Police officer scams an IRS scammer with return phone call

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Ste Bradbury Design : I think I missed the part where the police officer scams the scammer... he just wasted the scammers time, he didn't scam him...

Chris Hansen : Well "Dave Maxwell" why dont you have a seat right here

ѕιєиα єllє : Yay haha I don’t think the policeman is gonna get arrested lol

Casman : damn, I really wanted him to reveal he was a police officer haha

Matt : I told one IRS scammer to go ahead and send the "cops" out to get me. I had no money and that is why I didn't pay my taxes, couldn't make my home payments and the bank was taking that back, and had no money for food. Told them it would be great to go to jail to get three square meals a day, an hour of workout in a day and not have to worry about medical bills. They were totally at lost at this and couldn't believe I wanted to be arrested. I asked them if they knew what time the cops were coming so I could have my toothbrush packed. I would have love to hear the conversation on the other end after we hung up....

reba kows : he had way too much fun with the scammer.....

Dima 44 : Never trust anyone with an Indian accent on the phone. It’s as simple as that.

PTX lover!!! : Indian sounding man called James Maxwell. Seems legit 😂

Robert Gift : I played along and kept one of these losers on the telepbone for 31 minutes. First I "had to use the bathroom" (did emails), "had to find my paperwork" (pottied our dog outside) and "had to find account number" (made lunch).

RacinGIRL911 : LMAO!!! I love how this cop was genuinely amused by that scammer! LOL!!! 👍🏼👍🏼😁

2sis fun Tv : 🌺👍🌺You can tell by his accent that this guys is Raj Kumar from India 🇮🇳 hahah I received a called that I was approved for a 5000 grant from the government Of US and I didn’t have to pay it back. But we need your current address and stuff to send you the money. I knew this guy was from India, He told me his name is Paul Jackson. So I asked him 2 questions that he knew he was exposed. 1st are you sure your this grant is not payed by the government of India? Hahahha 2nd Are you sure your Name is not Raj Kumar hahahah He got mad as hell and hung up🌺👍🌺

Michael LaPorte : I wanted to hear the whole call and the officer say to the dude, “Yeah, I’m with the Eau Claire Police, and we traced this call, we know where you are and we’re contacting the appropriate authorities.” Would’ve been so sweet.

VinSanity1996 : That scammer probably works for 7-11

704 Tee : “James maxwell Johnson” im dead

ENGLAND IS A : IRS= Indian Revenue Service.

A Friend : Cant they trace the call and arrest them??

Jerry Ao : Indian guy named James Maxwell Johnson... sounds about right... xD

Gina Rose : I just love getting these guys all tongue tied, especially when I break out my Kentucky southern accent, and he's all like "I'm sorry miss, but I can't understand you" haha and I say SAME HERE!!! LOL

Lakshminarayanan Vijayaraghavan : Im glad to see all these people get caught. I am from India and this is such a dishonor to the millions of people who are actually working hard and making a honorable living. Just in case people are wondering, Indian govt and police is very much aware of this and they are in touch with their US counter parts and grabbing all these people. Truth will always prevail :)

ElioN : If you pick up the phone and hear an Indian accent, that's enough to know that this is a scam lol

sailtheplains : 1:05 Til our shift is over" oh good! I'll only be arrested while you're on shift. Awesome. 1:22 "The local sheriff's department will get the warrant" Officer Dude: **thumbs up** that made me laugh

NenaHnUSA : OMG! The handcuffs almost made me wet myself laughing!

King of Games : IRS=Indian Revenue Scam


losermaria : no offense, but why are these scammers always Indian?

Lord-Neptune 956 : it's always those damn indians

Jeffrey Perlman : A dear friend always responds saying that he ordered the Curry Chicken

Jack Son : It'd have been more funny for him to say "I am a police officer, am I going to arrest myself?"

4 gauge : I get this call multiple times a year.I answer it differently each time.I'll answer it as"Papa Johns Pizza"or this is"Roscoe P.Coletrain" of Hazard County police(they hangup really fast on this one) Then there was the time I answered it as"Roto-Rotor"(we remove B.S.) HAHAHA!!.

