Greyhound Chases Rabbit Off Track

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Starlene JIviden : The dog aint no dummy, lol......He knows the rabbit on the lure is fake (stuffed) and the one that suddenly appears, is real. LOL

barbaro267 : I'm laughing so hard I'm crying

armando antua : this dog know what is a rabbit , the other are stupid

Lee Coomber : Now that's a dog well worth breeding your lurchers from.

pspjerry : It was a well planned prison esscape

Erica Fernandez : Must have a be a suicidal rabbit

Borzoi Coursing : An attempt to distract the leading dog but failed. It cut directly in front of them.

stuart griffith : Did they declare the race void ?

Sam 74 : That one dog is like, "WHOO-HOO! A REAL ONE!"

Mark Power : Do you believe in the Easter Bunny ???? Lollollol

lachlan pike : tasty rabbit tasty rabbit run run

Rico Baca : he wasnt going to win anyway

NME712 : To me that dog was the real winner he know the real one from the fake one Ps. Did the commentator say that the dog followed the fake rabbit

Beth Par : 0:24 XD That dog chases that rabbit off the race.

Robin Banks : tell me it must have bee a void race

Nicole Jolly : So funny... smart dog.

mr0747 : i actually put a bet on No.4 lol they didnt even give me a refund the bastards !!

iMaxAL : Hilarious 😅

My garden basics : lol hahaha

Mia Heylen : my grey cries when he see some racing dogs on tv, he was dropped in a lost mine, and was find by a catcher after a race


Kara Burns : uhm....they do it in horse racing all the time. Since they race 2-3 year old BABY thoroughbreds that get injured constantly, when a horse breaks down on the track with a broken leg the race continues. Why would greyhound racing be any different?

pat gilligan : yeah cause there would be no refunds....moron

One does not simply : after this embarassment he has retired as pro

javajavajavalala : "Well this seems like a good place to run across, I'm just gonna...OH SHIT"

Tijana Saric : i started raceing my greyhound when i was 14

saturnined : No kidding!

TheAlanakane : Did anyone notice how that greyhound spirited twice as fast after that rabbit.

The Viewer : I thought they would have to cancel that race and redo it another time.There is a lot at stake. You can't just continue the race and declare a winner. I see a lawsuit coming up.

PetrolHeadNyx : lol it was a real bunny lol

Annamaria Stella : 0:28 yep, its a fake one alright..

sailentxx : i'd like to see usain bolt against dogs :P

Condused : he's like "screw it i'm not gonna win. might as well get dinner"

Bob Ross : No. 4 knew who was who in the zoo.

vixitrixalina : lol! of all the places a rabbit/hare should be hanging out, it's certainly not on a greyhound race track... i love the dog that went after it xD

Appaloosalicious1 : "my trainer said I was not focusing.... FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS! I'm doing gre--BUNNY!!!!!!!!"

claire c : Tht spelling is appauling. You're so sad!! Delibrately saying a sentence with a word you want to use to show that you have no knowledge of Englishat all... If you carried on the way you did your comment would be: "tht ws fnny. hhh tht dg rlly wntd tht rbit. ll" Btw, it's rabbit.

lovemuffin1963 : And if the dog caught it is is sooooo dead..I used to know a bunch of dog trainers..

Dalton Lee : the rabbits like haha ha stupid dog o fuck

GetMeThere1 : I'll take the one that went after the real rabbit!

Event : they should have let the dog who chased the real bunny win cos it was REALLY doing wat it was meant to

bignickstar : fuck that im havein real rabbit tonite

Isleofskye : @PeterFLOYDIAN Dont "mind" me "saying" but why the " " every "few" words? Bit "OTT" wouldn't "you" say, Old Chap...

wild heart : hahaha if my greyhound did da i b pissing laughing

peter floydian : @Bobbiefrances1 A very good reply. Although it is both hilarious and understandable, the owner 'might' not been that 'understanding'... and I'm saying 'might' as it is not really certain that the Grey got 'punished', but just the fact that it is 'not certain' is disturbing. It should be 'sure' and very 'evident' that the Grey was treated with respect and care despite the 'off track' thing. Btw... Let's mention, that for the Grey, this was a very 'right' and intelligent reaction.

Bianca Udding : wonder what happend to the greyhound after he did'nt do what his owner wanted...

mythplatypuspwned : LOL funny! this video has the best quality and looks like the original, but whats with the description and tags?

GypsyAvira : Sad, only one dog chased the real rabbit

memorieslost : Ha ha!

Drew Zing : thats buny