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Who's a pup!?!?

Comments from Youtube

Dylan Stone : i lost it when he said "you want me to lick you

ARIANARCHIST : Me whenever I meet a dog ever

Meme Man : This is on jack films liked vids

Action Bastard : This feels like it's straight out of Home Movies

Freakles : Me when I get home from school

bmxisgoodforyou : I dont see a puppy, wheres the puppy? do youu see a p- OOOO THEREE HE IS THERES A PUPPY.

Bryan Perez : I laughed so hard I cried.

snooterpuff : This is the funniest thing on youtube. Never fails to make me laugh like a bastard.

Juksemakeren : 1:07 - Who's got the puppet skin?

Budd Erickson : whos a wupper puppytown?

Filip R : This is pretty much every situation where you invite a stranger over and they come into contact with your dog.

manuhack99 : very very funny, excellent, voice and cartoon.. This clip and the rest should have been way more popular by now... do you still make short cartoons like this, Nekomesha?

cajcoj1 : Eww

Curtis Lav : Not one of his best vids ;)

Baconmaninspace : 1:09 That's the doggy's O face!

jonolemon : I love the facial expressions of the girl ^-^ hahahah!

Line75015 : "disturbing" is the better word I found to explain my feelings... 5* fot the artistic work

StarC0mmander : Funny AND disturbin' -Awesome! Really funny stuff!

Rich Chapple : lol, nice! great vocal performance. who's a pupper wupper?

Jonathon Tegtmeyer : One has to wonder where this would have gone with an add'l minute of footage..hilarious!!

Gin Ginivive : Jesus H!! i laughed my ass off. i love that sort of humor.

x1PMac1x : XD

ZYXsardi : What's a pupper?

Grace Viets : Jack wtf

Lily the llama : jack, why did you like this...

Chan-c Kong : Ech !

Anthony Della-Bosca : Tom Coughlan sits down to pee

yikesss : Wat

Liam Sanderson : Back off I ain't gonna rape yo dog or anything

Shahad Amri : wtf

Yusuf Abdo : Im here from jacksfilms...

Gretchen Gobsky : As a gender studies graduate and long time Tumblr, turned Reddit narrator how does the cis-white scum in this video not know that the dog could actually just be animal-kin? He could also be gender fluid and labelling him a boy is just disgraceful. What's mor is he just ignores the strong independent woman too. If you hate such bigotry and want to put an end to this join me at Reddit /r/shitredditsays or /r/enoughtrumpspam

NotaBrainiac : is. that, Markiplier?😐😂😂

Daniel Steger : WTF

MetalMusicMan : This is my life