American Gods Ep2 - Anansi speech "That the story of black people in America!"

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Philip Randolph : Anansi is a Ghanaian name that means Spider, Ananse was a trickster in Ghanaian folklore, he was smart and witty ❤️

Ben Wasserman : I feel like Asani is an even more pissed off version of Samuel L. Jackson. That’s scary

PopularNobody : "Y'all still think you're just people" Powerful statement.

Michael Mar : Orlando Jones knocked it out the ballpark with this monologue.

Chris Coombs : "Angry gets shit done" Legendary

Marc Anthony Holmes : When they call us black they’re being nice. Mic drop.

Ruan Jacobs : Let me be the first to tell you, you are all BLACK

Fred R. : The best scene of the whole season

cyke33 : This guy gets it, I like him.

EMAN67 (Movies,politics,commentary) : Wonder if they will have the Polynesian gods in this series. And Mayan gods,

merykey : the show needs more anansi...

Mark bolt : Anansi!!! I can't believe they used a west African God on this show, they really went far and wide

MrHan : Came back here after black panther. Death is better than bondage.

Zero P : This scene is so powerful on so many levels. Love this show.

rasheedqe : All the white people mad because he told the truth and they can't accepted it.

Grubiantoll : ''Angry get's shit done'' is probably my most favorite quote of the whole show

Pam pee : It's that one slave on the ship like "I'm not black, I'm OJ. ....ok."

Ricky Griffin : You don't even know you black yet....Wow..

Theo Smith : Orlando Jones is the shit. This is an awesome scene.

Marcel Wolke : I swear, I felt so sad when I heard that man's prayer to Anansi... The best scene in the series

brandin welch : killmonger brought me here...............

Felicia Gary : PeterDivine Trickster God he is and he also speaks truth. What he said did happen and still is happening. The Dutch slave traders tricked those African slaves on that cargo ship into the "American Dream" when in fact, it wasn't a dream for those enslaved. It was for those Dutch slave traders dealing in human trafficking and those good ole plantation owners in North America, South America, and the Carribbean. For those enslaved, it was a tormenting nightmare. Death before bondage I say. I die, I die free and on my terms I say. As far as it being lost on American audiences, it is not on those of us that identify, relate, and understand exactly what Anansi is saying. Of course it will be lost on those not affected by the very true historical account Anansi gives. And what happened during the Dutch and Mid Atlantic slave trade affected generations of Africans and African Americans. Just because one does not like the manner in which the message was delivered, does not mean the truths in the message aren't valid and credible. Also the Gods and Goddesses are just as flawed in their behavior as we humans. It is we humans that like to dictate, define, label, categorize, and assigned hierarchies to the Gods and everything else on this planet. I do hope this message is not lost.

Mellowcanuck33 : "You think you just, people." Every minority can relate to that one.

Prince Silungwe : why is there less comments on this video. when anasi is clearly speaking the truth. people cant handle the truth huh...

????? ????? : When you think about it he makes sense. Tobacco was the only karma that those slavers get. And I'm talking about the slavers of old not the our fellow humans of today.

Nina Luv : Someone needs to show this to Kanye If you need people to say "what you really mean was....." then one of two things is happening. You either don't know how to convey your thoughts as you truly mean them or you regret what you said. . It's not a hard thing to say exactly what you mean. He said what he meant to say. He really thinks that slavery was a choice. Word for word what he said not an interpretation of what he meant to say. Having a victim mentality is a separate thing all together. He could have just said that from the start.....but he didn't say that. He made a very stupid comment. What people fail to see is the intention and meaning of what he said. The same people that defend him fail to see he does not relate to you or care to do so. He thinks he's better then the people that pay for his music and buy tickets to see him. So if you want to support such a poor moral role model who glorifies dropping out of college and hatred to his own fan base that's your right. Just like its other peoples right to not fall for such BS. When people have to interpret the meaning of your words you are not effectively communicating. As a fully functional adult people should be able to take your words at face value. Not decode what you really mean. As children most people are taught to say what you mean and mean what you say.

valar : I like how, as a trickster god, he tells them the truth, but not the whole truth. He doesn't actually lie, he misleads by leaving out anything about things getting better eventually.* He wants the offering of their deaths by pissing them off enough to burn the ship. (*With a long way yet to go, just to be clear, added in response to the comments below.)