Cowculus : I feel bad for the people who actually get scammed

Indigenous Chippewa : They tried to scam me back in 2015, my father who was a police officer at that time was at my home. He got on the phone and told the guy that he was already at my home to arrest me and he hung up. We kept calling him back and he wouldn’t answer. He said he was standing in front of the court house in my city in Delaware, when I asked him how was he calling me from a landline in Ohio tried to say the call was transferred. Of course I left a good curse out on his voice mail then he blocked me.

violet640 : Indians and Nigerians are the world's infamous scammers !

Pharaoh : Oh the IRS are Indian lol

Zarahemla Dela Cruz : And the police didnt do anything -_-... I think I was scammed

Reside : I love the fake names the Indian scammers use. Ex: John, Maxwell, Steve lmfao it makes me crack up

MST3Killa : Too bad India allows this to proliferate due to the international money that's brought into the country. They've no incentive to crack down on these scams at all and INTERPOL typically has far bigger fish to fry.

gina c : Great job officer. Laughed my bum off. You got him good! YaY!! ;)😂 Those scammers are horrible people..God bless you! ✝💜

violet640 : The Indian scammer's name is maxwell Johnson ? Hmm... lots of red flags .

G. MacGregor : What’s the point,the police should have had it set up to trace call and given it over to the Indian or Pakistani police. This is just a waist of time and money.

ranchgoddess : I asked this scammer how much time I had because I wanted to get all dolled up because I was single and asked them to please send a hot police officer that was single to arrest me. Then asked if I should cook some lunch for them. I asked them how they could possibly work for the IRS if they couldn't even speak proper English. His blood started boiling when I asked him if flies were buzzing around their head since they were from India and probably hadn't taken a shower in a few days. The guy was getting so mad, especially when I asked them if the toilet was flowing down the street, right outside the door of their business. He started cussing me out, and I was LMAO which made him furious even more. I told him he didn't even know how to cuss properly in English and he hung up on me. So I called him back every 10 minutes for the rest of the day and asked where the cute officers were and when they were coming. At the end, he disconnected the telephone number... I'm sure he ended his day curled up, crying and twitching in the corner of the room, just as I had planned.

James Martinez : Finally a cop getting into this

Panama Patti : Received one of those calls today from 770-884-6964. It was a recording and I hung up mid message. Introduced as a call from the IRS and claimed local law enforcement were on their way to arrest me. The recordings electronic voice could not hide the fact the written document was produced by someone that was not born or raised where the English language was their native language. The structure of words, phrases, clauses, and sentences, right up to the poor use of past participles, were all dead giveaways to their fraudulent claim. The IRS will not contact you by phone.

Nabeel Khan : we need to put these dumb indians back in their place where they belong. they getting over confident for their own good. when cop asked him “is that your time or mine” he admitted indirectly he was in a different country.

rhoads' girl : Talk back to them in your best India accent and tell them that you do the same scamming thing for a living , works for me !!

BandGeek Productions : Remember guys, never give out your personal information to someone you don't know unless you initiated the call.

Miklo Velka : An Indian guy named Dave maxwell Johnson 😂 what a joke

Kellie G : If it isn't the damn " IRS" blowing up my phone, it's the damn "cash advance" place. I have so many numbers on my block list...

Felix Castro Amour De Rey : They learn English just to scam people but there is a sucker born every day & a idiot who thinks every second

Vony BG : This is amazing! The scammer tells a police officer that they will contact his local sheriff department and he'll be arrested. I love it. One time a scammers told me that he was going to tell my towns Marshall and have me arrested if I didn't pay the IRS within a week. I told him that I always wanted to meet my towns Marshall so, please send the Marshall ASAP because I just didn't know where he or she lived and, I didn't know where to go to find one. I wasn't awear that New York City had Marshalls that comes to your home or place of business to take you jail for the IRS. So, I would love for him to send the Marshall to me. I wanted to personally meet with the NYC Marshall. I believe that he became angry with me at that point.

bastidface : That's the worst fake IRS agent ever. He can barely get out a sentence.