Napoleonic Wars: Battle of Waterloo 1815

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Flem Hawker : I’ve studied Waterloo, read a lot about it etc and if someone with no real knowledge of the battle wanted to quickly get a rough overall view of what happened this is the channel to watch, in my opinion this short documentary is very well done & all in less than 15 minutes.

Pagan Pilgrim : Those French veterans still look pretty tough even after 40 years!

SirRoger : just found out about this channel. It puts history / discovery channel to shame

KINGatLIFE : anyone else feel sorry for Napoleon

Austen Kime : Nice and to the point, no bias, mentions the Germans in the British Ranks as well as the prussians, , focuses on where the real action takes place, not on theories or what ifs. Fantastic illustrations, good narration. 10/10 best Waterloo documentary.

Ijitorikku : The old photos are so badass. Those are really good pictures. you can feeling the pride, valor, dignity of the old guys.

D : So, why are Brits bragging so much with Waterloo and defeating Napoleon, they wouldnt even stand and fight without Blucher, and certainly did not have the manpower to fight in their own sector, if we count only UK troops. As a kid i always thought it was a crushing Brit victory and i barely heard anything of the Prussian army. Later i finally started reading about it, and got pretty upset with the actual facts. Brits love to bash the American D-Day view, and the focus on US sectors , but they do the same thing for Waterloo.

Sargento Carvalho : he was so close to win, all world would had been different if he won.

Yusuf Elnehdi : the old guards die, they never surrender

Jim Hope : Frenchmen of this period are some of history's toughest fighting men.

Aled Evans : How does this channel not have more subs? It definitely deserves a lot more : )

Funny Farmer : It is nice to see this focus on the Prussian Army which contributed to this victory but has rarely received much appreciation.

Jonathan Allison : this is probably the best documentary on any 19th century battle ive ever seen

Stannis The Mannis Baratheon : Napoleon was a good man an honourable man

SimplyLimbo : To this day i cant believe how what got into Ney that he attacked the english, WAY WAY to early, he was a battle hardened experienced soldier. There is no excuse in his case that he run into those squares ! I still cant believe he didnt took measures one or another to make sure he wouldnt run into rhose squares.

Keiran Bradley : It was the Scots Guards who took Napoleons' imperial eagle standard, it's in a pub on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

bugsy101073 : Wished Napoleon won and united Europe

Fuzzyballs01 : after seen a few American documentaries, I can't be happier with how British documentaries don't repeat the same thing 5 times, have an add break, repeat it another two times, and have some stupid host who needs screentime or those godawful re-enactments this is perfect

Facts don’t care about your feelings : This France was very respectful I wish France won

Andrew Downer : thank you for saying Anglo-allied not british

Mika : I will always see Napoleon as the Liberator never the invader!

Noah Weaver : to bad Napoleons dream of Empire could never be done. What an influential individual though i like the other European powers. France is definately one of the more powerful even today.

Ringo 1 : Awesome video, those photos of the soldiers in their uniforms remind me of the reality of this and other historical battles that before I saw them just now I've only perceived through a drawing or painting

Cade C : Woah, I just realized this wasn't made by some production company. 10/10. Genuinely impressive.

MerkinMuffly : The dead were so plentiful at Waterloo, local scavengers made small fortunes selling teeth pulled from the mouths of the corpses that littered the field. Dentists bought up the grim trophies by the thousand and supposedly used them in the manufacturer of false teeth for years to come. In fact, for a generation after the epic slaughter, dentures throughout Western Europe were known as “Waterloo Teeth”.

Thesocraticbreed : Had Michel Ney not charged, the battle would have been different.

bozojazzmkII : Can't wait for your one on Austerlitz. Awesome channel.

serjorah mormont : Nice description, although I am a bit dissappointed regarding one point: The whole discussion seems a bit too Anglo-centered. I never heard the Prince of Orange being mentioned, even though even Napoleon himself acknowledged if it were not for his vanguard tactics, he would have probably won the battle. Instead this discussion makes it seems it was all due to Wellington's leadership and strategy. But well, the winners write history they often say. And how much the British did with regard to the Prince, completely ridiculing him...

bloodndestroy : The French veterans gallery at the end is the military equivalent of a stacked roster/dream team

Azam Khan : not a French, but dis battle is heart-breaking

JayDee : love the pictures at the end

Mads Jensen : This didn't feel like 14 minutes :) Very nice

Cainsgames : Coming from The Great War. Brilliandt video and very well made, you must have put a lot of work into it. I look forward to more of your videos.

JSparo : La garde meurt mais ne se rend pas !

optimat prime : I read somewhere that the outcome of this epic battle was very close. the french almost penetrated the british center which means victory for Napoleon but the prussians ended the frenchs hopes for victory. im so sorry for the french. i was always on the side of napoleon, don´t know why. perhaps because of the bitter result of the russian campaign. imo the russians acted there so dishonorable and let the winter and the expansion of the country let them do their attack the grande army on the withdrawal is more than cowardly and sissy. so many times before the russian army retreated from the battleground when they faced napoleons army. the russians were gutless to the bone.

ColorWarrior : World would be must more better place if napoleon would won, think about that really. Btv i am german

Napoleonist : Vive L'Empereur!!!

TheEuphoriac : Really well done! Great narration and animations, I really understood everything going on, and I liked the lack of bias in the video, giving credit to the Prussians, Dutch, Hanoverians, etc. I'm also looking forward to Russia pt. 2!

Tarik360 : I don't know how this appeared on my recommended videos on the main-page. But I'm glad it did. Insta-subbed!

Josh Bray : History Teachers should use this Channel.

Gerry McNally : This is a brilliant summary of the battle and its context. More please.

Austerlitz 6an9ban6 : I created 200 youtube account to subscribe your channel. Great great work!

corvus917 : I absolutely love that this channel maps out the battle so well and comprehensibly. Is it too much to hope that this channel returns to Napoleon and covers his Italian Wars? I really want to see the Battles of Arcole, Mantua and Marengo.

Eagle Plyz : Damn he should’ve auto resolved.

Ben M : Wow. This short documentary is exceptionally well done.

Captain Obvious : Great video! People with zero knowledge on this part of history will be able to understand with such clear narration and animations. Thanks for the effort in creating this documentary. Btw, you are working on WW1 1916-1918 and russian part 2 right?

Troy Virgona : 30 seconds in and I knew I would have to subscribe. Top notch production, engaging, and informative. Excellent work.

Daz : brilliant as an ex Grenadier guard I simply say this was brilliant!

maning04 : You know that the emperor is a serious threat when all of Europe formed a coalition against him

Việt Dũng Nguyễn : This video is clearly the best documentary about the battle of Waterloo! Amazing works!