What do you hear?! Yanny or Laurel

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EeshanK : how tf could people hear laurel in the first place

Brian Gasser : I don't get it. How would anyone hear yanny?

Farah Leanos : I hear yanny.

Michelle Nguyen : I actually hear both. I can hear yanny and laurel

Marjorie Trundle : Finally someone posted it without being stupid and putting bad noises 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Unicorns Rule : I hear Yanny

Capybara : I heard somewhere that people who hear Laurel can hear lower frequencies better and people who hear yanny hear higher frequencies better

John .Kotseridis : Yanny

GrumpaDirt : At first I heard a higher voice say Yanny, the second time I heard half Laurel, now all I can hear is Laurel.

Matt Harding : I can only hear Laurel, try as i might I cant hear Yanny!

Kitty Beans : YANNY. YANNY. YAMMY. YARREY. YAREL. LAUREL. LAUREY. Oh god I can't unhear literally EVERYTHING in this. If I listen long and hard enough I think I'll find something written by Shakespeare eventually.

TylerAZN : Laurel and yanny

Cameron Jones : Yanny

Targaryen : Laurel for me

TheRealMetroid Fan : I hear Yanny.

AbalizeTV : I hear laurel. weird...how the other people hear yanny...

Top Lobster : For me it's yanny

64danc : laurel right off bat ,couldnt make yanny out of it if i tried

Дмитрий Садовников : laurel

SomethingBoss : Seriously are people trolling saying they hear Yanny? 😂 😂

Jw Stay Lit : Yanny

Milos Antic : Yanny?

Lee Cherry : both!

Marjorie Trundle : Thx

Planet Explained : Every time I replay it, I hear them alternatively. First time I heard it, I thought Laurel for sure. When is listened to it again a few hours later, I heard Yanny. Now when I like, sing a low note I hear Laurel and when I speak normally I hear Yanny.. it’s very confusing.

Chixa : Let me explain. If your hearing is doing bad and you haven’t listened to sound for awhile or you have heard to much sound you may hear Laurel and You may hear Yanny if you have had the perfect amount of sound! So try to make it super loud and you may hear Laurel!

Eimantas Kazlauskis : im herong yeanny i meam yanny

Astray Trash MSP : Ari played the vid twice First time I listen I hear Yanny the Laurel Then the second time I heared Laurel then Yanny

Poisonous Failure : I can hear both but I hear Yanny the most


Adom HaileSelassie : It's both. Listen for yenny but listen to the deeper voice. That's saying laurel.

Marcus Loper : I hear laurel as the volume gets high and when it's low I hear yanny?

Mintyporksoda : Laurel here

Yuna puppy dog : I head Laurel first and now Yanny

Eugene Lim : How can anyone hear anything when there’s no sound from this vid?

Cora Anderson : I heard yanny the first couple of times I played it but now I can only hear laurel

Nour Kawas : Wtf how do people hear laurel at first weird

That one guy : Laurel because I have young ears

Marco Catungal : Laurel

Michael John : Laurel

_The Gianna_ : I hear laurel

Вика Адамян : Лоред

sofia slimes : i hear YANNY that is ALL i hear

Amana Amazing : I hear yanny

Hayden Alsup : I heard both of them.

Anja L. : I only hear laurel this makes me sad :(

Olivia Does Gacha Boom : Of course yanny

Furbtastic Fun : At first I heard laurel afew hours later, I hear yanny

Kumbee Tjirimuje : Laurel

Carlee : Laurel