MY NEW CAR - Pewdiepie - Reupload
Remember this classic MY NEW CAR Pewdiepie Reupload

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The original video was taken down because of copyright . PLEASE READ BELOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO TAKE THE VIDEO DOWN. These videos are reuploaded by other users anyway , the porpouse of this channel is to collect all of these deleted/privated videos and just have them in one place, so people could find them easier. If you have any problems with me uploading this video , contact me : ( I check this only once a week ) Original Creator : - Pewdiepie -


Ashish Sharma : The sad part is that this video ends

Cryptize : i probably watched 2:46 twenty times back when the video was first released lmao

Tutorial Days : this video should be in a museum

Emrullah Araz : Good old times where T Series wasn't a thing.

Dustyland00594 AJ : i wonder how many people walked past and said to themselves: *"jeez how high is he"*

Detective Ryuzaki : 3:40 rip 3pac

Mareks : I like the fact that people can't forget this video. This is masterpiece!

Alex Ah Kuoi : 0:59 who else says Nissan like this now? Lol

Parsa Rathernotsay : This vid would have absolutely hit 100 million views right now if it wasn't copystriked by KSI's label Probably the best video he's made, and a great example of what Felix tries to be

Game Bio : 2019?? ANYONE???

zeOne : 0:52 if you look carefully when he is sliding down the window, there is a piece of bread in his shirt!

Reddblue : The most famous youtuber and a multi millionaire buying a 1996 sudan is the most swedish thing ever lol

LucarioCraft - : 3:22 she's hot

Noah Shaw : this is the video that made me stop hating on this man.

Pufek : *3:29** me showing to class 20 minutes later*

Bunny45 : Tati:fame, power, and a fat bank account can change anyone Pewdiepie: 0:30

Fake Bot : 90% People Clicks For Ferrari 15% People Clicks For Nissan

Director M.O.C. : 3:30 I guess you could call this a *driveby*

Vain Evil : Thanks for re uploading this

ʜᴜɢо : Level 1 Crook - 0:00 Level 100 Mafia Boss 2:46

sp_ ray1 : Still to this day this is the best pewdiepie video

Jubair Zubo : Dammm... This video is still relevant....

James Wheeler : I feel sorry for the people that watched this and actually own this same car.

MoDocK : This video is a legend xd

DLS Tekno : 1:03 me trying to explain the car to my friends

joe smith : 3:23 redhead approves

Butter_ Knight : I like how most YouTubers have cars 5x more expensive then my house but pewdiepie has a car that's that's with the same price as my mom's car

Jaydee Craft : 3:55 i want this song soo baaadd♥️😭

Danny Cuevas : 2:46 me driving to school😂😂😂

69 subs without videos? : Weird flex but ok

iOsven : RIP the man of "pewdiepie is a child racist"

Luucvinky : Best video ever lol 80MillClub

MashedPotatoeSause : this is my fave pewdiepie video

Charles Price : Hey man : yOu WªnT sºMe BrEªd ?

Enceladus Eve : There are REASONS boy why he's the coolest guy on YouTube! 😍👍

Ranjeet Sohanpal : God bless this guy for uploading this gold!


Jojie FF : Then ksi manual copyrighted 😂 Poor niggg..

Oh Yeah Yeah : Nice roast to ksi

touchin mahself : this was the video that converted me into a fan, used to hate his content

GamerNerd FTW : Fuckin KSI goddammit lol

Joel : this is total GEM

Jojo Bizzare : The utmost point level of satire and edgyness that can end a career. Too bad the whole world is too sensitve for it

Vid Gaming : He actually bought a car to talk about people flexing!

EcclipsE : *THiS iS The SicKesT PewDiePie ViDeo EveR 🔥🔥SAVAGE AF*

Jose Parra : To bad ksi claimed the video

iluv cats : Thx I really like this vid of his and I was pretty sad when he took it down but now I can watch it no prob 👌

BostonCreeper : 1:42 i laughed til i choked im in the hospital right now

PewDiePieIsTheBest : That car is perfect to turn into a sleeper