Worst Dead Scene Ever ! Original video

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Jombo : did he die


CarbineTV : FYI, the screaming noises are fake lol....the waaaaaaaaaaaa is edited lol. Check out original video too

Jayyy : I like the part where he said "AHHHHHHHHHHH"

KINGVIPPER TK : me when i step on legos

xXSilentAgent47Xx : Turkish Mr. Bean.

Trafalgar Law : Chuck norris can't kill this man.

Tommy Harrington : Shot 1: screams in pain Shot 2: screams in pain, turns around to knock a bottle off the table Shot 3: screams in pain, turns over to smear his own blood on the wall Shot 4: screams in pain, faces the woman to try to shoot back at her but ends up shooting at his own feet Shot 5: screams in pain, falls on the bed and gives a hard look at the woman

Maddhater79 : He acted like he was allergic to being shot

sage the saiyan god of destruction : 0:05 when your in the bathroom and hear the knob moving. But you live home alone

Seigin1 : Legend says he is still dying.

Ikuri : *Editor: What screaming effects do you want?* *Director: Yes*

DarkUndeadSpawn : And on his tomb stone it will say: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Boogie Down : He got shot in the back once but has two bullet holes. He's the greatest actor ever.

Quentin Tarantinovich : If I was immortal, I'm that's the way I would mock people.

Da Dragon Durp : Such an epic preformance! This man deserves an Oscar.

Libby : Every time he starts the scream again it kills me

AxillaryFox : He got shot in 1973 but is he still screaming to this day?

Taylor Mobley : *How to become a Super Saiyan, Chapter 1*

Bobby Bangher : Apparently his autopsy concluded he died of a sore throat!

abac yolo : This is why I love turkish films

Junky Love : This never gets old. 😂

Eli Smirnov : nobody noticed the music on background. that slag used for 70's porn makes that scene even more ridiculous.

Jumpy Cat : At this rate, the bullets are going to die before he does.

Mr. Ash : I like how she waits until he stops screaming before she shoots again. I guess even she finds his screaming funny.

Kat says hola : And the Oscar for best acting goes to

Amir hassanyazdi : GIVE THIS MAN A OSCAR NOW!

SunshineR Lollipop : Omg I’m dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭💀💀💀

سيف الاحمدي : Effect of Manga and anime


Melis O. : Such a Turkish scream lol

Anthony Fotia : He looked at the bed before falling onto it. Wanted to make sure he didn't get hurt falling.

Babylon Has Fallen! : This magnificent thespian must be classically trained in the theater arts. He portrays such raw and natural emotion. I could almost feel the bullets piercing my own flesh with each pull of the trigger. His screams became my screams. His pain became my pain and with his dramatic death, I too died a little. Bravo', unknown "Karate Girl" actor, BRAVO! 👏👏👏👏

Eric Fisher : This is truly a gem like if we are taken over by aliens I hope they preserve this clip so that race can enjoy this as much as us

Oscar Blue : Those bullets must really hurt.

Smith Wesson : Ahh he's fine, barely a flesh wound, just walk it off ;)

Rafael Tfggv : 0:05 when you got caught fapping.

Harun : Rezil olduk amk

Siegel By The Bay : ... Aaaand he died of natural causes three days later

ZUZAINFINITY : Legend has it he's still screaming to this day

Hercules Brofister : Put some guitars and drums in and it will sound like your average metal song

The Genie That Doesn't Grant Wishes : Best acting I have seen in my life

SwissCheese 41 : If you look closely he squeezes a tomatoe.

Muhd Irfan : What the hell when the girl shoot the first one no blood then he take something from him hand put fake blood leh haha!

Michael Hayward : Some say, he's still being shot to this day!

TheXplosifBrosif : (Emo me steps in) *my soul has been dying longer than that*

Joseph Park : Every time she shoots, he revives and starts dying again.

ChumpyChicken2 : God he died very very hard!

hissi kablel vuku : Nice greek scene

Diane of the Giant Clan : Every DBZ character would be jealous of this guy's screaming.