Napoleonic Wars: Battle of Waterloo 1815

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Epic History TV brings you a blow-by-blow account of the entire Waterloo campaign in 14 minutes, with animated maps and artwork, plus rarely seen photographs of survivors of Napoleon's army. In 1815, eight miles south of Brussels, two of history's greatest generals met in battle for the first and only time: Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French, and the Duke of Wellington. The result was an epic, brutal battle that would decide the fate of Europe.  Please help Epic History TV to keep making videos by pledging as little as one dollar per video at Patreon: These are some of my favourite books on Waterloo, click the affiliate link to buy them at Amazon and support the channel: Andrew Roberts, Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Gamble David Howarth, Waterloo: A Near Run Thing Bernard Cornwell, Waterloo: The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles Gordon Corrigan, Waterloo: Wellington, Napoleon and the Battle That Saved Europe And the best film ever made about the battle: Waterloo (1970)

Comments from Youtube

Pagan Pilgrim : Those French veterans still look pretty tough even after 40 years!

Austen Kime : Nice and to the point, no bias, mentions the Germans in the British Ranks as well as the prussians, , focuses on where the real action takes place, not on theories or what ifs. Fantastic illustrations, good narration. 10/10 best Waterloo documentary.

Ijitorikku : The old photos are so badass. Those are really good pictures. you can feeling the pride, valor, dignity of the old guys.

SirRoger : just found out about this channel. It puts history / discovery channel to shame

Yusuf Elnehdi : the old guards die, they never surrender

maning04 : You know that the emperor is a serious threat when all of Europe formed a coalition against him

Aled Evans : How does this channel not have more subs? It definitely deserves a lot more : )

Jonathan Allison : this is probably the best documentary on any 19th century battle ive ever seen

Funny Farmer : It is nice to see this focus on the Prussian Army which contributed to this victory but has rarely received much appreciation.

Jim Hope : Frenchmen of this period are some of history's toughest fighting men.

Fuzzyballs01 : after seen a few American documentaries, I can't be happier with how British documentaries don't repeat the same thing 5 times, have an add break, repeat it another two times, and have some stupid host who needs screentime or those godawful re-enactments this is perfect

MerkinMuffly : The dead were so plentiful at Waterloo, local scavengers made small fortunes selling teeth pulled from the mouths of the corpses that littered the field. Dentists bought up the grim trophies by the thousand and supposedly used them in the manufacturer of false teeth for years to come. In fact, for a generation after the epic slaughter, dentures throughout Western Europe were known as “Waterloo Teeth”.

Sargento Carvalho : he was so close to win, all world would had been different if he won.

Andrew Downer : thank you for saying Anglo-allied not british

Cade C : Woah, I just realized this wasn't made by some production company. 10/10. Genuinely impressive.

JayDee : love the pictures at the end

bloodndestroy : The French veterans gallery at the end is the military equivalent of a stacked roster/dream team

Cainsgames : Coming from The Great War. Brilliandt video and very well made, you must have put a lot of work into it. I look forward to more of your videos.

daniel seddon : Belgium is like the poor little child who always gets bullied when the big boys want to play

Ringo 1 : Awesome video, those photos of the soldiers in their uniforms remind me of the reality of this and other historical battles that before I saw them just now I've only perceived through a drawing or painting

Tarik360 : I don't know how this appeared on my recommended videos on the main-page. But I'm glad it did. Insta-subbed!

Keiran Bradley : It was the Scots Guards who took Napoleons' imperial eagle standard, it's in a pub on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

Thesocraticbreed : Had Michel Ney not charged, the battle would have been different.

klesh : You know a Napoleonic documentary is going to be good when you hear “Emperor of the French”.

bozojazzmkII : Can't wait for your one on Austerlitz. Awesome channel.

TheEuphoriac : Really well done! Great narration and animations, I really understood everything going on, and I liked the lack of bias in the video, giving credit to the Prussians, Dutch, Hanoverians, etc. I'm also looking forward to Russia pt. 2!

D : So, why are Brits bragging so much with Waterloo and defeating Napoleon, they wouldnt even stand and fight without Blucher, and certainly did not have the manpower to fight in their own sector, if we count only UK troops. As a kid i always thought it was a crushing Brit victory and i barely heard anything of the Prussian army. Later i finally started reading about it, and got pretty upset with the actual facts. Brits love to bash the American D-Day view, and the focus on US sectors , but they do the same thing for Waterloo.

JSparo : La garde meurt mais ne se rend pas !

Noah Weaver : to bad Napoleons dream of Empire could never be done. What an influential individual though i like the other European powers. France is definately one of the more powerful even today.

Josh Bray : History Teachers should use this Channel.

Azam Khan : not a French, but dis battle is heart-breaking

Mads Jensen : This didn't feel like 14 minutes :) Very nice

KINGatLIFE : anyone else feel sorry for Napoleon

Napoleonist : Vive L'Empereur!!!

SimplyLimbo : To this day i cant believe how what got into Ney that he attacked the english, WAY WAY to early, he was a battle hardened experienced soldier. There is no excuse in his case that he run into those squares ! I still cant believe he didnt took measures one or another to make sure he wouldnt run into rhose squares.

Troy Virgona : 30 seconds in and I knew I would have to subscribe. Top notch production, engaging, and informative. Excellent work.

Shubhan Ravi : Please make on on the French revolution

odeus predrinn : nowaday the headgear of the royale british guard is directly inspired by the French hussars of the Empire.... look at the magnificence of this french hussar sitting on his chair .... brrrrr I would not have liked to meet him saber in hand 200 years ago !! these photos are absolutely remarkable.

Daz : brilliant as an ex Grenadier guard I simply say this was brilliant!

swiftjusticee : 11:05 No sir. The Battle is lost

Push Back : Where has this channel been my whole life?

ron sparks : Actually Panteraus, the brits fought pretty well against quite a few of napoleons armies, esp in spain, but those were against his marshals,...not him in person. Waterloo, of course, was fraught with mistakes due to many of his best marshals not being there. I'm pretty convinced had napoleon been at waterloo with no less than Davout, Mortier, and Murat, Waterloo wouldda been a resounding victory. Gotta give the brits credit tho...they hung tight up on that ridge, and used the 3 points of defenses at the farmhouses. very smart. As an american, and a truly big napoleon history fan, i always play up the 'what ifs'...on a computer game i have of the battle.

Vinayak Sharma : Please show battle of leipzig 1813

Kermit : Love your channel, it is quite unique on YouTube. I think that this channel will actually grow quite fast in 1-2 years, so have my parteon :)

Justinian I : A had an exam on Napoleons campaigns , you helped me soo much , love you , subscribed , shared , liked

Captain Obvious : Great video! People with zero knowledge on this part of history will be able to understand with such clear narration and animations. Thanks for the effort in creating this documentary. Btw, you are working on WW1 1916-1918 and russian part 2 right?

Gsr Badell : The Anglo Saxon s did well and united along with the Germanic tribes, the emperor of France deserved it. Great victory 😀Duke of Wellington.

bugsy101073 : Wished Napoleon won and united Europe

DBZshadow14 : 10:35 "Mr. Napoleon, I don't feel so good"