Kidnapped by Serial Killer: The Heather Tiffany Robinson Story (feat. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)
Kidnapped by Serial Killer The Heather Tiffany Robinson Story feat an exclusive interview 1611

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When she was an infant, Tiffany Stasi and her mother Lisa Stasi was abducted by serial killer John Edward Robinson. Since many of his murders post-1993 were facilitated using online BDSM chat rooms, he is sometimes referred to as "The Internet's First Serial Killer". Heather Tiffany Robinson gives me an exclusive interview in this documentary video essay about her story and the story of her mother Lisa Stasi. Special thanks to Nancy Rangel of "A Thing: The Podcast" for narrating the written interview responses from Heather Robinson! Here’s a link to her podcast check it out! - #SerialKillers #JohnRobinson #LisaStasi #HeatherTiffanyRobinson #TrueCrime ---------------------------------------------------------------- NightDocs is a YouTube channel dedicated to the weird, unsettling, and dangerous corners of the internet and society. Topics covered include reddit mysteries, internet mysteries and conspiracies, true crime, horror, creepypasta, and other topics that pique the imagination for the dark and macabre. If you enjoyed this video or any of the content described above, I hope I can earn a subscription from you. Be sure to hit the bell for notifications when new videos are posted. Be sure to follow @DocsNight on Twitter!