The *craziest* Uber ride I ever gave!
The craziest Uber ride I ever gave OC

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Spontaneity : lmao this was great

jimmy Chitwood : I like Bret dude seems like good people.

Johnny 3D : HE smelled of feet, stale pasta and Jiff peanut butter. OMG that's insane, Hollywood doesn't have shit on your reality! You should start an Uber/Lyft short story dark comedy channel with the things you have seen lol. That was fun, we now return to our current programming.

The Rideshare Hub : How long have you been driving? You drive for Lyft too?

erin rossi : odd people in this world for sure! sounds like he was under the influence of something. hey did you already give the kratom away? i was waiting on my 'YOUR A WINNER notification but thought i might have missed it lol.

The Rideshare Hub : Love story time!

erin rossi : what happened i got a notice you were live and BAM you weren't there lol

RealClear Satire : This is your best story yet! Scabface starring Ouch Pachino...peanut butter splattering your seatbelt like the blood in the chainsaw scene...and he spent more on Uber than the peanut butter he the way, can't you get arrested for driving in CO without a ski vest? I trust you are driving a Suburu, the state's official car?

Praw Merld : Did he smell?

The Rideshare Hub : This is so crazy haha