The *craziest* Uber ride I ever gave!

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Johnny 3D : HE smelled of feet, stale pasta and Jiff peanut butter. OMG that's insane, Hollywood doesn't have shit on your reality! You should start an Uber/Lyft short story dark comedy channel with the things you have seen lol. That was fun, we now return to our current programming.

Spontaneity : lmao this was great

erin rossi : odd people in this world for sure! sounds like he was under the influence of something. hey did you already give the kratom away? i was waiting on my 'YOUR A WINNER notification but thought i might have missed it lol.

Praw Merld : Did he smell?

The Rideshare Hub : Love story time!

The Rideshare Hub : This is so crazy haha

The Rideshare Hub : How long have you been driving? You drive for Lyft too?

jimmy Chitwood : I like Bret dude seems like good people.

erin rossi : what happened i got a notice you were live and BAM you weren't there lol