This Video is Better Than Naruto

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Sam Christy : this is better than tv in general.

technoguyx : Nearly 6 years and it's still better than Naruto

Byaks : everything is better than Naruto

mariofan1ish : I don't know if it's even worth asking on this anymore, but... who sings this? I know the song is Korobeniki, but I don't know the singer's name.

Игровой Чуланчик : Пасаны, где найти эту версию "коробейников"? Guys, where сan I find this version of "Korabeiniki" song?

Игровой Чуланчик : Amma russian and amma lol'd

jhonnykiller45 : every thing is better than naruto

King Harkinian : @a0001521 OF COURSE!

niggacommunist II : YAY! It's back! Thanks!

Kingofeurope : CD-I Zelda games > Naruto

Agu Fungus : Tetris is better than Naruto?

puppetmaster983 : In soviet Russia, Morshu break you!

Dylan Neyaz : @eyeRcoolguy Naruto doing it with a Morshu head?

Alessandra Mascalchi : this is better than waxination

Matthew Barger : This isn't working.

T4k (Subscribe to Twisted4kStudios) : what isnt better than naruto?

hack hack : @hovsep56 EMI LESSON

RJ Reynolds : "Believe It!" -Naruto

hermano de los mounstruos : a kick in the balls is more better than naruto shipuden

TenoValdi : Gorbachev approves of this video

Sam Diamond : Still better than Naurto to this day.

biowon : Korobeinka or korboinka or something like that. *Looks up "the Tetris theme on wikipedia* Ok, it´s a Russian folksong called Korobeiniki.

Life is a beach : Because I found it from another user then he took it from me ( he did not have it until I uploaded it)

CHEEZN64X : This Video is Also Better Than Bomberman Jetters :)

Super Earthling Yamcha : Naruto sucks! Twilight ftw! XD

FuZzionQ : ДА!))

FuZzionQ : Sasuke better than Naruto) He have Sharingan!

Echo Looper : nice has king

Takeru_Takaishi : Öhm, well it´s not and I guess you didn´t watch Naruto very often, right

Jordan Bronstein : Russian MMMM.

TinyPeen : man, I've been through a lot of Naruto episodes in my day, mainly to learn the Japanese language, and I gotta say, this video has got more entertainment value in it than any number of Naruto episodes combined. But it's understandable, what could possibly beat Morshu getting his Soviet groove on?

Lucaine Sharp : 49 seconds well spent.

Comando52Colton : @KeybladeHaven exactly lol

Alxmir23 : Korobushka or Korobeiniki ,both titles are correct

MaDCaT : your back! yay!

ChronoEdge : @exrodge AMEN

Arcade Blues : LOL at the narutards comments

MegaGrambo : Hell yes, this is far better than Naruto. That's for damn sure

MegaGrambo : @ Bragglord Whats wrong? Did I hurt the fan-boy's feelings? Go cry to you're Mommy you whinny little bitch. Naruto is mostly watched by wapanese fagots such as yourself anyway.

Cecil Behar : long live to the mmmmmm POLKA !

MegaGrambo : Naruto sucks

Duskus Catball : Yes, Tetris IS much better than Naruto! Oh... This isn't Tetris, is it?

Duskus Catball : @acdcaddict3000 I agree that it is better than Narutard, but I don't drink alcoholic bevarages...

kingarthur0407 : cto ugodno lucse cem naruto!

The Tilted Nut Man : I can do the Russian dance at the beginning of this video because I'm Russian

Boat Ack : I like Naruto, it's just got a lotta fillers right now

niel64 : @Lokisonofthor false, in souviet rusia, sucks naruto

niel64 : @ComradeMorshu /=I

dasdasdus : what is da name of the song

GabeTheBabeVA : tetris music, lol