Ted Bloopers & Gag Reel (2012)

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LeafVillage UchihaClan : Mila was so beautiful in the bloopers 😍

I_ REUBEN : Tedy beaw

ionceateapinecone : this must have been *so* bizarre to act in, like "okay now pause for 45 seconds and look like your listening to this tennis ball on a stick, about halfway through make a face like that tennis ball made an uncomfortable joke, don't worry, we'll fill it in in post"

Janette Chayna : Ted sounds like Peter Griffin lol

Ally Power : Thanks to Mila I will never be able to hear Mark say "teddy bear" properly ever again

Karilė Mickevičiūtė : I love Mila Kunis so much she is just so talented <3

Mark : Issa bear.

Nico Kl : You clicked the video just for the thumbnail? 13:53 There you go!

Kyle Campbell : Who else came here to see Mila Kunis on the towel?

Co Cricklewood : Mila is gorgeous!

DeMark'Reacts Prime'Time : Mila is sooooooo 🔥🔥

vivek bannu : basically they wrote 5 drafts for ever scene

Scotty Z : Mila Kunis is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Tiriaq : 7:02 cool improvisation

Sundaydish1 : Damn I was hoping there was a blooper where the towel fell off.

LeKa Danielle : Was curious what these bloopers wud look like with a bear that wasn't technically real ☺️

ranjot1 : Teddy beaw 😂😂😂

Mr.Mister : If I was told that I could marry Mila Kunis but if I did I could never look, think about or have sex with another woman ever again... I would be totally fine with that.

Thunder Kat : Well in the year we live, there is no more problems with running out of film tape.

Onn Sight : Mila is so hot

commander JS : The bear is Seth McFarlane right?

oVezi : If i was ted... i would be looking at her funny business

vince guzman : Jackie laughing makes me laugh just as hard. Digglers Boston accent as well.

Casey Vee : I would say "shut up Meg", but I like Mila's voice too much.

Change your Password : Anyone else waiting to see Ted only to remember he aint real😦

David Ly : It’s a beaw 😂😂

Hector Sutil : "I look like boo boo in Yogis funeral", that one killed me!

marco74 austin : Ohhh mila mila!!!

Shai Golan : 5:14 Stewie Griffin everybody

bryan wong : its just peter in a teddy beaw suit

Shock Dances : Now that i think about she kinda looks like a brunette version of margot robbie if you look very closely.I could be sounding like an idiot right now because maybe you guys don't see it.

Spanelli Splashin : “Rotten meat &Cocaine” 😅😅😅

Godspeed : Can someone tell me why the hell Mila wasn't in the second one??

XYZAudiio : 2:27 Even goofing around Mila is sexy.

Jimothy Snooker : "is that good?" "yeah if you want a scowling blowjob. if you're pissed about it, don't go down there."

Andrei Ferenţi : She Mila Kunis is pretty girl actress

needs more TRAINS : Roses are red Mila is bae Mark can't say "teddy beaw" any other way

rexpwnzer : "I look like the seal of quality on a crib." XD I cant! It's too accurate

Slanki LoL : He actually pronounces "Bear" like the german "Bär" :D

Wild : What I would give for a girl like Mila Kunis!

lythsian : Hitlerian ...

André Mariano : just noticed how much peter griffin is in ted. xD

AB : Mila kunis 😍

ShootingStarAJM : "If you can do it this time, I will never make you sing on Family Guy again."

shawn alexander : I had a depressing day. Had is the key word. Thanks for the 180

TheTrollBoner 32 : Mila Kunis is so cute

Jose baldon : Any jk fans think of Bart and Geo when he says beaw

SpookeyClown : Some of these jokes are genius.

purry : that stewie voice :D

Art Houston : What if Barak Obama had said "I can't," huh? He wouldn'ta got elected, and we wouldn't have found out that a black guy could be a terrible President just like anyone else! John, this is your terrible black President moment!