Women's SPIKEBALL on ESPN 8 (the Ocho)

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Family Feud Classics : Is this for real?

Z EE : And here come the Globo Gym Purple Cobras, led by White Goodman. All business.

facehole3 : this is great to play at the beach, but completely flawed as a proper sport. it never makes it past the first return

Leonard Luna : This is a fun game idk if it can make as a real sport but than again corn hole a sport now so

David Lenkic : It never ceases to amaze me that there are sports that I've never seen or heard of before AND have commentary / fans / broadcasting.

Lieutenant Dangle : The games fun to play but the playing field is too small to be fun watching

Demagz : imagine when it becomes an olympic sport

weston depratt : Joel and Preston are some strange looking women.

Mat& Kev : this looks so fun

deano smith : Is there no end to stupid games that the U.S. can invent?

Stefan West : This looks garbage lol

quinlansee1 : Title hahahahaha

Jose Chavez : 10:15 Shoes vs Skins LOL

Jose Chavez : 27:54 Ooof! Right in the ovaries!

G WIZZ : How is this an ESPN worthy sport, or even a sport at all?

W C : Are you serious ESPN?  You show this, but refuse to show Rugby!

Joey Crisci : 37:00 That "miracle knee" was a double contact

Dahlia Vlogs : Good thing I found this on YouTube because now I know a lot more so I can pass my elective in gym

Mohamed Ahmed : Hhhh another crazy american sport

MightyFish : This looks really hard to play but I'd give it a try. Seems like a good way to get exercise.

Stopka S : 18:30 that was a double hit cause it bounced from one leg to the other. They counted it as their point still. Rip

Finkstar : More exciting to watch than Golf

Alessandro Principe : 3:04 dude got rejected

mickey dickey : Came for the girl Left for the video

cweb1988 : Where’s Chisic!?

Jose Chavez : (weary sigh) God in heav-*WHYYYYY?!?!?!*

Eddie Martinez : I'm getting ESPN8 today

CJ Rouse : Professional volleyball player here, I think I would have a distinct advantage in this sport.

Alexandra : J’ignorais qu’un tel sport existait

KIM JONG UN : Tetherball is more exciting than this

Cassidy Patterson : These people aren’t good. Crazy how they even got invited to an invitational 🤔

Tyson Messina : Hahahahaha women suck

Krasnaludek : This is garbage

OmegaMan : I guess this sport is only for white people?

Kalash Operator : This would be cool in P.E. in junior high, but ESPN and grown ass people? I just don’t know. Landshark? What a waste. Could have spent the money sponsoring a hot dog eating contest

DazzleGazza : This is retarded