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Forged By Hammerhead : "Roman" noodles, 😂😂

JetsBauer : Should finish it off with a chug from the ole pickled pigs foot jar

Daniel Westfall : 2:51 when I try to cold start my 30 year old truck

BiG CoUnTrY : Who else was waitin for noodles to come out his nose😂😂😂

Madeline Simpson : oh hell here we go😂

Christopher Abnett : oh wait, I forget the jalapenos! 🤣😂😂🤣

Frederick Hayman : Just watching this made my butthole hurt. Im sure your toilet looks like a modern art masterpiece. Wold make Jackson Pollock proud....

Compton2952 : Got damn Cooley you gotta stop this mess we need you around. #Savage

Jeremy Davis : That's a good lookin foxbody in the background

PuN : How does this guy not have millions of views on all his shit! The best videos on youtube!!!! I cant stop laughing from the second the video starts

Dredyn Cade : "So good. Probably the best thang I've ever eaten in my whole life!" 😂😂😎

Adam Ligus : 1:33 “yea this is real stupid” hahahah

Preston Pirtle : Hello from Texas "Catfish"!!! You're hilarious Brother, I Love your videos!!! Thanks for the many laughs!!!.....When are you gonna' try those pickled pigs feet again?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Mike Oxlong : "Roman" noodles. 😂

joethepony : If i lived in his town or whotever i no he would be the type of person to be a good friend you can just tell with some people and hes up for a laff. Stay well brother from another mother.

The Squirrel Chronicles aka Rescue's : Gawd Damn.... That's HOT 😡😡😡😡🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

crimeboss 29 : 2:10 when ye looks at the jalapenos 💀

Wes McGee : I just broke out in a sweat and a bad goatee.

Zach Deroo : Hahaha!! I Love You Catfish Cooley. You make my day bro!!

Cody Maupin : Catfish u tha me thru some bad days man I appreciate ya bro thanks for the vids..

Mike Anastacio : got

David Hogue : Hey bro

Robert Williams : When Trump supporters make fun of liberals for being "elitists", I just point them to this video to explain why the world think they're inbreds. 🤣🤣🤣

Ahithana's husband : do a video of you poop next morning 😂

Joseph Giustiniani : A thousand miliion scoveeeaarrsss lmao

dinosaur cocaine : You talking about that's not good🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

xDiego21 ,. : Primero v:

mike stang : Dude, I thought your eyeballs were going to pop out of your head when you're on the throne tomorrow, just say a prayer, burn baby burn. You made throwing-up an art form of comedy....

Martin Pastor : Bro u need a Mexican on u team to do them shows

Flight100 : is that your mustang in the background?

calculonx36 : When you threw up in your bowl i was like damn hes gonna eat it but was disappointed when you didnt!

Metal Head 420 : 🤙😎🤘🤘🤘...Masochist!!!...🤣🤣🤣

buckeyful : Pure Lemon Juice Takes The Burn Away quick.

Albert Bach : Again I am going to watch you barf

Herbert Orendorff : There is no way in hell I would eat stuff that hot anybody who does either has a cast iron stomach a high tolerance for pain or doesn't realize what they've just done

Coolcat AMAPro : He said this is real stupid lol...

Osama Yasin : You are actually looking creepy and discussing 😤😧😨😓😖

John Middleton : Bet you're toilet stool catches fire lol

Casey C. : Long time subscriber brother! Pigs feet for life! How can I get something mailed to you and signed and sent back? Currently overseas working for the U S of A. Thanks brother!

tjnaples : God bless rednecks!

Tayk1987 : I've got these and eat them on a normal basis. Never used the beef sticks tho

Mark Marketing : RIP local septic tank sucker man

Trey Gowdy : For when you are a glutton for punishment. Straight Redneck right there.

dynaboy1964 : You going to get bleeding Olcer

CajunCostal : My boi!!

Daniel Westfall : Got so excited, almost forgot 'bout them hallerpeenyers 1:50

Dale Kelly : He pukes in the dish and then keeps eating!

Welsh skin head : Before I even watch this video.. with the name he got for the video and seeing what he's like with hot stuff on videos... I NO damn well this rednecks gonna make laugh that hard I land up waking up me annoying neighbours. Catfish you my friend are a legand!

Miss Dunk : You barfing is the funniest thing 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 love your videos

Jesse Dungans Pinstriping : Whale howdy fokes I spelled folks and well wrong on purpose