Worst Dead Scene Ever ! Original video

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xXSilentAgent47Xx : Turkish Mr. Bean.

Jombo : did he die

Oscar Blue : Those bullets must really hurt.

Cattywampus : You spelt best wrong....

CarbineTV : FYI, the screaming noises are fake lol....the waaaaaaaaaaaa is edited lol. Check out original video too

Mr. Ash : I like how she waits until he stops screaming before she shoots again. I guess even she finds his screaming funny.


DoritoMcDew : new ringtone

Clint Beck : That happened to me once.

Invader'Os : This is pure art.

Doss : That guy is America right now and the girl is the election.

Tern Ternenskiev : this video shall live forever

Tee Rex : Wait, I'm so confused. Why is he dying in slow motion but she's killing him in normal time? XD lolololololol

SombraTheLegend : "i have several questions"

Prashanth VG : Did he dieded? XD

Faunatik : When life keeps shooting at you but you're somehow still alive...

Your Pal Kindred : 0:05 when a kid falls into your enclosure

ZUZAINFINITY : Legend has it he's still screaming to this day

Satellite : Legend says he is still screaming.

Baraseal : wow, this guy is like, invincible

Rob suddens : acting goals! method acting at its finest!

Mosswine : 0:05 that's the kind of face u make when u get caught watching porn.

tiestomen : regular show made an episode with this shit :D

Death_incarnate : legend has it she's still shooting him and he's still screaming all over the room

Ashu Qureshi : He definitely deserves an oscar

dat face soldier : THIS IS THE BEST DEAD SCENE EVER.

Vefa Esk : He's name is Bulent Kayabas. He died today (4/19/2017) R.I.P


Kucing Respect : the acting is perfect.... better than twilight

Boogie Down : He got shot in the back once but has two bullet holes. He's the greatest actor ever.

Ibro school : 9gag brought me here. Lived up to expectations

punani pu ndeh : where are the subtitles

Steve Adersson : worst? you mean best ending ever 😊

C.W. Roederer : Glove and Boots brought me here

Leader of Ducks : Top 10 Brutal Anime deaths

Grim Beorn : Guys, the screaming man(Bulent Kayabas) passed away today.(1945-2017) R.I.P

Rangiku Matsumoto : Every DBZ character would be jealous of this guy's screaming.

Gonrax : 9GAG

joshua altobar : Was convinced that he was legit killed on set.

J. Rises : Raaaaaaaaaaaaaawr! "Who put liquor on my dresser?" *PAP* Raaaaaaaaaaaaaawr! "I must embrace this wall. Hey, this calendar is a month be-" *PAP!* Raaaaaaaaaaaaaawr! "Screw this, I'm going sleep."

abac yolo : This is why I love turkish films

DarkUndeadSpawn : And on his tomb stone it will say: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

hissi kablel vuku : Nice greek scene

roadkillz78 : King Ross on What Culture Wrestling just did a re-enactment of this scene...pretty funny!

Uener Regly : Damn.... seems painful as hell.

AtomicToaster29 : some say he is still dying

Trafalgar Law : Chuck norris can't kill this man.

the enver : BEST deadscene ever!

ICan : Do you know whats worse? The title of the video.

Bella Allison : Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths