Alki farts on a microphone during interview

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Hank Elliott : I respect that man.

I'm a cow : he was so fucking proud of that

blitzv10 : You are a Gentleman and a Scholar

SuperYannick : The woman on the rights looks like 'Why am i married with this man?' On 0:23

spinemelter2000 : This is very funny. It's funnier than anything any comedian has spoken into a microphone. You don't need to be good at speaking to make an audience laugh. You just have to fart into the microphone.

Billy Jackson : He just stares into your soul and farts

dimakauffman : wife's face!!!! XD

Kris Brabander : S A V A G E A A V V A A G G E E

AdventureMann : at 26 seconds that face expression shows that he knows what he did and he is proud of it hahahaha

Tony_Tr3 : Man that's hilarious!!!

TheWetFist : alki for president

Joe Sigrist : His wife's face. The way he stared into the camera as he farted. Perfect.

Mexicanen : "Thank you so muCH"

N E T N E T : He is the hero we need.

Oliver KT : Thats my hero !

AeonKage : When your a billionaire you can say what you want!! I thought this was brilliant!!!

RadenBombastic920 : that was the most legendary video i have ever seen

Sirlongfarts : A guy disrespecting the hell out of someone elses event, totally humiliates his wife and knowingly placing the hostess in an awkward situation because he knows she needs her job and wont do a damn thing. Nice choice of husband miss.

Rommellollis : Hahahahahaahahahahahahhahaahahahahahhaha!!!!!!!!!! legend!!!! as soon as the girl talk starts he grabs the mic and farts! then his like pointing to people and laughing because they heard it as well hahahhaahahahahahahaahhaha

Adrian Nelson : He has ball

Apex Predator : I think I just broke my replay button.

DJ Minced : "you hear that?" HAHAHHAHAHAHAH! :D

Aaron Gehbauer : I was literary chocking to death 😂😂😂

reeper2100 : I cant breath XD

anahit bejanuyan : I just fart myself too

Brødrene Bakke : this guy is a fken savage  love it doe

T. T99 : Imagine if I did that in a school assembly you'll see da look on teachers faces xD

Wade Wilson : 0:25 thats what she said

The Lich King : Don't mind me, just taking my daily dose of this!

Jesper Skarland Schønberg : Kliiiiishka


Salty Diarrhea : I bet it smelled like Vaseline.

Donald Dick : Gotta like the button fast.

MPC CYBORGS : He is the troll king

clorox lemon scent : He was talking shit 😏

Gael Javier : This man is a legend

Andrew Marrero : 0:22

Millie Holcombe : What a legend

akash babu : Hahahahahaa savage ...

Kayne Daly : That guys just made my day! Thanx haha

Simon Mitchell : "And on that fateful day, there wasn't a single quantum of fuck that could be found"

Simon Mitchell : It's the straight face that killed me

Grimalkin Felidae : He tried to talk twice before that bitch's fake laugh. He was so proud of himself and I can't stop laughing

FaZe Gengar 1,000,000,000 views : An absolute legend😮😮

Zero Wavez : Hahahahaahah

Wolfy 1103 : So he just grabbed the microphone and farted in it?!

Asta La Vista Babyy : Omg awesome memeeeee,em

Hello I am trash : "oh my goodness!"

Howling Burd19 : I swear, it looks like he's proud of it! xD

Sean Kearns : I felt it in surround sound