: It's impossible to work with animals. OK Go: Challenge accepted.

WallFlee : so many good boies

VenetianTemper : ikea+dogs+goat = good times

Carol A A : Their "I must focus" expression is the best.

HoodedGargoyle : the chair spinning looked fun... too bad i don't have friends.

mightisright : I suspect this video was more difficult to make than the one where they were in zero gravity.

JacksGames : Anyone remember seeing this on 3ds?

Jacklett : OK Go: We need dogs for our music video. Producer: ... How many treats so you need. OK Go: All of them.

fireinacan : I had never noticed the goat until tonight.

OnceUponAVideo : I hope the band got treats for their performance too

Yamashita Maki : Looks like an IKEA commercial.

Everett Elzie : 2:50 that's one weird dog

Phaota : Great choreography and trained dogs. Song sounds so much like a Prince tune.

CJLinOHIO : I'm truly amazed those dogs could teach the people to do that.

selena flores : somebody please tell all of them they are good doggies they deserve it

Oh Cassiopeia : Goat

Envy's Art : Can we get them to try this again with cats? xD

ゆっくん : 日本人いる? イッテQから来たんだけど…笑

0827 : 次回の Q TUBE これだな

ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ : i will watch this forever @_@ i love dogs and the song is awesome

White CD : When you take your dog to ikea

Chris : I don't know how many times I've seen this video, and this is the first time I noticed the goat...

mimonSKC : Degawa, crazy Japanese comedian.


です。かな : イッテQから!!!

kawakami// kawakami : イッテQから

Slushy AJ : Imagine how many times they had to do this before they did the whole thing perfectly

君の親指 : さぁ、日本人よコメントしていきな…

Kiffer 454 : 2:51 😂😂😂 love the random goat😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Dalton McCabe : GOOD BOYS!!!

Shezza Bezza : DOGGIES!!!

Jenna Williams : Who is the genius who does their videos?

Charles Ray : Who is here from the repost?

zekigames : DO YOU KNOW THE WAY

Fally Kenobi : Qチューブ‼︎

Vicente Torrella : There's *dogs*. Already the best music video ever.

清少納言 : Q TUBEから👍

Jaidy Melendez : aww those cats are cute

Nanako : イッテQからきた人✋

Anima : this makes me happy

Adam Richards : Is it just me or could this be an Ikea commercial?

私は私 : イッテQであってて、来ちゃった!w

よっこらぽん : イッテQから来たなうwww

たかっしー3世 : イッテQ見て来た人👍

iEstella : after 5 million times I've watched this video I just now noticed the goat.

Alex Soto : I like the part with the dogs.

ダポ : イッテQからきましたw

fll ey : いってqから来たやつ👍

Samuel Hatch : The goat is kind of like Quirkology's "Did you spot the gorilla" experiment. Your eyes are so attached to motion and what's going on closest to you. In this case, you are more focused on the dogs flipping the chairs than Andy coming in with a goat on the leash.

Mark B. : Looks like all their props are from ikea