5-Sided Square - Numberphile

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Numberphile : Check our sponsor The Great Courses Plus (free trial): http://ow.ly/j5cB30hIvm2 More Cliff Stoll videos: http://bit.ly/Cliff_Videos

EmperorTigerstar : Enthusiasm. Lots of enthusiasm.

Mutantcy1992 : Find someone who loves you the way Cliff loves math.

Scooby MiKE : So... the Bermuda triangle is really a square?

Olger : This gentleman looks like he's probably making a flux capacitor in his garage. Can't wait doc! :)

Magnets & magic : This dude is the happiest person i ever saw

Uriah Siner : I hope I can find something in life that makes me as happy as math makes this man.

Xan the Dragon : I love math, don't get me wrong, I love my numbers. But DAMN. Cliff really loves math, and he's beyond anything I've seen. I'd be surprised to see someone who likes it more than him.

Jack Dog : “You know as well as I do” *explains something I’d never thought about before* Me: uh... yeah... I sure did know that...

Magnets & magic : When you love being alive 3:14

Official B17 R473 : I WISH I had this guy as a calculus professor.

Andriy Vasylenko : 2:16 for a moment I seriously thought it'd be the Klein's bottle again

ZacabebOTG : Cliff Stoll is so awesome. He's excited like a little kid, and that has me excited like a little kid. If I'd had maths and physics teachers like this, I'd have remembered so much more. 🙂

DEVANG LIYA : 7:37 "It's trying to pop out of the bottom of the table" Cliff is amazing!

Kernels : Protecc his smile squad reporting

AmateurSuperFan : WOAH WOAH WOAH Wait just one minute... he just said that our universe has a NEGATIVE curvature. My assumption is that he got this information with proof from somewhere and I would like to know why. This is a big deal to me

Fingernail Clipper : I guess Numberphile once again got this explained fair and “square”, eh?

Juan-Carlos Franco : Grandpa vsause with enthusiam

PIZZAER : Imagine a pseudo-sphere planet...

Kadin Hart : Purest soul alive

A Vsaucy Boi : I wish I had this much in excitement for geometry, I do better in Algebra and everything that isn’t geometry

CosmicCitiZen : playing at x2 this professor looks a mad METH-matician :D ;)

Michael Martindale : His admiration and enthuse for this subject is infectious.

Tripple AAA battery : I've never seen someone so excited about math

aaron : The definition of a square is; a plane figure with four equal straight sides and four right angles. How do any of these shapes fit that definition? 3 sides? 5 sides? Sides that are curved and not linear?

Blue eyed Eurasian : I wish I was taught math very interestingly just like this in high school. What I learned was just random calculation of numbers. I hated it because it ache my head. But now I realised that math is just fun as you get to know it esp with engineering.

A Hamzah : His enthusiasm heals the whole world's depression

Insidious Gear : 3:13 when Mom finally agrees to go to McDonald's I'm like

Soham Mirikar : Square has 2 dimensions sphere is 3d... Then how do you compair them?😢🤔🤔

Magnets & magic : 1:58 okay *NEAT*

Sudoscoobs : 478 flat earthers disliked this video

Vertigo : 3:10 He’s so excited and it made me smile. I love this guy.

Lastik : Omg, Russian translate of this video have more views than this video...

LEELADHAR : He drank a red bull just before this video

Joel Grayson : 3:12. I love Cliff Stoll's energy.

Mini Joe : 2:13, i thought he was going to explode or sth

Clem Gibbs : It's because the lines aren't straight lines they are curved

Shane Kräuchi : I LOVE how excited this man gets!

Flying Potatoe : I love his passion 💕

Quinton Craig : This only works with 3d objects. Or data based on 3d space.

Daniel : I really love how he loves what hes talking about

Rusem Paul : Now that’s a rectangle

Unclear Sector : this guy is literally Vsauce in like 45 years. also i would spend all of the money i have right now for this guy to teach *one* of my math classes

Jazzy Berry : He makes me smile when he looks straight at the camera.

Paco Piedad : This man is a mad genius. And I absolutely love it.

Sobsz : So, a Parker square?

Manuel Jesús El Cristalero : Exquisite job manic old man. I quite enjoyed the eccentric enthusiasm. Refreshingly different. Gives me hope to See a more Stable minded future, Since the higher ratio populous is practically braindead. Keep intelligence alive old man! Viva Creativity! 👍👍

ΚΔΠΛΥΛ : Geez Doc, were ya smoking out of that pseudosphere?

Tom Lawson : This guy reminds me of the Chemistry teacher I had a few years ago. Really enthusiastic about what he does, which in turn makes you want to keep learning from him.

Your jokes fly over my head : Now imagine the posibilities of a 4 spatial dimention reality