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Jason Boyd : Don't queef in my cheeks and tell me it's rainin'

Jeremy Jordan : Lol these girls look like they think he's going to kill them

Antônio Luís Zettermann : that guy in the crowd: YEEAS love him

Basato Angelo : Eric gave up the chance to bang these women just to entertain us.

CodyTheKingOfYoutube : These women are perverted talentless nobodies. This is one of the reasons I'm a MGTOW sologamist. ---CodyTheKingOfYoutube

NightWing99 : Who's that? The director. Ok

Michelle Leeper : technically, the asshole is the pussy of the mans butt.

Beatriz Espinosa : This is like watching one of those weird art performances that make no sense, serve no purpose, and is no where near funny....

Bo Warner : I don't know HOW the fuck Eric keeps a straight face. That's as professional as it GETS in comedy.

Hadley bray : this is the funniest shit every time she gets interrupted by this retarded shit I swear its the funniest shit, if I ever get to meet Eric imma give him 20 dollar's for making me laugh so much

James Watson : These chicks are fucking ugly man. The last one looked cute but has a fake ass like Nicki Minaj

Petey McSea : Unfortunately they don't react in a very funny way, way too composed

James Phucwit : So this horrendous comedy has laugh tracks to indicate to the Americunts when to laugh?

I'm not creative with names : He is blind. "I have brown hair... BITCH If he is blind he doesn't know what brown is

Nick K : I laughed 0 times

beamoflaser : man these girls are dumb as fuck and you left out the one interview with the black chick that actually had a personality unlike these other blow up dolls

Marilyn Hamadock : LOW BATT

the motor city cobra : Eric obviously did this show to meet women. Eric obviously has a thing for coke whores.

Brian Turner : The last chick has no clue what's going on because these girls didn't even look up the show

Alien Intruder : This is lowkey the thirstiest comedian I've ever seen. Everything I've seen him do revolves around tinder, Instagram etc. He's funny, but thirsty af

Gary Oak : Instagram Celebrities? I don't know any of these whores

julesyyz : Do you crush up pills and stuff? Ahahahaha

Pimpa Licious : Crazy how these girls are so full of themselves that even when they're clearly uncomfortable as fuck they're still using flirty body language.

Synochra : Eric Andre's a fucking G. Instagram celebs are fucking cancer and sometimes you need stuff like this to be reminded of that What's that got to be like...when your only job is to look pretty every second you're in front of a camera no matter what you're feeling that moment

CodyTheKingOfYoutube : They used a picture of Sam Hyde on that last woman's Instagram to represent something offensive. Eric Andre just has to keep rubbing it in that he helped get Sam's show taken off. Despicable. ---CodyTheKingOfYoutube

Louie Watson : if you think this trash is comedy, you are the cancer of the world...

TheSpanishzombie : Why the middel of her face another color ?

nor cal mex : skipped the asian chick

EVA Pathfinder : I love Lindsey because she said Denzel was the coolest black guy out there :)

Young negro : What in the fuck is good with that nigga back?

Jake : this guy is a less funny Kassem G

YouAre ReadingThis : Arab sex ring

TallFeet : wats w/ the race hate ads at the end there? oh its those pale white producers in the background controlling Andre with a string. RACE RELATIONS!! YEA!! GO GET EM!! because we all know that beauty at the end was the baddest girl on the set by far.. and woman of her tone usually are. another FAIL white producer kid backstage. D:

Jacob Pesquera : This guy is one weird son of a gun, how do people find this guy funny? He's dumb as hell

Zach Obad-Mathis : If I was a comedian and I had this chance... I would do whatever it takes to put them on the spot making fun of how they are over themselves gold digging whores.

meowmeow : Yo Jennifer lee is fucking busted. There's like 2 billion asian people and that's what we get?

jack nick : eric andre is for the most annoying species of dudes

NumberBC : 5:37

Arlandah Goinkhoser : I have more respect for porn stars

Kevin Pickford : If you want to fuck that girl just hold her at gun point and fuck her, it's easy and you don't need to take her to dinner first.

SsssfGify : First chick? looks like 40 yrs old addict trying to look like 20 yrs old by shitty plastic surgery. How the fuck anyone thinks shes? hot?

Aaron Jordan : Yall calling these females bitches and hoes knowin damn well yall be in they dms askin to smash 😂😂😂😂😂

Discerning Daniel : First girl had no sense of humor.

driftster99 : sharpass nose lol

2010euro : I said something mean, thought about it, then it erased it. Sorry I couldn't grace the world with my humor

Daniel Christy : omg how are these woman famous again? i mean the last one was cute but they all seem stupud as fuck

Son Of aBeach : This is stupid all the way!

Aku TheAntagonist : I love the second girl. Id marry her tbh

Squirtle Squad : This is what's wrong with the world when useless people like this become famous for absolutely nothing. I bet under that makeup she isn't that attractive.

Baby Penguin : Whats this world coming to?