Police officer scams an IRS scammer with return phone call

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reba kows : he had way too much fun with the scammer.....

Siena N : Yay haha I don’t think the policeman is gonna get arrested lol

2sis fun Tv : 🌺👍🌺You can tell by his accent that this guys is Raj Kumar from India 🇮🇳 hahah I received a called that I was approved for a 5000 grant from the government Of US and I didn’t have to pay it back. But we need your current address and stuff to send you the money. I knew this guy was from India, He told me his name is Paul Jackson. So I asked him 2 questions that he knew he was exposed. 1st are you sure your this grant is not payed by the government of India? Hahahha 2nd Are you sure your Name is not Raj Kumar hahahah He got mad as hell and hung up🌺👍🌺

Melinda Damon Broadcast : I have been scammer by them to

Nick Lengyel : I'm sure that caller got arrested for being stupid on calling a cop for money.

BandGeek Productions : Remember guys, never give out your personal information to someone you don't know unless you initiated the call.

Victoria Hutchful : This scammers are the dummies people I ever think of, we noticed they’re stupid accent and I wish he could notice he’s trying to scam an Police 👮‍♀️ officer , the joke is on them 😂😂🙏

remembering jazziedog : You know damn good and well that guys name wasn't Dave Maxwell

Rebelle : Scammer talks so fast lol

Juan Quiroz05 : This 7-11 guy has a part time job scaming ppl

Anna Henkins : Loved it, especially when you have him stuttering explanations. Keep up all that you do. I love that we have peace officers. I can't imagine a world without you. Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Jay Zee : Why do they all sound the same lol

gina c : Great job officer. Laughed my bum off. You got him good! YaY!! ;)😂 Those scammers are horrible people..God bless you! ✝💜

Casman : damn, I really wanted him to reveal he was a police officer haha

RacinGIRL911 : LMAO!!! I love how this cop was genuinely amused by that scammer! LOL!!! 👍🏼👍🏼😁

Indenhurst : I believe they were tracking the phone call, hence the police officer kept checking his watch to see how longer he would need to keep the call going so they could trace it.

Kim Howell : They tried to scam me back in 2015, my father who was a police officer at that time was at my home. He got on the phone and told the guy that he was already at my home to arrest me and he hung up. We kept calling him back and he wouldn’t answer. He said he was standing in front of the court house in my city in Delaware, when I asked him how was he calling me from a landline in Ohio tried to say the call was transferred. Of course I left a good curse out on his voice mail then he blocked me.

Kate Maloney : Government officials never say "Oh" when relaying numeric digits; they say "Zero" to avoid confusion.

GrooveMan21 : He sure didn't sound like a "James Maxwell". Then it quickly became "James Maxwell Johnson" when he realized screwed up. ROFL! And I'm sure he's "holding badge number of..." on a toy badge in his hand.

Kevin Button : Would he arrest himself? Lol

salvatore DeAngelo : Damn Indian Scammers ! Now I cant stand listning to Indian people talk !!

Gemykat : They are horrible they have called me about ten times! I have not work the last couple of years, due to helping my mom, she has passed out.I haven't work, I have high blood pressure and depression, arthritis. So I mess with them,it cheers me up! I have four this pending, last time I said,come get me I need vacation! God bless you you all!🤣😃😄😀😁

A S : I got these calls before....left me a voicemail talking about my family will be under investigation if i dont return the call....lmao im not even married!!

J Dee : His name is Dave Maxwell and his accent is thick as thieves, lol.

Cowculus : I feel bad for the people who actually get scammed

Lilli L'amour : The cop giggling at the end is hilarious

HYUNJOO PARK : I get a call from a Indian scammers atleast 2 times a year and I love it!!! I get to talk shit to them and I even call them back just to piss them off Lol IRS one is the best one and just got a call from the Dell scammer yesterday and had a blast and looking forward to next call🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Jeffrey Perlman : A dear friend always responds saying that he ordered the Curry Chicken

The 238 Life : all in all if you get a random phone call and it’s an indian accent, it’s a scam lol

VinSanity1996 : That scammer probably works for 7-11

ToBy West : Cops are Cool 😎

Mike LaPorte : I wanted to hear the whole call and the officer say to the dude, “Yeah, I’m with the Eau Claire Police, and we traced this call, we know where you are and we’re contacting the appropriate authorities.” Would’ve been so sweet.

Gin Weston : This is the IRS/ATO ringing to inform you that your computer is broken, you’ve inherited a fortune from a distant Nigerian royal relative and you are the love of my life, please transfer funds immediately in the form of Target gift cards.....I think this circus needs a new trick.

disneyworlddreamer : Did you tell him you are the police?

Dark Dreams : I laughed when the other officer brought in handcuffs.

J Dee : Next time ask for the address where you can send him money. So you at least can give police the address of these con artist.Tell them you don't have credit card you will send money order of cash.

Guy David : Maybe IRS is Indian Rip Scam & they will send an arrest team from Mumbaï ?

St. Devil : "What's your name"? Dave maxwell Dave maxwell Johnson Dave maxwell Johnson Chakrabarti Dave maxwell Johnson Chakrabarti Balakrishna Dave maxwell Johnson Chakrabarti Balakrishna Srinivasaraghavan Dave maxwell Johnson Chakrabarti Balakrishna Srinivasaraghavan Narayanaswamy

John Easler : I hate foreigners!

Cat Momma : I got these calls...I made them So Angry that now whenever they call and Hear my voice..they Hang Up on me!!! They did they same Threat of having the Local Sherriff come and Arrest me...well, where I live, No Sherriff... But 'I' told him that the Sherriff was my Uncle & couldn't he just Arrest me when he comes over for Dinner??? He didn't appreciate my humor at all.. LOL

themananswer2250 : Whenever you get a scam call talk really really slowly so they don't miss anything and to save others from getting any calls.

Tocimah : couldn't the police trace that calll?

Ste Bradbury Design : I think I missed the part where the police officer scams the scammer... he just wasted the scammers time, he didn't scam him...

machia0705 : I got this call and called back and blasted them . The Indian lost it . It made my day .

Gayla Hunt : Thanks! If you are keeping them busy on the phone, they cannot call vulnerable victims.

AMORITA RANDALL : I got something similar back a few years ago and I called them back saying I had a police report filed etc. They guy said why did you do that to me...all heartbroken...I couldn't help but say back all broken hearted....oh but you trying to take my money from me....you are so mean....lol

knight Shift : Sarah from area code 709 tried getting my people's ,I tell everyone now days if you don't # don't answer the phone...(if it's really is something important they'll leave a message) Ps. couple months ago (just before x-mas) they got my friends mother (a older woman) wiping out her bank account and savings account :(SmH): they confirmed her info she said yes or corrected it to them now she's broke and real depressed not to mention "broke", and since she basically gave her $ the crooks on the other side of the world there's really nothing no one can do but report it as a fraud case and hope other people don't fall victims... Cops say most victims are senior citizens. So Look alive folks! I keep telling my peoples Don't ever give any type of info to anyone that calls Y'all,no one really ever knows who's on the other side of the phone call

scottrolen27mvp : A week ago I received a call from the "IRS". I kept on calling back over and over and over again.... It got to the point where they'd pick up the phone and just start cursing me out before I even said a single word. hahaha

Kellie G : If it isn't the damn " IRS" blowing up my phone, it's the damn "cash advance" place. I have so many numbers on my block list...

I Love Spring Rolls : This is classic!