Primitive Technology: Wattle and Daub Hut

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MisterTalkingMachine : I watch his videos just in case I need this knowledge in the future.

TheModelFlightChannel : 0:00 a legend was born

Gabriel Barsch : How to get wi-fi on this house?

Hari Ayiravalli : Sir.... you amazing

yung phoenix : You know why his videos are so relaxing, he doesn't run his mouth 80% of the video like most poeple. Or spends 5 minutes explaining what they are gonna do, and then talk more while they are at it. Also the way he records and edits the video. , Its plain and simple yet you can sense how he actually enjoys what he is doing. You pick up on the energy of people in videos too you know. That's why videos of narcissistic teenagers blabbing on about random shit they think is so relevant leaves you feeling agitated and spaced out. Watching him leaves you calm and centered.

Jay Bartgis : I'm thinking this video is triggering some sort of caveman instinct inside me because I'm getting a sooth feeling of dopamine from watching this. I imagine this would be great until I get bit by a tick and get lymes disease or a parasite in the water. lol

4th Reich Rising. Heil, mein Führer. : Can we all just take a minute and respect the fact that this guy, no, this MAN did this all by himself? The amount of work put into this is fricking amazing.

Leopard 2A6 : I don't think people realize subtitles make the video better.

Ignacio Kairuz : The mud was a paid actor

MJMJ IS MATTHEW : 3:48 He actually looks proud of his work.

Paul Elkins : I've always wanted to do just what you've done. Thank you so much for this video. Very inspiring!

mood : Who came here from Grayson?? 😂😂 it’s really cool though

hellu : I am here because Grayson watch survival videos

Briel 000 : he made minecraft into a real thing lmao

Ryan Weber : What a lovely home you've made. Looks peaceful.

cassidy swanigan : does anyone else wanna suddenly go buy clay and make a bowl?

FailzorLP : Why isnt he digging a 2x2 hole for infinite water like in minecraft?

DDAO730 : I think that the people from Youtube Rewind 2018 that are just watching this don’t understand that this Primitive Community works hard on their work and we should appreciate it. I wonder who disliked these videos.

Laboskie1988 : All this guy needs is a field pond forest clay dirt stone and he could make a civilization

Gijs Pijnenborg : *WhO CAmE HeRE FrOm YOuTuBe ReWinD 2018????*

OriginalTharios : I've seen all of his videos anywhere from half a dozen to a dozen times each... I never get tired of them. WTF is wrong with me?

Chinthana Janaka Bandara : home sweet home. when there is smoke coming out of the chiminey, home is alive.

PerezFam : I wonder if Grayson has watched this video 😶

System 32 : when  mom doesn't believe ur moving out

Hemmelka : I am astonish at how, out of nowhere, you build an actual house. That's Simply awesome and I Wonder if any future Survival game candidate would use your video to made hut like these in tv ^^

Ya Boi Mohammed : 3:18 Did anyone else squint there eyes when the bug got close to the camera?

# Classic : I‘m sure that Grayson Dolan watched this at his night routine!😂

Bre F : I’m watching this just in case of a zombie apocalypse... lol jk if that were to happen I’m building a camouflage tree house so I’m not paronoid when I’m sleeping when a zombie or zombies pass by.

BruceWillakers : Such a cool video.

Angie Sutton : It would take me a year to do this

Bethani Goodrich : i wanna to know how long it took to fire the clay pots, it looks like it would be a long process

Thalyta Neves : Nossa que incrivel, apaixonada pela habilidade deste homem.

Louise Hamilton : i like the part where he was piously fervently feistily praying for fire

Justin Betland : Thank you for providing such simple videos. The lack of annoying commentary is great. Nothing but the sounds of hands working, birds chirping, and the wind in the trees.

Abigail's bald : im watching because of grayson😂

Dragon Master : Oh my goodness this is incredible!

Mike Hydroseed : Wow no who’s here from 2018 comments I’m impressed evoryone

Alessandra Zoppi : GRANDE👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Suki ???? : I can just imagine someone walking through here and seeing these huts and say Well would ya look at that

Anthony Barbera : Do you know how smart animals are? Birds use tools and beavers make dams to live in. Not even close. It's pretty amazing humans evolved on the same planet.

thathoeintheleftcorner : anyone come here from the dolan twins survival video ?

pedro teixeira : Alguém. De Portugal

Minedsphinx 972 : This guy should be on naked and afraid

Rondo Monde : 10/10 Still better than my apartment

Alex W. : Und woraus macht er diese Sachen? AUS NICHTS! Peter Smits, 2015

Foxite's World : Dude... All of your videos are so cool.

P Bromley : Maybe I'll try this when my leg is healed

Osbah 25 : Ayı gibi kası var maşallah

Darek Khort : This guy will survive the apocalypse.

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