MY NEW CAR - Pewdiepie - Reupload

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Mohit Wanyalkar : My most favourite pewdiepie video ever

Flamezilla : This is still the best PewDiePie video ever

MoDocK : This video is a legend xd

Linkmon99 : I’m crying

Parsa Rathernotsay : This vid would have absolutely hit 100 million views right now if it wasn't copystriked by KSI's label Probably the best video he's made, and a great example of what Felix tries to be

Awesome Amberly : You like my ride? it's *vErY nIcE*

itzMosaab ' : Almost forget to watch it today ...

Food and Travel : 2:50 thats me😂😂😂😂

Eric Cartman : Oh man 3:29 gets me everytime

Joel : this is total GEM

JamieTheKing964 : he is drunk

Богдан Крышинец : The rich life of Pewdiepie

いNootmas : I keep coming back to this video

Stay cold : I'm watching this 50th times and I'm not bored, this video is pure magic

Ghostkiller231YT : 3:22 is the girl from BRAVE

Miss X : This video is ART

Nate Fhelix : 3:39 Best part R.I.P 3pac

Moon Lookingforthesun : This is my favourite video on the internet

Spades : Best flex video yet

Andrew X : He probably spent a few hundred on this solely for the sake of the video 😂

A G : this is the funniest shit ive ever watched

Hanson 32Ö : 2:50 its actually me in my own car😂😂😂

Helado de agua // La Fama : 3:26 lmao

Munja ____ : 2018?

Arya Singh : a great way to troll hypebeasts

RE4PER -1 : Who keeps coming back to this ? 😂 Masterpiece

SHORT FILMS : Want sum bread

shoot me : 0:38 VERY NICE

Ryan Rodrigues : The best trio: Felix, Brad and Michael.

sergios tt : Best pewdiepie era

Qenan Maliqi : This is the best pewdiepie video ... hilarious !

MashedPotatoeSause : this is my fave pewdiepie video

umul soren : WTF 4:18

Jessica A. : I love this man

Mix Nimko : 2:26 that audi in the background is his real car!

Nick Spinale : 1:37 funniest clip ever LOL

Xpress Air-Canada : He basically deleted his best video of 2016 legit WTF

0 0 : I am watching 127 times now

LMD YT : Best video on YT To bad he had to delete it.

RibChief : This is pewds best video... It's my favourite toooo fun ahahah

harry anadiwths : 3:42 poor Brad

Noah Shaw : this is the video that made me stop hating on this man.

steven pancake : I see this then I laugh to DEATH

Dat Boi : To me this video is always gonna be the funniest in my opinion

Jesus Christ : 2:50 I won’t lie this is definitely me when I’m driving...

yadiel : This is the best video ever made

BuBBz : When he drove by the old ladies i died lmfao

Abhishek Kasireddy : What's the music in the beginning??

M J : It's a nis It's a nisssssoooon

Jericho Tombstone : Best vid I’ve ever seen