The New Firefox is Here: Firefox Quantum (US)

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Alberto Díaz López : Finally the stable release, using Quantum since 1 month and a half. Great work Mozilla, keep working for make it even better. Receive a huge hug ^^.

HDSQ.mid : Goodbye chrome

EpiKerCovers : Watching this video with Firefox Quantom :D

Crazy World : I don't like it. It takes 3 clicks now to access my old bookmarks instead of 1 on the old firefox. The new home page only has 12 "top sites" max now, and I would love to have WAY more than this (even the old one didn't have enough). I'm sad, I used to like Firefox. :-(

Shajirr : So no one is concerned that this update axed like almost all extensions, many of which will not be updated to a new version? Like TabGroups Manager for example. I can't upgrade now because it disables many essential extensions, which Firefox devs graciously provide no replacements for. Tree Style Tab is also fucked, at least the author will continue to support it.

Arcterion : Will it fuck with my Classic Theme Restorer settings? 'Cause I'll be honest, I'm really not a fan of the newer layouts...

ADNAN AYUB : For android?

Fuse : How do I go back ? please

pschroeter1 : Kill all my extensions and of course web pages load faster.

Leonardo : The best browser it is.

ShinGallon : Quantum is abominably bad, surpassing Chrome and Australis as two of the worst browser UIs I've ever seen. It's up there with Microsoft Edge in it's clunky "hide functions from the user" levels of awful. I have TONS of screen space, stop hiding my buttons and functions behind dropdown menus and turning single-click functions into 2-4 clicks. I'm a big boy, I can manage using toolbar buttons on my own. Quit taking them away or putting them in the address bar for some fucking reason. Stop breaking must-have add-ons, stop ruining the search bar (and do NOT get rid of the search bar completely. That's a different function from the address bar and should be kept separate). This time you broke Classic Theme Restorer, which I'd no sooner use Firefox without than I would use Chrome. So the question is, when will Mozilla stop breaking the UI, and stop systematically removing options from the user to tweak their browser to their liking? Not everyone wants a UI that looks like a pretentious first-year design student with a hard-on for Flat Design made it. Stop. Fucking stop.

Abdallah Abdelazim : Really Firefox is becoming way better than Chrome

perkoff : So it's like chrome? So why would I want firefox when it's just a chrome clone? Might as go with the people you're copying from. I like firefox because it's different from chrome. Way to fuck everything up firefox. This is the end of you as a browser, I guarantee it. Way to fuck up a good thing!

MAE2017 : I like the new firefox

Nick Adamski : Best browser

nezz0r : The upgrade itself does not look bad but truth be told I never had any design problems or speed issues with firefox and the main reason for me using this browser was: a) privacy b) addons I guess (a) does not change so that part stays fine but (b) is problematic and therefore the reason why I am not going to update my browser for some time until the addons (or alternatives) are available. For me there are three addons which are a must have: 1) Adblocker (adblock plus or ublock origin both are fine) 2) noscript [3) Cookie Monster (from s1tony: this addon was removed even before the update has happend)] As far as I know Cookie Monster will not be updated so here is a question: Does anyone know a good alternative to Cookie Monster which has nearly the same functionality?

Chef Truong : love it

Sulfen : I may finally switch from Chrome to Firefox permanently. I hope that they keep improving because there's still a lot of issues. On Mac it's still not as good as Safari especially with some trackpad movements. But on my Windows desktop its really good.

Sebastian Hahn : afaic people don't use firefox for "speed", they use it for customizability. Now that's gone, and this update installed even though I disabled firefox updates specifically because I didn't want it. I'm using waterfox now, for as long as it lasts. Thanks for killing FF Mozilla; enjoy your new ugly theme and your reduced functionality/customizability.

Steel Perfect : Nice soundtrack i loved it

Blazekingz : half of the addons i was using are not working anymore.....why the did it auto update something that completely changes everything.

