Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife: How Antoine Dodson Went From Hero To Hollywood | I Went Viral

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Lil Durk : If cash me outside can be famous, than I’m all for Antoine being famous.

Taye Richmond : The “HOMEBOY” part gets me every time😭

Aimee Glatt : He might be bisexual, but he's ALL MAN for the way he protected his sister!!! Nothing weak about DAT!! 🏳️‍🌈👏🏽👍🏼👌🏽💪🏽✊🏽👊🏻

Franklin Clinton : Till this day : this dude is still hiding his husband and his kids

daria : 301 views He broke YouTube 1M was a lot back then :’)

Justin Jay C. : God bless his heart, I’m so glad he got out the hood like he wanted to.

Caribbean Mapping and Animations : He gave up fame for a normal life as a bus driver

Cnnquyen : Hes so comfortable with his femininity. I love it

Azeroth Assassin : Holy shit. A legit good down to earth person. What a rare treasure.

Black Girl Magic : This and Ain’t Nobody Got Time for that we’re the first appearance of memes and viral videos I ever really noticed.

Hashim Warren : happy things turned out well for him

Don Johnson : Why are so many people mentioning his bisexuality? "He's bi and that's perfectly ok!" Stop mentioning it! Nobody cares! He's a person, an individual. Unique and complex. Quit reducing him to his identity group. Identify politics reduces an individual to being nothing more than a member of a group. Respect his individuality by recognizing it.

xmontyx -.- : He said " I felt like mary j. Blidge " 😆

Silas Wayne : Antoine seems so down to earth and chill

Janiya Bolden : Hold on that equals coins and I’m trying to get outta the hood so yea lol 😂 I’m dead

classyfacemakeup : He's adorable 💖 I love his story, it's the side of going viral we don't see.

MsQueen Shelle : Imagine if he wasn't there for his sister!?! He may be bisexual...but he is no punk!!!! He proved that win, lose, or draw....he would fight or die trying to protect the ones he loves. They were able to get out of that place and his sister is a survivor.

jebron leelott : Y'all not go believe me but he's my bus driver

Naledi K : when being ghetto AF works to your advantage

Suavecita : He reminds me of gotdamnzo

ツfrancesca : he’s the first meme i’ve ever seen

MrJreed1000 : This guy has a wife and baby… meanwhile I cant get a chicks real number.. Crazy…

Barbara V : I’m glad he keeps emphasizing that a really awful crime took place and that while people were laughing women were being attacked. But luckily he and his family moved forward.

ChasetheClouds00 : I love him. He seems like such a genuine and funny person.

cerulean : He actually seems like a really nice guy

TX1997 : I swear this dude is funny as hell without even being funny

D Wood : He needs to go into comedy. He has universal appeal.

Senor GOOCH : "the video had 301 views" LMAO THAT'S THE NUMBER YOUTUBE FREEZES THE VIEWCOUNT AT WHEN IT GOES UP TOO FAST. He didn't even know it was about to blow up in 24 hours. edit: woah BET thanks for heart-liking the comment that was unexpected

User123 : If he’s here, then where is Sweet Brown’s video?

This1x : People can say what they want but Mr. Dodson but he did things some of your favorite celebrities haven’t such as 1) He saved his sister from getting raped = ultimate protector, 2) He took his money & moved his family out of the “hood” & is continually maintaining what he has. 3) He continually works to better himself for his family. Understand 2 & 3 is the personification of a man being what he was born to be, a provider. Mr. Dodson, I support you. That’s not just nonsense, I bought your single because I knew you were using it to better your family. Good luck to you.

Dihalli : This is a crazy story. I would love to see more from him.

P J : He’s the OG of Memes and Viral Videos 👌🏼 here for it.

ThatGirlPayton 12 : Such a sweet man!! Such a genuine person.💕

Zila. B : This man is amazing. Like actually. I love him!!! So funny and what a hero!❤️😂

SmarterEveryDay : You do a great job representing Huntsville Antoine. I appreciate your positive messaging every time I've seen you in media.

TheIntrovert83 : He's Bisexual and ain't nothing wrong with that...

Jeff Cockmann : he bought a house for his family and moved out the projects, good for him, at least he got something out of it

Anthony Alessi : He’s such a personality And I live for it.

Peach Cola : IM SO PROUD OF HIM😭😭😭😭

Shabazz 7:77 : This is the type of Black man that the media promotes and approves of.

Eli Hernandez : Did he just say its been "8 years". Holy shit. Time flies.

LeopardLover LeopardLover : He is so gay, luv it

Amy Polzella : Like he said it was a terrible event but it helped him and changed his life. He used it for what he could and now he is not trying to stay famous and struggling at it. He's living in the real world and doing what he wants to <3

JustCallMe Amber : He seems like such a well-spoken , intelligent young man that was done over by big LA sharks. I'm glad he's doing well though .

Juan Carlos : "Well obviously "🤣🤣🤣🤣Love it

Aixa V : He reminds me of Chris Rock.

Golden Gal : You rock Antoine!

Dust Fart : What a positive soul. Have a good day 👍

nadege king : It’s so good to see him ... am so happy for him .. sometimes you dont have to be a millionaire to feel maintain in life and have an everyday normal comfortable lifestyle .. Just enough sometimes is better than too much .. and sometimes the millions bring all kind of chaos, even drugs and mental anguish am so glad he chose a normal comfortable life ..very smart cookie ..

D Alexander : I was taking my braids down similar to what I have now, lol 🙄😂🤦🏾‍♀️