Catch and Cook Coral Trout while Camping and Fishing on a Remote Island!

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ThresherFishing : Can I join the crew?

Owen Gray- Kayak Fishing : Holy fucking shitballs that was a masterpiece. Attention to detail is absolutely insane with the music and narration perfectly expressing everything. Such good flow throughout the whole thing. the filming/fishing is first class too- that maori wrasse is something special. Title of catch and cook doesn't even come close to doing it justice- I reckon this is the best thing that I've seen on youtube ever. Deserves millions of views. Respect.

Vladof : I never switched from pornhub to youtube that quickly

Basic_Fishing : awesome footage as usual lol haha those were giant as fish XD

Lured Fishing : Hard work behind this video! We love it legends!!! Cheers!

Murphy : I love Jon b and all them, but no channel keeps it as REAL as this one. This is real fishing, a connection with nature as every wave crashes, not some fake shit with a click bate title. Thanks for giving me the chance to watch this and I hope you all get infinitely more subs. Please keep up the amazing work, and I hope that you can have more opportunities to make these videos! P.s. I am so jealous.

emmanuel bazile : Googan squad vs morning tide

Daniel Armstrong : Such a fucking killer video. Even here at 1AM in the states, I just have the sudden urge to go out there and fish. Your videos are epitomized reminders of sensations that are truly important in life. Beautiful filmwork and music Aaron! Jon B? You guys should take him out and accidentally feed him to the sharks.

aLLsTaRo617o : You guys ROCK!!! Sick edits and the 2, that thumbs down this masterpiece SUCK IT!!! Cheers Mate 🎣🎣 from the πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ TIGHT LINES

TWISTED NRG : So true bud! Its just one of those passions that drives you, keeps you alive. Great work guys, love the videos and some truly epic fish...Til next time πŸ‘

theslumpgod : Best one yet. By far

Sebastian Ljungkvist : You know it's a brilliant video when 33 minutes feel like nothing <3

PH Films : I love how stoked these guys are

booooooo : fuck them 2 dislikes

BADBOYBENNY : That was hectic

Tim Schneider : I was pissing my self at the stingeroo part holy shit you guys are hilarious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Reef Habitat : That was epic! I live vicariously through your videos and always look forward to the next adventure. Best youtube fishing channel ever and I don't know if John B can survive one of your trips! Hahaha

Toni Toni : Best videos on YouTube imo not joking u mamage to get the experience across soooo welll with the filming editing and especially the narratives rlly makes me think of why i fish too

Antonio Acquarola : can't find the words to describe this video, as always great quality shooting, lots of fun and wonderful catches, you guys and your strong connection and respect for the nature inspire me every day from the first video i saw, keep it up!!!

Frothin : The quality of these vids are amazing! Must have easily been 100 hours plus of editing!

JOSEPH JBAC : Living the dream

Gamingoodz : Such awesome shots and editing man. I just woke up this morning after food poisoning all night puking my guts out and this video brought be back into a better mood. Awesome work capturing the pricelessness of going out and enjoying the outdoors. And the voice over about sustainability and enjoying outdoors superb. I go down to our local ponds and lakes and its just disgusting with trash everywhere, too many people are trashing the shit that matters most. Was so awesome and clean looking out there, reminded me what its all about. We need guys on youtube changing the way these young people treat our waterways and literally even just the fricking planet we live on in general. I'm no tree hugger but I am not naive enough to not realize that we are destroying the place we live. This video really made me want to go out there and enjoy that beautiful scenery and time.

Ashraf Hoglin : Jits n fishing!! Haha. Perfect combo

Owen Gray- Kayak Fishing : Yewwwww!!!!

Teman Mancing BATAM : You guys set the bar so high for a fishing channel!.. speechless πŸ™πŸŸ

Jake Matsumoto : That is what life should be..good showing u guys

SYLVA.BRAND.808 : Hands down, BEST land based fishing channel on the tube. Mad RESPECT boys!!

scooter soccer : I love his YouTube channel all the time he puts in the videos for a second I thought I was watching TV πŸ“Ί

Adam Hampshire : Holy fuck. I stumbled across these vids the other day and I'm hooked on em. The film quality, narative and editing is awsome. You guys are doing a fantastic job and setting an awsome example for everyone to follow with your catch and release philosophy. Absolutely loveit. By far the best fishing vids ever.

Xay Xiong : BEST CATCH AND COOK VIDEO EVER. sub for life!

Nik K. : sooooooooooo gooooooood man i would honestly prefer this to most modern hollywood films ! you guys are keeping it so authentic and do an amazing job at portraying how much fishing means to all of us!

Yale Furse : Best fishing video I've ever seen.

cuzimabag man : Man, what I would do to fish with you guys. I gotta say I am a huge fan of your videos. You guys make big game fishing look like a whole new kind of sport. I wish I could do some of this stuff here in the U.S.

Ryan M : You guys must've pissed off YouTube somehow because for this to only get 100k views in over a week doesn't make sense.

Moto-B : Awesome video !! Your crew deserves many more subs ! P.S farts πŸ’¨ priceless πŸ‘πŸΌ

Casey Read : Aaron you put the breakdown from Domination in the video! You legend. #pantera

Mackenzie Morgan : This is awesome!!!

Ado 2k : Now this is fishing, you guys deserve so much more subs

Skylin VN : Sooooo good I love the vids bro, keep it up

Skylin VN : Honestly this channel keeps things so real, no click bait and non of that bullshit. KEEP IT UP!!!

Tony Pollard : Guys I have watched everyone of your videos this one is by far the most excellent beautiful amazing fantastic stunning story you have shared yet. Briggsy your narration was absolutely frothing goodness i had goosebumps the hole time. You guys have captured what all us serious fishos feel when we are on the water or belting a lure from the shore. Just a totally pshyco vid filled with frothing goodness and soul searching yum yums. Words cannot describe my true feelings. Amazing work can't wait for the next one cheers Tony

Julian Uloi : Stingeroooooo!

Aeonz : Insane vid

Locos por la pesca Ixtapa Zihuatanejo : Your videos are great!! Greetings from zihuatanejo Mexico

Jordan Collins : Fucken legends

Jordan Cochrane : I hate to have a dig at your catch and release techniques but is buying a tonne of food from a supermarket really more sustainable than eating a few fish caught of the rocks?

Chrome NuKes : I realised watching the crews videos that my and my friend are Just like you guys but younger.

Luca and Orlando fishing : Imagine if you walked in a cave and saw four men wearing syco tops cooking fish making noises like NEM NEM NEM NEM NEM NEM hahahahahahaha πŸ˜‚

Abdullah Al-Azmi : No exaggeration. Not one fishing show I've seen, YouTube or on demand, has ever been as good as morningtide. Ever. Nothing can compare. Also what'd be a good mackerel rod that I can also use for monster gt and 80 kilo yellowfin. If I'm going to take anyone's advice without questioning, it'd be YALL. Also, cheers Briggsy for all the editing and music! Music is so good I addictively listen to it on SoundCloud!

Clark Vue : Love the vids guys! This is so fcking awesome and inspiring!