When Vegeta's Rage Breaks

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Tadicuslegion78 : 0:39 when you accidentally delete the paper you've spent all night on

JonHT96 : If they do a Dragon Ball Super Abridged, this should be what ends up waking up Beerus.

tolchok89 : *On King Kai's planet* King Kai: Huh. Hey, does anyone else hear that? Tien: No. Yamaha: No. Chiaotzu: Nope! King Kai: What about you, Piccolo? Piccolo: OW, MY EARS!!

pinballwiz45b : 0:39 Pretty much everyone reacting to TFS's channel being taken down.

Zach Haake : TFS Battle of Gods opening scene *Beerus sleeping* Vegeta:.....aaaaaaahhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *Beerus wakes up* Beerus: Whis, what the hell is that noise?

Crimson Sunbird : How didn't he turn super saiyan?

SuperSpyMario : A scream that defies the physics of space and time. Now that's good fiction.

DAG Dag : This is the yell that woke up Beerus hahaha

Barry Bend : All it was missing was the Adam West screaming.


TheCursedHikari : I love how you can hear his scream during that same scene with Trunks in History of Trunks Abridged XD

Matthew Ellis : Me when I accidently K.O. a shiny pokemon.

Tarik De Silva 125 : "ESPECIALLY YOU NAPPA!" and nappa says "Ayyyyyyy" lmao


ℓєω∂иєѕѕ : "....Daddy?"

Dragoman666 : 0:42 When you see how Bleach ended in the manga.... Like if you agree.

Android 38 : when I accidentally delete all my xenoverse data

blazingsonic : If this was Inside Out, Anger would have blown the other emotions out of the control room.

Kaka Carrot Cake : 0:39 when u accidentally cancel a download that took 2 hrs and is at 99% complete

Jackie McCann : I hope to god that when TFS does the Buu saga, that the scene where Vegeta finds out that Buu survived and his sacrifice was all for nothing winds up similar to this scene!

perfectedidiot2 : Why do I get the feeling that if TFS ever does a Battle of the Gods special, this scream is going to wake Beerus up?

Jared Stuteville : And they say "In space no one can hear you scream".

Brechum : 2:00 when I watch the new Berserk anime.

blazingsonic : 0:32 Chris Sabat: Which means.........Which Means....... Nappa: Trump is now our President.

AMV NATION : Beerus: FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS I LAY DORMANT... WHO HAS DISTURBED MY- Vegeta:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH Beerus: Whis, do you hear that... that is a cry of a super saiyan god... Whis: Beerus my lord... I'm pretty sure that's Vegeta looking for the dragon balls... Beerus: I see... well time to destroy earth

Aster The Skeleton : What if it was actually vegetas yell that made broly angry instead of gokus crying

Kevin Kibble : When your crush has a boyfriend.

Korounet : If the sound of Vegeta's scream reaches Earth 20 years later, it means that Namek is at more than 216 million kilometers (134 million miles) from Earth. It would mean that Namek is in the Solar System. However, since there is no sound in space, we can assume that the speed of the sound of Vegeta's scream could be greater than normal sound. It has to because Kami's ship got almost instantly to Jupiter and it took them 2 month to go to Namek. Another interpretation is that Vegeta's scream was so strong that it is heard was through every Time and Space. (That's how I first understood it and I think that was the idea of the joke)

travis oliver : Also in the future Bui saga while being stuck in the hyperbolic time chamber. *Hears scream. Super Buu: what the hell is that! *portal opens* Well I'll be leaving, gonna eat your friends now. Buu saga when Goku appears with Ultimate Gohan. *Gohan is about to catch the ring when he hears the scream, making him miss it.*

Patrick Bain : Did anyone else notice that Vegeta started walking, in midair, towards Krillin? He was so damn pissed that he made an intimidating walk towards his inferior.... with nothing to walk on... god damn he's so badass. XD

MattFreeze57 : When the girl you like tells you that she is in love with someone else... 0:39

TheBlues32 : Dragonball! Hand now, please.

MintAndPurple : *sees kingdom hearts 3 trailer* Yes! So when does it come out? *trailer says "now in development"* My reaction: 0:40

Cheese of Mana : Vegeta uses roar of time. It's super effective.

The Hermit : You know I'm surprised that vegeta didn't go SS when he lost the dragon balls.

KasaiWolf07 : So Krillin and Gohan heard it......far from Vegeta. Frieza heard it over the other side of the planet Goku heard it in space? King Yemma in the other world?? Trunks even heard it 20 years in the future??? And people say you want to avoid pissing off the Hulk?

nigg nogg : 0:40 when you realize that you have to be lvl 93 to do elder kai's final training and your a lvl 70

NoNeedToKnowMe : 1:34 Collecting dragon balls in Xenoverse and Xenoverse 2

NeyoKiller : this is what woke beerus up

theBlueBoxMiner : his screams of rage can be heard through all of creation in different dimensions and throughout time

Anonomous518 : I loved that video it was so funny- Vegeta: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! That's weird I didn't hit replay.

AJ Gameguy : 0:39 When someone deletes all your Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 Data. All those hours on Galaxy Mode. GONE!

sonXofXsparda : This is actually better than the original anime version. The rage is displayed better here.

ChronoShenron : 1:52 Ghost Nappa did a Fonzie impression.


Delta Jayhawk : I'm not crazy your crazy especially you nappa ayyyyy 😂

SirMalo : Im surprised he didnt turned into a SSJ after that rage.

Generic Username : 0:40 is when IT'S MONDAY

Drop Dead Debater : Teacher: So Class, Tomorrow's The Beginning Of Summer Break Class: YES Teacher: So I Want You To Write A 1500 Word Essay On How You Spent Your Summer Before You Get Back Me: *Eye Twitches* Teacher: And You Have To Start On It Tomorrow Me: 0:40

khfan4life365 : I wonder if Beerus heard that scream. Vegeta's rage transcends time and space.