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Meme Man : This is on jack films liked vids

Gareth Jason : Jack Douglass you have some strange liked videos man.

Action Bastard : This feels like it's straight out of Home Movies

ARIANARCHIST : Me whenever I meet a dog ever

Dylan Stone : i lost it when he said "you want me to lick you

Freakles : Me when I get home from school

snooterpuff : This is the funniest thing on youtube. Never fails to make me laugh like a bastard.

Bryan Perez : I laughed so hard I cried.

bmxisgoodforyou : I dont see a puppy, wheres the puppy? do youu see a p- OOOO THEREE HE IS THERES A PUPPY.

ZYXsardi : What's a pupper?

Budd Erickson : whos a wupper puppytown?

MetalMusicMan : This is my life

NotaBrainiac : is. that, Markiplier?😐😂😂

Liam Sanderson : Back off I ain't gonna rape yo dog or anything

Juksemakeren : 1:07 - Who's got the puppet skin?

Lily the llama : jack, why did you like this...

Anthony Della-Bosca : Tom Coughlan sits down to pee

Grace Viets : Jack wtf

yikesss : Wat

Shahad Amri : wtf

Chan-c Kong : Ech !

Daniel Steger : WTF

x1PMac1x : XD

Yusuf Abdo : Im here from jacksfilms...

Filip R : This is pretty much every situation where you invite a stranger over and they come into contact with your dog.

manuhack99 : very very funny, excellent, voice and cartoon.. This clip and the rest should have been way more popular by now... do you still make short cartoons like this, Nekomesha?

cajcoj1 : Eww

Curtis Lav : Not one of his best vids ;)

Baconmaninspace : 1:09 That's the doggy's O face!

jonolemon : I love the facial expressions of the girl ^-^ hahahah!

Line75015 : "disturbing" is the better word I found to explain my feelings... 5* fot the artistic work

StarC0mmander : Funny AND disturbin' -Awesome! Really funny stuff!

Rich Chapple : lol, nice! great vocal performance. who's a pupper wupper?

Jonathon Tegtmeyer : One has to wonder where this would have gone with an add'l minute of footage..hilarious!!

Gin Ginivive : Jesus H!! i laughed my ass off. i love that sort of humor.