Craziest Answer in Game Show History | TRIVIA BIDET (Gus Johnson, Sam Bashor & Noah Grossman)

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It's TRIVIA BIDET. It's like TRIVIA HQ for your booty. On this episode, we test the minds and behinds of Gus Johnson, Sam Bashor and SMOSH's Noah Grossman. Get ready for the most improbable game show moment you'll ever see. to support all this crazy and more! Previous Episode: Gus: Sam: Noah: Our HOODIES ARE BACK IN STOCK and we have NEW POSTERS: Music/SFX: If you like our sounds, sign up for ONE FREE MONTH on us at Epidemic Sound! Over 30,000 songs: Follow The Valleyfolk across the digital globe: Follow the quartet on their personal socials: Joe Bereta: Elliott Morgan: Lee Newton: Steve Zaragoza: Shooter: Kevin Plachy Editor: Daren Girdner (Assist: Kevin Plachy)


OnlyDavidWould : If Gus didn't do a sketch with a million crayons 4 months ago he would not have gotten that last question. SKETCH COMEDY DOES SAVE LIVES.

JakeTakesTheCakes : I like how Lee talks to the guests like she's a doctor giving a really young kid a bunch of shots. "You're doing great buddy, only 3 more left."

Mark Leal : No better host for a butt show than Lee Newton.

TheNogster : Gus is the master of crayons.

Carly Torres : gus johnson???? on the valleyfolk?????? worlds colliding and i love it

thewinterizzy : That Cornflower Blue answer... damn, impressive. xD

Xivadd : This could rival Hot Ones

Audrey Sayer : Sam: Is it bees? 🐝 Should have been the answer.

Darren Durant : i would love the sugar pine 7 boys to do this

DJ Bisogno : by god its Gus Johnson

rob2993 : I never thought a guy could be sexy on a bidet...but then I saw Sam Bashor!

Manoj BS : You've hit solid gold here... I'm already looking forward to the next episode but I reckon you will have a hard time finding willing participants.

Josh Conn : "I don't know if I'll ever come back here again" sounds like something we're going to be hopefully hearing a lot of at the end of games of "Trivia Bidet".

KC Familam : 10:00 Gus Johnson acting surprised he got it right after his "crayons everywhere" video.

Mike DAWK-er-tee : No-one escapes Lee 'Game Master' Newton!

Madison Ballard : It’s simple, I see Sam bashor, I click.

Dannyboi : Best game ever 😂 No serious.😐 Look at me. 😐 Best. Game. (softly) everrrr 😑

Stealthwhiskey : Can’t wait for this to take off like hot ones. OMG if you get Chris Pratt or Kanye on this I’ll die. If we set the bar real real real low I think you can get suptic on this ASAP

William Roberts : Waiting for the Game Show Network to pick this show up.

Kevin Salvador Tamkin : Sam Bashor going full turtle on his first bidet squirt got me.

Jeremy Wong : This is the best mix of potty humor, trivia, and Lee Newton.

Sicanda : 2:33 Oh my god, I'm crying. That's exactly the face my aunt's pug makes when he's uncomfortable!

Blak : Oh Sammie... :( What attacked your upper lip region? T_T

Jeremy Batts : Get Rhett and Link on this.

FreedomHamster : I was actually impressed by some of those correct answers lol.

theotherevilmonkey72 : Lee's face dropping down from the side corner is hilarious 😂

Phaze1 Files : So I guess that is what you do with a Sammy Bashor huh?

Nicole Murillo : the fact that they got OTHER people to do it makes this video worth subscribing to their patron for ;)

Sebastian Greiner : The crayon color guessing thing was a great idea

Sam Bashor : I’ve never giggled like that before in my life

CheekyMonkey : Yes keep bringing this segment back!!!! I love it.

Be Laine Gibs, Son. : Can't believe you guys got Beans from Even Stevens for this video.

killerKo49 : This needs to be a thing a recurring segment cause that was great

Angelo Seneres : Just imagining William Haynes' face when he gets sprayed is HILARIOUS.

Thomas Andersen : I wanted Sam to yell "Is it bees!" for the insect question.

aaa.meliaaa : noah looking at lee while she’s picking the crayon is a look of early-onset failure

David F : 4:03 Elliott is realizing he farts as often as a middle-american man

メリエル : Oh my gosh the quickest I've ever clicked! Great choice of guests all around but there's a special place in my heart for Sam♡♡♡

x Riizo : Oh yes more Trivia Bidet!!!! I wonder how much it would take to get Phil on the *show* ;)

Sara M : The cornflower blue answer snapped my third eye open wow

Jason Poyner : This should be a weekly, maybe every two week, video. It will be a badge of honor to win these tournaments.

Sydney Adamcik : now that’s what i call some shat stats

Luther Moskal : Sam rocking the creepy uncle mustache.

MysterySteve: The Pathetic Gamer : Is this not glorified interrogation? My favourite!

That So Landon : 5:36 wait am I clinically insane or does Sam look a lil bit like Gary Oldman here for some reason

Zakary Herink : I cannot believe how absolutely phenomenal this bit is

opi_is _me : Omg I love trivia bidet so much hahaha.

nparker429 : This one video has made me a subscriber for life now......God Bless you @TheValleyFolk thank you

Jason Zhang : this is the best trivia show on the planet