New Video Hurricane Michael Catastrophic Winds of the Eyewall

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hebneh : I'm baffled how that one Walgreen's sign remained intact in all of this mayhem.

PublicCommerce : It's a good thing he got that notification to tell him there were high winds in the area.

Tornado Alley Video : There have been several comments about Jeff saying 185 mph winds. He was precisely correct, in that, he was speaking about the winds at upper-levels. If you watch his other hurricane videos he always mentions the speed of the upper-level winds. Generally, he is LIVE Streaming and explains this to the viewer. In this instance cell service failed and it is just something he said to himself. I (Kat) should have placed a notation about him mentioning the upper-level winds. Those who have followed him for quite some time know that he is speaking of upper-level winds and NOT Surface winds which is pretty obvious.

Kevin's Bible Study and Current Events : Amazing video of Hurricane Michael!

Y T : I love how excited Jeff was when he was in the eye.

Neal Richards : Only Jeff could find the largest naturally occurring wind vane in the continental U.S. by chance.

Reality Programmer : This dude must've been in heaven. As much as they love chasing super cells and tornadoes this must've been the mother of all storms for chasers. 155 mph winds in a storm lasting a couple hours. Dayum.

David & Chloe Anuszewski : It must be special to be in the eye of a near Cat 5 hurricane. You even got footage of the stadium effect. Best video of Michael by far. That's a money maker right there!

JasonConBongos : You’ve just taken World Record and text book setting footage of any storm! Wow did you see any seagulls trapped?

MIke The Wood Worker : A hurricane is just like a tornado but it just keeps on giving that’s just crazy video thank you for the share

Debbie Hund : Jeff it’s almost a miracle you survived that! I know you’ve been doing this for decades, but you really need to scope out better places to hole up during the height of these hurricanes in advance and get to your hole before the worst hits. You can’t document storms if one of them has taken you to the far side of Oz permanently.

Heather Forrester : Incredible footage as always, Jeff. That holy grail shot of the eye opening was literally amazing and beautiful, although contained within a massive path of destruction. Would you say that Michael tops Harvey as a wind destruction event, while Harvey tops Michael as a flooding destruction event?

Colt 45 : Amazing footage of the eye in that monster storm. Great job but dangerous I heard him praying, glad you made it safe.

Jai Pratt : Your windshield! 😱 This footage though is amazing, to see the eye like this in real life would probably almost spiritual, in so many ways.

Chris Meyer : Cannot overstate the surreal ness and the feeling with the pressure change inside the eye. I’ve only once experienced being in eye of the storm and it’s just so incredible and awesome to experience!

Debbie Hund : There was an article I read somewhere that there is a good possibility, due to how low the barometric pressure got with this beast, that the NWS/NOAA could reclassify this as a Cat 5 once all the data has been analyzed.

Brooks Garner, Meteorologist : The eye at 6:01! Sorry about your back windshield… Hopefully was a rental with full coverage. Glad you were safe. Crazy chase season for tropical systems.

VeeDubTDI : Absolutely incredible video, Jeff! The shots from inside the eye wall were simply awesome.

Guttablk hoodstarr : Jeff you are the super human of the world I thank you for your braveness been following you a long time on periscope I only report to you get the real weather news you don't sugar code ish lol (blue shed)

Tony Mac : might be the best footage i've ever seen

RitaMae W : Not for rebroadcast. Hopefully it won't get stolen without giving you credit like the BP sign.

Rey Alonsagay : This footage really reminded me of Super Typhoon Haiyan roaring through the Philippines. It will be a long rehabilitation for the people affected by the storm.

Rod Silver : You are my hero!!! You may never see one like that again.

Bradley The Storm Chaser : florida got it worst than the other hurricane wow

Corey Bodzioch : I knew as soon as you're Periscope stream cut off you were going to the eye. Balls Deep!!!

Chima The fox : Jeff you are brave strong man to go through all this.i seriously don't want you to get hurt and please be safe.

Lisa McCrary : I left Panama City Beach Fl. with my boyfriend and went and stayed IN Callaway Fl. for the Hurricane. I was born and raise in Bay county, Fl. I have stayed for every TS and Hurricane that has every Hit Panama City and the surrendering areas for 50 years of my 53 years staying and no more. When the eye passed over the house it was calm and blue skies like nothing had happen until you went out side and saw all the damage. About 20 minutes lates it all started again but it seem like it was worst then before. There is 13 houses on the street damage range from almost no damage to almost destruction. I will tell you God had his hand on my family and anyone else that stay to ride out the Micheal. I have never been afraid of a Hurricane I am all ways out on the porch watching the weather untill its not safe to stay. But next year I will not stay for a Hurricane every again.

Jerry Galvan : You Fearless motherf#$%r. Anyways have anyone seen the eye or record the eye of a hurricane before. How big was it

Will Blevins : Omg that hurricane was insane

Alex Lacayo : Jeff what happened to the trailer park that was right next to the parking garage that you were live steaming off of? Was a block from the ocean.

Jeremy Ellis : lol I love how passionate he is when the eyewall comes over and he enters the eye. What a beauty!

SteelerfanMatt T : Jeff you are a TRUE SAVAGE !! Take a bow ...

Dan Gilman : Damn the eye wall, that is intense!

Gunner gaming : Dude u got a huge set of b÷=/% awesome video.

Mark Horner : Great job, Jeff! Happy for you, and so glad you survived.

mojobag01 : Jeff. We need to send you on a holiday somewhere really dull. Best of luck.

Goddess Hylia : 5:45 the eye of God! Btw Jeff you kinda sounded like Doc Brown there when you said holy mackerel!!!!!!!! Back to the Future reference!

Mike Goomba : Great job Jeff

Panfish : Wow! Just... wow!!!!

Helen Underwood : Your the man Jeff😘

southernbelle84 : Amazing footage! I am so glad you and Jeff were safe. I have to admit, I was concerned. Thank you

Mags A : Our rain/storm groups from South Africa were praying for you all to be safe. You had so many heart stopping experiences, WOW! Amazing thrill of seeing the Eye! Thank you you crazy man!

Kevin Manthei : That was amazing!! Worth the wait.

Andrea Rojas : I missed that live and was concerned as the stream collapsed on periscope. Glad you made it through safely and still could film some of it.

Wolfie 27 : I happened to be in this... We lost so much... All of our neighborhood gone. My house somehow stood. We had no power for a week.. We couldn't go to school for 3 weeks, we had no signal so we couldn't get ahold of our loved ones... Everyone was so scared... I still can't believe I'm alive after all of this... All of the old building I went to when I was little...Gone... All of the memories flashed before my eyes... No body new it was going to be this bad... It was just supposed to be a category 2....The next day it was a 3....The next morning a 4... God I still remember the wind.. The sound will never leave my head... Hurricane Michael may have taken our homes...Our towns or city's, but it will never take the memories we had...

JustA MediumDeal : Amazing, & thanks for sharing such memorable moments. You are the most incredible storm chaser. I am glad you are ok.

Ali Ash : Jeff can you compare this to the Joplin Missouri tornado

TurtleSZN : My favorite storm chaser ever 😊

Charles Boyte : have nerves of steel.... Keep up the chase and be careful! 😎

Sinclair : I see you have survived this round. Well done!