Toni Rocha : Squared tabs? oÔ'

ki hyeok Jang : I am using nigtly and It is the best browser Ive used

FileHorse : New Firefox is Amazing! <3

Fx : Why are comments disabled on most of these videos?. Comments and replies to them would have made a lot of those videos much more popular due to activity on them and probably in turn helped to boost the popularity of Firefox too. It's very Apple like controlled walled garden behaviour from a product which is supposed to be synonymous with being free and open.

Yowan Rdotexe : But does it support hardware accelerated video decoding on Linux using VA-API/VDPAU? Or are we still stuck with cpu decoding?

bored2kGER : Every update they make it worse and now most of my extensions won't work. Time to switch to something else.

Eugene Shcherbakov : Tabs redesign is disgusting - "some chrome shit" And bars too big - larger than tex and buttons more 2x - wasting of free space (in compact mode fine)

Evi1M4chine : Firefox – Doing everything we hate -IE- Chrome for, and then some. :P Google and Mozilla and Microsoft and Opera and Apple, I stand by my Vivaldi, and shart in your general direction! Your mothers are the WhatTheFuckWG and your fathers smell of IE6!

Geeeee8 : OK how do I get rid of this. I start firefox and the fucking UI is changed because of course it fucking is. Can I at least go back to the old look? I'm sick of all the software and websites I use changing the fucking UI for no reason at all. I have shit to do. Can you stop making it more fucking difficult.

talsapps : why would I share a picture from a buzzfeed article?

Ricardo Nogueira : You nailed it, perfect browser now!

Ken Armstrong : Looks like it's just stripped down to the skinny for tablet browsing look and feel. which I hate.

Anatoly Blyudenov : Say hello to ultra ugly b&w fast peace of s... without almost all it's extensions. I have little over 60 extensions and only 9 of them (nine!!!) are compatible with FF57. FF was alive mostly because of it's extensions, because if you don't need them, why the hell you need FF when there's Chrome, which is far better in this case.

Paula Benson : Used firefox for more than a decade and grown to hate it. I didn't like the last new look either except now you have obsoleted the addon I used to get rid of it (and 3/4 of all addons I use). Mozilla increasingly resembles Microsoft giving the 'customer' what it wants and not what the customer wants. Like the pocket and clip thing garbage which ought to be addons and not built in forcing me to mess with about:config to get rid them. Switched to Waterfox on PC a couple of months ago because I knew this was coming not sure how long that will last. Mozilla - you suck.

D XD : Lots of addonos cant be used and stylish CSSs cant be used anymore. Piece of shit. The older version was much better

Happy duck : How can I get the previous version? The only difference between the older Firefox and Firefox Quantum: Half of the extensions are not supported anymore. Bad design.

eddy haze : all my saved folders turned black and white , I don't see a way to turn it back

Big_Adam_2050 : Well, time to turn off automatic updates to avoid all this.

SkyrimPrincess : My Firefox automatically updated this morning, and it's running slower than the previous one. I don't like this update at all...

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askeja kearf : Horrible design

Andrew Gonzalez : Finally! Firefox used to be my favorite browser, but eventually chrome become my default. Not anymore! Once again firefox is my preferred browser!

Spinach Daily : 👍

SakatzuCat : I don't like that how the +-mark (new tab) can't be moved to the right side of a tab. It can only be on the left corner (on the left side of the tab on the left OR on the right corner. 0:14 Like it's here. On the right side of the Wikipedia-tab. Also it's difficult to see what you're clicking, because the certain area of the whole toolbar adds a whiter layout over my theme.

連李 : watching this using the auto update turned off version of firefox 56.0.2 :DD

tbiytc : god damn u firefox. I need my extensions and now i got this new shit that wont support them. GG, moving to chrome

LіҨԱіԀ LԀ Videos : i think I like my extensions too much,to sacrifice them for a bit of speed. I'll stay with ESR, thanks .

Clouds23x : If you gonna change the UI at least give as an option to use the old one as well because the new one is shit.

deadasparagus : So, I guess it's time to switch to Pale Moon or something similar. Any recommendations anyone?