5-Sided Square - Numberphile
Explaining how to create a 5 sided square He gets so excited around the 2 minutes mark

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Mutantcy1992 : Find someone who loves you the way Cliff loves math.

Dr John Zoidberg : This is what happens when you have Charisma 10 *and* Intelligence 10

Lulu49_ : Math teacher : A square has always 4 sides Numberphile : I’m about to end this man’s whole carrier

Sinan Arif Pertev : this is literaly what i imagine of when i think of mad scientists.

Waris Rahimi : Depression: Numberphile: *im about to end this mans whole career*

Scooby MiKE : So... the Bermuda triangle is really a square?

SKYL1N3 : 2018: 1=2 2019: a square with 5 sides 2020: *EARTH IS A CUBE*

Elon Musk : *Makes a 5 sided square* Wait, that's an illegal move

Idiot Plays : His enthusiasm makes my heart smile. He's just so happy about squares. ITS SO HEART WARMING

no no : Teacher: How many sides does a square have? Me: Eh, 3 to 5.

Uriah Siner : I hope I can find something in life that makes me as happy as math makes this man.

Sketch Master Canada _ : When you’re on your computer doing nothing and you mom calls you down for pizza 3:14

Richard Santalone : "90 degrees, 90 degrees, 90 degrees, 90 degrees," people in the sahara counting their temperature

collegebandi : if this guy was my high school or college math teacher i would probably be a mathematician lol

Game Knight : Little did I know the shape of squidwards clarinet was the most mind blowing thing I’d hear today

Daniel : I really love how he loves what hes talking about

Thicc Albert : I tried watching this without smiling along with Chris I failed

Kapin #1801 : This dude's voice makes me so inexplicably happy

dm7749 : Mathematicians: You can't physically map a sphere onto a 2 dimensional surface Engineers: Just put it in a hydrolic press

chasebh89 : "5 sided square made of 90* angles" *Middle School geometry teachers* "STOP, YOU'VE VIOLATED THE LAW"

Caleb Carr : This man looks like doc brown. Acts like doc brown. I'm pretty sure he is doc brown.

SilenceAssassin : Random Dude: A square has fo—*gets smacked* Numberphile: Has what? Random Dude: Five sides bro chill.

Sunny shah : Never seen a person so happy about squares. But, i'm glad people like him exist, who love what they do, and aren't afraid to show it.

Ellis Johnson : I love this video for these moments 2:26 3:14 5:41 And you know , all of it

Inan Jarif : Therapist: It's okay,five-sided square can't hurt you,he isn't real. Five-sided square:

bulba : This man's excitement for this topic makes me happy.

Jochen : This guy is having so much fun with squares and angles... It fits his look perfectly

Spice Master II : Great video. Love your enthusiasm and passion sir. I have only come across ONE other person with similar passion and enthusiasm. But for some reason he was always going "1.21 gigawatts" and "88 miles per hour"

Karl-Markkus Hiiemäe : Make a 6-sisded square, just so I can see you smile more :)

Raynman Gaming : But what about a 7-sided cube, AKA a stube? The 7th side is the INside.

Wyatt A : I love how excited he gets all throughout the video. I could only dream of being that excited about something

Adept Mage : This man is so wonderfully passionate about this subject.

EnerJetix : No offense but I swear this guy's voice came from some kind of cartoon

Magnets & magic : This dude is the happiest person i ever saw

Razorgames : Did you notice? If you flatten out the 3 sided square, you get a shape with a constant diameter!

William Ryan : 3:05 has everywhere constant negative curvature JZxgnber2ohnqlm

Max : This man must be protected at all costs

Kalle K : Some similarities with Doc Brown from ’Back to the future”.

Olger : This gentleman looks like he's probably making a flux capacitor in his garage. Can't wait doc! :)

Saayan Biswas : But squares are 2d planar figures Not curved

Arìdan Aragami : He looks so happy! I wish this was my teacher. Then maybe I'd learn something and be interested.

Connor Evans : Nobody: Numberphile: 5 sided square!

Chloe Schmidt : 2nd dimensional beings discovering the 3rd dimention:

Jahs Jk : Me: a square has 4 sides Numberphile: hold my beer Edit: Wow, I have NEVER reached 1000 likes for a comment. Thanks everyone I really appreciate it. Honestly, most my comments get one like, from me.😢

The Qwertian Cheese : Square: A *quadrilateral* with *4* equal sides and *4* right angles.

Cheesy Racer 543 : You know this guy is pleasing to listen to when he makes math enjoyable. Well done bro

Kiptops : this dude's enthusiasm for squares makes me enthusiastic for squares how the frick.

Anjishnu : Youtube should've introduced a ❤ button by now

John Doe : Thank you for your over the top excitement over this stuff. It honestly is refreshing.