The Worst line in “Dark Phoenix"
The Worst line in Dark Phoenix

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Raven confronts Charles about his unwillingness to put himself at risk. Spoilers for the entire X-Men franchise.


pantsuck11 : Jennifer Lawrence: "It's funny I cant actually remember the last I acted in something"

LaserDroid : It's not the lack of blue makeup, Mistique has been replaced by J Law playing J Law. Least we dont have to suffer her anymore if there is a sequel.

pksstr : To be fair only the first two count

ryoriotwow : Well at least they both live on so he can disprove her.

Phoo Yeah : Can’t blame her...the professor must’ve wiped out her memory lol

Mitchell : 2/4 of these clips are from the future...

SyazwanAdzhar : Aah, I thought you're gonna put the X-women line. Almost there.

Adam Todd : 2 of those didnt happen yet they are in the future.😑😑

Mind Job : Xavier fighting Apocalypse was self defense.

kdhlkjhdlk : Has she ever been good in anything?

Mercent : Did D&D write this?

Cameron Hubbard : I think she was about to die when apocalypse had her in a choke hold. Next minute, “thank you for letting me in” “ you will never win”

Brett : Wow, JLaw's face looks very different. Someone tell her to lay off the surgery.

Games for Kids : *Something something X-Women*

Charlie Miller : Yeah, I don't think this criticism holds up... Wonky timeline shenanigans aside, Logan and the original trilogy surely can't be considered. This is the Raven that thought about becoming a killer and joining magneto, but never did. Imagining the past 10-15 years for her, losing most of the first class, and probably plenty of others.. seems pretty reasonable to question Xavier's motivation. This strikes me as a slight (but not ghoulish) amount of Overkill to make a point: 'if throwing mutant lives at human problems is the only way to be on good terms with humans, you clearly value the respect of humans more than the lives of mutants. If not... You owe us some deep talk about why it's okay for us to give our lives so you can have a direct phone line to the president.' Not saying Xavier's reasons are bad.. just saying it would be easy for her character to get upset about how readily Xavier sacrifices the lives of xmen and start to question whether there's some ego factors at play.

murus micmac : she's not in the kitchen!

Dan : These examples are trash, half of them happen in the future.