Kirk Hammett shows riffs from Master Of Puppets

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Guitar lesson from Metallica's lead guitarist...

Comments from Youtube

Joseph Pavey : love the way he says "from Metallica" with a huge smile like he's still amazed and thrilled to be in the band

Reven Lacap : Pause it at 5:22, kirk looks like he just figured out the meaning of life.

Coltallic : Idk why people always say James is a downpicking god when Kirk downpicks the same parts.

Christopher Barksdale : "Underrated", "overrated" who cares. He's a really great guitarist.

ralph110281 : I'm sick of all ya'll kirk haters! with your "he's sloppy " and all I bet none of ya'll can play half as good as him!!

KocherTV : ahhh 240p we meet again

Øyvind Finne : The riff from damage, Inc is one of the most badass riff ever to be made

WashingtonMonster86 : People its this simple: Kirk was nothing more than a early 80's thrasher who's band got picked up by big labels. Once then in the spot light was encouraged to become a spot light "flashy" guitar player. Kirk never wanted or thinks he is a Joe Satriani or anything else. he's just a dude like you and I, that loves to jam. period.

Jadyn Death : Hmmm...I would want Kirk as my teacher. Since I'm horrible at guitar. It's Sad But True.

Beren Hamilton : He should teach people the solos on St.Anger!

David Grimes : So many jealous people here...

Bugs Bunny : I'd have him in my band, audition passed.

Hans Gerber : In case it helps: 0:06 random solo 1 0:49 figure 1 intro riff (master of puppets) 1:13 figure 2 heavy riff 2(master of puppets) 1:46 figure 3 heavy riff 3(master of puppets) 2:09 figure 4 intro + picking (sanitarium) 2:58 figure 5 heavy riff (sanitarium) 3:52 figure 6 heavy riff (battery) 4:56 figure 7 heavy riff (damage inc.) 5:19 figure 8 intro + clean riff (the thing that should not be) 5:39 figure 8 heavy riff (the thing that should not be) 6:25 random solo 2

Julien Verveer : ''Dead battery'' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Daniel Lins : WTF? I think Kirk's guitar already came with wah wah effect on it , and he don't know how to switch it off .

Saki Kaskas : Yeah, yeah, yeah.... blah, blah, blah... Kirk has always been the brunt of heavy metal guitarists jokes because he's not as proficient as, say, Paul Gilbert, Malmsteen, Van Halen or any of those other virtuosos. You know what? I used to be one of those people. Always thought he was 'ok'. But the bottom line is that virtuosity is not what matters. It's music that matters and Kirk was the right fit for the band. Hell, they don't need a third cook; Lars and James. Those guys are clearly the ones with the egos and if they hired a lead guitarist with an ego, they would last as long any one hit wonder band. Hey, no disrespect to Kirk, I'm not saying he's a push over in the band, after all, Kirk came up with the Enter Sandman riff. All I'm saying is that every band needs its own special chemistry in order to evolve and sustain as a unit over the years and years as a relevant act through the string of time and they have managed to pull it off. I often draw parallels between Kirk and Mick Mars. Both incredibly important pieces to each bands puzzle despite their humble and egoless natures. But without guys like these, bands like Metallica and Motley Crue wouldn't last and would end up broke and searching for other ways to make a living. My last two comments about Kirk: Despite my thinking that he's an average guitarist, I'd have to think again, especially after watching this video. I've been playing guitar for almost 30 years and still can't downstroke as proficiently as he can. And the solo on Harvester of Sorrows? Man, that was intimidating at the time. Give the guy the respect he deserves because, for a while, I was one of those who looked 'down' on him. But, now that I'm older and wiser, I take all of that back. Respect!

Taylor of Darchera : Lol "Dead battery!" Kirk is such a dork. :D

JAYMEZ : This guy got some great riffs he should be in a band

Jay Semiz : Been a minute since I seen this lol. I watched this every few days when I was 12 years old, trying my damndest to charge the 'dead battery' lmao. Also, I bet no one noticed the Gibson-to-ESP guitar switch.

Ed Goeke : 0:31 "FROM Metallica" Like you would've been a fake Kirk Hammet

V10 FSI : he doesent even act like he was in the greatest metal band past 1980, he's so cool

PhunkDumpOfficial : lol.. "dead battery"

DarthMuse : People say Kirk is bad just because his not as technical but no one can deny he does have a lot of speed specially in his prime go look at up someone of metallica's older heavy live stuff..

m169marroquin : Play dead battery over and over and over, you'll pick it up in no time.

Joshua Barrett : I think kirk is way better at lead guitar than Dave mustaine but Dave has a better rhythm guitar tone in my opinion.

Allie Fettig : I am so wet right now.

reizack : how can they have such a quick downpicking technique??

Trevor Robert : Screw you guys. Kirk is amazing. It's not a one man band, James, Lars, and Robert make it a working process that put them at the number one spot for metal.

John Noonan : How do some people think this is sloppy?

Lucas Weiman Guitar : Very tight player. Crazy that Satriani trained both him and Steve Vai....

Jaguer91 : This unknown guy is good, he should start his own band.

Rtdog Iuyh : he is one of the best metal guitarists there are

Liza Maximo : Kirk is a MASTER!!!

jason goldfinger : Yeah dude I see so many people bash kirk Hammett although he is the lead guitar player for the biggest/most successful metal band. To me its like saying Eric Clapton sucks.. How.the hell can ANYONE say that kirk sucks!!??!?!?

Navil Monzón : Uno de los mejores Aun transcurra él tiempo siempre estara en nuestras memorias como uno de los grandes =)

Otto Müller : 00:00 - 08:00 wheres the wah?!  09:00 THATS my kirk <3

shay dishman : sounds way heavier slowed down.....

Andrei Asmarandei : Happy 51'st birthday, Kirk!

programmed wrong : I could watch this all day

elfome culiao : I think when Kirk join to Metallica for the First time he was a fucking god and still a inspiration for many guitars And you can heard and justice for all the most complicated solos by Hammett

Tanner Sam : Buys thousands of dollars in equipment Still sounds like kirk hammet..

Meeko : Hey show Kirk Hammett some respect guys.

HearGear : I really love this guitar sound.. i wonder what kinda amp/distortion he is using in this video, it seems like he is using Neck pickup as well.. 

Steve Borowsky : Turn that treble up!! I personally always like a very cutting sort of sound, and you can only get that when you increase the treble. Overdoing that bass and mid can kinda makes it start to sound muddy.

Glenn Atkinson : I really miss pre 1990 Metallica.😈

Sean P : I don't care what anyone says Metallica is one of the best bands ever. and for the record kirk is sick with the guitar. all you talking crap sound like some butt hurt haters.

HMat : His riffs are included on  Fade to black / Trapped under ice / Creeping death  Master of puppets / The Thing that should not be / Welcome home (sanitarium) / Disposable heroes / Damage inc.  To name a few. He is a riff master too not just a lead guitarist. He has major role in Metallica. Especially in the classic Hetfield, Ulrich, Burton, Hammett line-up days

Justin Pelsy : jacking off on the guitar...nothing to see here....