Malware X20 : The thing is this is all true

Acacia Camael : You all realized anansi intentionally did this to get his sacrifices cause the man praying to him didn't have any offerings and like the slaves anansi was forced to come to America just like the slaves too

Teufel Wulf : I like that the speech brings up that it was not just americans who engaged in slavery, but the "nice" europeans like the Dutch. Europeans have managed to weasel out of a lot of their role in slavery.

Angry Nerd Bird : "This guy gets it."

HEZEKYHWH : Anansi was being completely logical and I would have torched the shit outta those boats!!!. If they killed the dutch and burned the boats they would be sacrificing their lives so that that same boat would never be able to return and pick up more of their people for countless trips... This is basic mathematics.. Its fairly easy to understand. There is no trick, the trick if there is one is actually that many didnt kill the people that enslaved them. And millions suffered for centuries. If reek warriors of old could torch their own boats to guarantee that they would fight hard, how in thee hell are people wrestling with us torching boats to save our people from mistreatment? ALL TOO OFTEN people will not think logically if something doesnt involve them prospering. Like the guy that was angry... "HE GOT IT" He understood plain and simple. The other guy was simple looking at this from a way that he would be okay. That somehow he would make it out unscathed. He even stated if we burn the boats "we die" He was told the truth... you are already dead. RAPING(YES MEN WERE RAPED BY SLAVERS), Watching their future wives be raped, beaten, watching their children, raped, beaten and lynched, watching their descendants for centuries mistreated and starved to death etc. Beaten to death, impregnated. Dead to a knowledge of self that without google many in america wouldnt even know who ANANSI even was. You need a smartphone or computer to link you to your past. Then to see how in harmony those blacks were in the bottom of that boat to how now cities are being renamed based on the trauma that we experienced. CHIRAQ? Ring a bell? Planned parenthood aka abortion killings and clinics in our neighborhoods, police brutality of killing us.... If you cant see that "YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD " from that, then you have simply lost your mind and are being a coward. Thats what ANANSI was telling them. Think about it. You live and die, all within the span of a hundred years anyway. Why would you NOT ban together and sacrifice yoru life for those that may be enslaved after you? When america was supposedly attacked (9/11) it sent americans to die for its cause. For "freedom" and "equality" and "justice" and the white way of life.... How can we not see everyone understand sacrifice except us?

RaizanMedia : People, you do realize he's a trickster God, right? These people aren't just being saved, they are being tricked as well.

Kadian Edwards : I thought anansi was I spider

dBOTHERER : never realized he can act this good.

zero king : They need to make so that Orlando Jones gets more screen time... This scene spits facts 💯

Chuck Balkin : Was flipping threw channels one day while watching cable, and this was the first scene of American God's I saw.....basically got me hooked on the series. Truly a great scene.

Melancholic Angie Awour : You think you just people😂😂but let me be the first to tell you that you are all blek🤣🤣🤣🤣...

Zohra H : Best scene ever so true in fact ! American history is about genocides, slavery, war so on ... American dream really ?! 🤨🤢

Will-i-am Golden : Anansi and loki whould be great friends

Con Bon : From reading the book, I never saw Mr. Nancy as this kind of guy. I thought of him as an older Jamaican esque Scat-Man Crothers type of dude

zerocool gonna hack u : Lol Aint it The truth if a Black Guy had a time machine it whuld be just like this 😂😂😂👍👍👍

Liam : the best part comes directly after this when he reveals himself as Kompe Anansi with the slightest almost unnoticeable African accent.

Steven Eberheart : Shit sent chills down my spine

ansonwatkins : One of the best speeches I've ever heard

Shawn Zamir FFXV : Best scene in the entire show. I hope we get more of Anansi next season.

generalnawaki : goddamn did the producers choose their gods well. Anansi is damn perfect

Khari Cook : Exodus will occur to America. Rot and decay, soon to come.

NC A : is that Orlando Jones?

michael acquah : Anansi is a Ghanaian (African) folk character, so why is he having an American accent?