MY NEW CAR - Pewdiepie - Reupload

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Joel : this is total GEM

Mohit Wanyalkar : My most favourite pewdiepie video ever

Food and Travel : 2:50 thats me😂😂😂😂

Adrian Granfelt : 3:29 never gets old lmao

Ειμαι χοντρος : This is NISSON

Helado de agua // La Fama : 3:26 lmao

AG gaming230 : The English caption is so funny

BegunCupid : 0:34 very nice

KingJamie 88888 : he is drunk

M-Ray : Why was this deleted in the first place?? This is amazing. This is the exact type of content I expect from a YouTuber. I would subscribe to him if all his videos were like this. Like Ryan's. I love pewdiepie a lot. No matter what happens I'll always love him

mr_naeem : I miss this pewdiepie

Little Steve : you thought that was funny Turn on the English captions

Nate Fhelix : 3:39 Best part R.I.P 3pac

Awesome Amberly : You like my ride? it's *vErY nIcE*

Crainshaw83 : THIS is where the VERY NICE come from!

いNootmas : I keep coming back to this video

saphireiry : 0:39 this very nice was pretty accurate...

Andrew X : He probably spent a few hundred on this solely for the sake of the video 😂

BuBBz : When he drove by the old ladies i died lmfao

alZiiHardstylez : This is the video that made me come around on p00dz, why did he delete it tho.

Moon Lookingforthesun : This is my favourite video on the internet

Atlas : Comedy Gold!

Liga Strýca Arnoshta : Masterpiece

Gaston Daniels : what goes on the internet stays on the internet

Tootsie Roll : Why you can reupload this video but pewdiepie can't? He also could just edit the video and change ksi music

Stay cold : I'm watching this 50th times and I'm not bored, this video is pure magic

Hanson 32Ö : 2:50 its actually me in my own car😂😂😂

Abhishek Kasireddy : What's the music in the beginning??

Arya Singh : a great way to troll hypebeasts

Malaz Akram : 0:43 1:06 1:43 3:11 3:17 best moments

1M don't lie : 3:29 the reactions are so hilarious

GamingShen : My fav pewdiepie vid shame it got  deleted

Lamont Stigler : This one is epic, it deserves millions of views.

anshul anshul : What is name of the song other than that of Lamborghini

THE BEST HOBO : nissàn

Nightbringer ____ : 2018?

A G : this is the funniest shit ive ever watched

Miss X : This video is ART

FellowNeighbor 0203 : Why was this video deleted ?

umul soren : WTF 4:18

Mix Nimko : 2:26 that audi in the background is his real car!

jobejer : 3:29 fav moment

bokkey45 : Let's be real here. This isn't pewdiepie's car. He probably has a garage full of Lambo's and Mclarens.

Sergey Dude : Спасибо, проорал, но с субтитрами проблема

XLR - BEATBOX : Anybody know the know of the song starts at 2:48.....


Hairi Nasir : IS A NISOOOON

Spades : Best flex video yet

shoot me : 0:38 VERY NICE

Kakashi • : music plz??? 0:30