This Video is Better Than Naruto

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Sam Christy : this is better than tv in general.

technoguyx : Nearly 6 years and it's still better than Naruto

Byaks : everything is better than Naruto

Agu Fungus : Tetris is better than Naruto?

Alessandra Mascalchi : this is better than waxination

Sam Diamond : Still better than Naurto to this day.

moon 1122 : 26699 views

Thomas Engle : Attack on titan!

ZmeyKolbasnik : This is a russian music

headquarter of gamers : Hmmmmmmmm

SupremeKhi : This is a funny video but the truth is that it's not better than Naruto

Aqua the Batter : Better than YouTube post 2011.

mariofan1ish : I don't know if it's even worth asking on this anymore, but... who sings this? I know the song is Korobeniki, but I don't know the singer's name.

Madame CrankyCarrots : Tetris song!

Cavalcade Audio Productions : this IS better then naruto

Manic Maniac : It's russian, Einstein.

hermano de los mounstruos : a kick in the balls is more better than naruto shipuden

Matthew Barger : This isn't working.

Pen4928 : russian

Comando52Colton : It might be better than Naruto but its not better than Bleach.

Игровой Чуланчик : Пасаны, где найти эту версию "коробейников"? Guys, where сan I find this version of "Korabeiniki" song?

Thorgrax : That wasnt too hard.

Sigma HellSigma13 : Yes it is

theant1987 : A plastic jug of Kasser's vodka for all 389 of ya!

Duskus Catball : Yes, Tetris IS much better than Naruto! Oh... This isn't Tetris, is it?

Duskus Catball : @acdcaddict3000 I agree that it is better than Narutard, but I don't drink alcoholic bevarages...

SirHomsar : Indeed it is.

J Boo : naruto rules

Kevin Mateo : A shot of Vodka, for everyone who agrees that this is better than Naruto.

hack hack : @hovsep56 EMI LESSON

thegladosfan : No arguments here.

Dylan Neyaz : @eyeRcoolguy Naruto doing it with a Morshu head?

TinyPeen : man, I've been through a lot of Naruto episodes in my day, mainly to learn the Japanese language, and I gotta say, this video has got more entertainment value in it than any number of Naruto episodes combined. But it's understandable, what could possibly beat Morshu getting his Soviet groove on?

King Harkinian : @a0001521 OF COURSE!

yung lobster : "Believe It!" -Naruto

Iam18seriouslyright : In Soviet Russia, this movie is still fucking better than Naruto

hovsep56 : this vid is truly a masterpiece

Masterpj555 : way better then naruto

Kyogre9600 : 17 narutards watched this vid

Soma : @Worthog117 and the version Iamthegang I think it's the one sang by Dmitri Hvorostovsky.

Soma : @Worthog117 The song name is "Korobeiniki" and not Tetris as everyone says, It's known as the tetris song because it was used for the Tetris game.

T4k (Subscribe to Twisted4kStudios) : what isnt better than naruto?

kirby 64 : Yes.

hovsep56 : mmmmh?

mariossbbone : @Worthog117 This dance is called the "Kasachock" and this is an old Soviet dance,but I don't know the music...

Marcus Awoolius : What is the name of the song and the version?

Lucaine Sharp : 49 seconds well spent.

Count Orlok : @mateusz2737 I just sent the note, so go check your inbox for the list of retards, ok? :P

mateusz2737 : @TeamBelmont91 Yeah i will help you just private message me with name's of this dumb kid's

Count Orlok : @mateusz2737 Hmmmm, think maybe you can help me with a couple other shitheads who need to be hacked too? I mean, note me/private message me if you can so we could discuss a couple people I need you to take care of?