What Is Tattooing Like In A Women's Prison

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Jenna Leigh's Beauty Slam : The DMV and all of its bureaucratic BS is such a pain. I know it sucks, Shannon. Keep your head up, darlin. You're doing great! This APS army is HUGE and we stand behind you!❤

Mark Silas : This is a awsome video APS . I love supporting this show..

puglover : This channel is so freaking underrated

Very Jason : I love the introductions of new faces on APS, all with different backgrounds. The APS squad! Love what you’re doing Joe!

Travis A : Get this man his own tv show.

jnero79 : Seen comments that she should hook up with Danny... Hell no! That's just bad business for APS

Myth Maker : HEY BOYS I GOT SOME PRISON NEWS FOR YA FROM ARIZONA! A correctional officer at Lewis Correctional facility here in Arizona just got fired for assaulting a prisoner, idk much further about it but I'm hoping Joe can look farther into it for some content! Have a good day APS ARMY!

Renee Bradford : Thanks for the video. Hang in there Shannon! The APS army’s got you girl.

Chase Postell : Does anyone else just hit the thumbs up an all of Joes videos before even watching it like me? Hit the thumbs up on this comment if you do.

Steve Butler : I'd suggest you number these videos, such as Shannon, Episode 2, Prison Hustle. That way people can know what came before and it's not so Random.

The BenC : We all had at least one wasted day dealing with the DMV. It's annoying but normal.

Good human be happy : Jesus christ these women can still get money from men even in prison.

Scott Day : Yo me you have inspired me to stop doing stupid thing and now I’m training to join the army thank you so much stay safe bro

amerikansk : Can you please talk abt the ex prisoners who just got their voting rights back in FL? I feel like this is huge news for after prison show

John Lowry : Something draws me to Shannon’s story. She seems like an amazing individual. I hope she finds her spot in this movement. Stay up, girl. #APS4Life

swtflower1967 : Hi lookin good nice to see you again. Don't worry you'll have your ID in no time.. I'm ready for some woman prison story time! #APSArmy4Life

tyler lewis : Not even 5 minutes in and I can already tell this is going to be amazing! Keep up the good work Joe

Ronmower : Video got uploaded 5 minutes ago, video is about 30 minutes long, people already posting comments lol.............Oh wait.

silent Shu-Shu : lost for words . she's just what the show need . great job guys keeping it fresh . aps4life

Olive Drab : You guys freakin rock! Glad you’re part of APS Shannon!

Han Solo : Joe you should write a books about your experience in prison

Greg Lopez : I'm wishing you all the best Shannon.

tim scott : Just wanna say much respect Joe , you have come alongggg way from the first video, the big difference in you and other channels is you have been blessed and in that time you are using that to also bless others. #MuchRespectAPSArmy

GeoffDaCow : Just like Danny, I could listen to Shannon talk all day and share their experiences even though im sure it’s a lot of anxiety for them

Joey gamer 10 : Next on mtv after prison show what it’s like to tattoo in prison. Lol Make this a tv show

Chris Turner : I can NOT believe someone would literally say “give me pills, or I’ll tell”! Daaaaamn 😂

Mike Koflan : Joe Lots of people said you were getting desperate and scraping the bottom recently Now your evolving and going In all sorts of new directions Love the show and the new episodes Remember people Surviving prison is all about your ability to adapt quickly. I highly doubt Joe Is gonna fall off anytime soon

Jonathan : You need a new tattoo joe. Do a piece dedicated to APS +AfterPrisonShow

VAC2 : ugh...love the video but do not trust her. Do some internet digging and you will find out quite a bit about her.

Carlyn Breanne : Love all the APS videos ❤️ and Dave if you’re reading this, I think you’re cute 😉

Shaggy1269 : anyone else watch the guy fishing in the background?

Papa Joe : I wish they’d just allow tattoos in a strerile safe supervised environment it’s already happening, encourage it as it’s a great career path

Jay SoHi : They didn't even get CD players? That's what the tattoo guys would do in the few prisons I was in used.

Jade Clauesn : Stay strong sister. Any problems see Joe to help you with phone Technology.

Tracey Duffy : She can place an ad and do tutoring personally

Bad_vibes_💔 : Joe a beautiful person ❤️

Kory Looper : Honestly a woman shouldn't have to work if she doesn't want to. If she could be a good better half to a man wanting a relationship I wish women would understand there's no shame being a wife/home maker. Maybe part time work if she finds something local that works for her but honestly so many men work hard and are alone at the end of the day... too bad the modern divide between men and women. Now the government wants everyone working and everyone relying on the government. I hope she finds a good man and becomes a good woman to him. Hopefully she takes 3/4 steps towards a better life and APS can match her along the way!

vtecrkp1 : Personally never been in prison, never want to be in prison, but have been part of the APS Army since before 1k subscribers. I love listening to this content as I know a lot of my family has been in prison, this content gives insight and perspective. Thanks Joe, Dave, Cody, and the rest of APS for keeping things real and mostly positive.

Simon Halstead : going to the dmv is stressful on its own let alone for someone just getting out. she should be proud of herself for sticking with it.

Robert Baleno : sounds like shannon got quite a bit done in the past few days

Raymond VanBuskirk : I got out in 1994 and brought my tattoo gun with me. I still have it in a box in the attic. We used to get Walkmans back then and used the motor from that, a pen, toothbrush, paper clips, needle or guitar strings... I was scared they would find it when I left but they didn’t search my bag 😆

Keith Runick : Hi Shannan, can you show us some of your artwork? Sketches or doodles would be great. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Mexicanus Liberali RastaManYaqui : Awesome! Im glad to see her again

Ray Abercrombie : It might just be me but she's kinda cute!? If Dave or Danny don't have dibs I'd smash! Haha.... I'm playing! Hopefully she does good like Joe, Dave and Danny all have! Peace APS

Tender Sheep : She can try to teach English as a second language.

Matt Boselli : Joe Guerrero just want to say thank you very much for introducing us to this lady to the afterprisonshow this is a very prolific enjoying moment right here thank you very much I hope she does very well much continued success follow up with her see how she's doing and take care brother

Ace Rothstein : Hey lemme get a cup of coffee!😉

imchef17 : Hey Joe great interview, thanks for speaking out shannon I be you'll help alot of women. Hi Dave, sup Danny #autotunescody #APSarmy4life

g gomez : would like to see how accurate orange is the new black is

trapasoris : make prison food with her!