Suspected Drug-Induced Freakout (December 7 2017)

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Pat Patrix : Just came across your channel today. I see some of your comments saying that Marin st. was safe prior to this year...I'm guessing you're relatively new to the area? The last time Marin was relatively safe was MAYBE around 10-12 years ago, and that's only in comparison to today. This was the result of cracking down on loitering, prostitution, and drug dealing on Solano Ave which pushed all the activity over one street to Marin. I used to live at that steeple looking house on the corner of Marin and Ohio, it has a 3rd story window, around 10 years ago. It was common for fights to break out under that spotlight with multiple shootings over the few years I was there. Hell one time some people set a car on fire. During hot summer days we'd sit on the porch and count how many prostitutes would pass per hour, I think the highest at the time was 13. Appreciate what you're trying to accomplish but this is years in the making, the fall of Downtown happened during the 80's when the crack epidemic came here, before then it used to be safe enough for my grandma to walk around shopping. Stay safe out there.

Ryan Munar : holy lol

degrande707 : VPD to the rescue!

augustw3st : Gloves are for the meth tweekers. It’s so potent their sweat can poison you with if taken recently.