American Gods Ep2 - Anansi speech "That the story of black people in America!"

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Ben Wasserman : I feel like Asani is an even more pissed off version of Samuel L. Jackson. That’s scary

Fred R. : The best scene of the whole season

Keiichiro Murata : Every time he says Dutch motherfucker, take a shot.

cyke33 : This guy gets it, I like him.

merykey : the show needs more anansi...

Ruan Jacobs : Let me be the first to tell you, you are all BLACK


Zero P : This scene is so powerful on so many levels. Love this show.

Todd Devyn : "Angry is good. Angry gets shit done." PREACH.

Malware X20 : The thing is this is all true

Kadian Edwards : I thought anansi was I spider

CalBro : Yeah, because only whites were smoking tobacco up to this point. Hurr durr.

dBOTHERER : never realized he can act this good.

ankhenaten2 : *anansi is enki du*

I Know : From reading the book, I never saw Mr. Nancy as this kind of guy. I thought of him as an older Jamaican esque Scat-Man Crothers type of dude

Geek Of All Trades : "This guy gets it."

Britt Loring : Why didn't you just combine the two anasi scences?

thecraze21 :

Chris Emile- Højbjerg : "Angry gets shit done" Legendary

De Ath Met Al Hell : yo it doesnt have the part hwere he is like SLIT THESE DUTCH MOTHERFUCKERS THROATS AND *BURN* THIS SHIP the best part the crescendo!

Damoy345 : you know he is telling the fuckin truth Down with the White in with the Black

Xander ????????? : When you think about it he makes sense. Tobacco was the only karma that those slavers get. And I'm talking about the slavers of old not the our fellow humans of today.

Motley Byron : A lack of FORGIVENESS...keeps your WOUNDS OPEN... you don't HEAL because you CANNOT HEAL...because you will NOT ALLOW yourself to HEAL... as a fellow black American I say, "FUCK THAT!" White America, I FULLY and UNCONDITIONALLY FORGIVE YOU... those who did my people EVIL... I no longer harbor ANGER or animosity towards them... they're DEAD... Today's white Americans have NOT owned a Americans are FREE... we're >>>FREE<<< free to either succeed...or WALLOW in self PITY and ANGER... YOU CHOOSE your future... no once else controls that!

dbzking02 : I hope we see more of Anansi next season. Hell, I hope they start doing something besides talk and spout philosophical crap next season.

dbzking02 : Lucious Lyon's ancestor.

Marcel Wolke : I swear, I felt so sad when I heard that man's prayer to Anansi... The best scene in the series

The Dude : Shame there probably wont be a season 2..

Kenneth Satria : Blek...

Marc Anthony Holmes : When they call us black they’re being nice. Mic drop.

Mark bolt : Anansi!!! I can't believe they used a west African God on this show, they really went far and wide

dkapone : This motherfucker looks like Mos Def's older brother! Peace.

Aurin saint : I wonder...If Anansi knew that those people who were sold, we're sold by their own people in Africa?

PopularNobody : "Y'all still think you're just people" Powerful statement.

J.P Hallager : The most stupid scene ever. Stop watching the series after that

Lizz Mebs : Isn't that so horrible? The fact that human beings have to learn that they are different, that they are lesser, that they are 'black'.

Grubiantoll : ''Angry get's shit done'' is probably my most favorite quote of the whole show

valar : I like how, as a trickster god, he tells them the truth, but not the whole truth. He doesn't actually lie, he misleads by leaving out anything about things getting better eventually. He wants the offering of their deaths by pissing them off enough to burn the ship.

Prince Silungwe : why is there less comments on this video. when anasi is clearly speaking the truth. people cant handle the truth huh...

Liam : the best part comes directly after this when he reveals himself as Kompe Anansi with the slightest almost unnoticeable African accent.

MrAngryCucaracha : I deeply dislike this scene because it feels terribly anachronistic to me. Ok I get Anansi can see the future apparently, but why does he like to dress in 21 century clothes when at this point he has spent millenia in Africa? And the whole speech is bizarre: First of all you tell a slave that he is gonna be a slave and his kids are gonna be slaves? Didnt he know that already? What is cancer? What is police? Wait you said that a hundred years from now our descendants will be free? Isnt that good? What does it even mean to say my descendants will be "cheated out of a job"?. The speech makes perfect sense to us, but not to an african slave hundreds of years ago. I think it was a greatly missed opportunity to show how Anansi and his culture were before they arrived to America and the huge change they have gone through.

Teufel Wulf : I like that the speech brings up that it was not just americans who engaged in slavery, but the "nice" europeans like the Dutch. Europeans have managed to weasel out of a lot of their role in slavery.

위해 힘들어 : Wtf

gsam84 tmcap : He raises a good point.

BenHopkins1000 : Even tricksters can be serious...

MADDOH : and anger is more useful then despair.

Alucard632 : Anansi powers: time travel, see the future and shapeshifting

Zohra H : Best scene ever so true in fact ! American history is about genocides, slavery, war so on ... American dream really ?! 🤨🤢

kwolf43 : Let The M*therF*cker Burn, Let It All Burn.

TheDeathwalker86 : Tell LeBron James this shit

No Good : Black sucks