Art Class Politically Incorrect

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InfraRedNeck : Comedy then, reality now. This actually takes place in today's colleges.

Rekt Feminist Videos : Rekt Feminist Videos brought me here.

Kylirr : >tfw the satire became reality.

Hemsfeld Custardale : A comedy show back then.. Now a scarily prophetic foreshadowing into the future.

His Imperial Majesty, Moonman, Kfc. : Today's satire, becomes tomorrow's reality. *Why didn't we listen!*

Fisher Sam Fisher : 2:06 - holy shit! "You white male!" This is even there. Amazing. How this is even possible? How this joke became the SJW handbook 20 years later.

DubTribe1 : this is the most surreal thing ive ever seen. its like tumblr took a delorean time machine back to the early 90s.


WN : This is insanely accurate wow

I am not Dale Gribble : I fail to see the comedy in this. This is the world we live in.

Kristian Lysgaard : Omg.. this really is now.. its not even funny.

Hop Devil : There was a time when this behavior was considered so silly it was worthy of parody. Now it's accepted dogma at universities all over the US.

dchen345 : Is this a documentary on feminism?

uthertheking : Who wrote this sketch? I need to ask about some lottery numbers.

CalicoJoeJoe : These people were prophets and they didn't even know it.

Mmmph : This sketch could have come out today and nobody would think twice.


Arisa Kasumi : Did the writer of this skit go back in time to warn us? We failed you good sir!



Grimmer2006 : This is precisely whats happening on large scale in today Sweden, Germany, US, and so on :P

picolete : "White male" it became a reality

Ravelord Nito : Oh no. This is real now isn't it?

SpitshineSneakers : 20 years ago and this shit is still relevant. Hell, you've even got the beginnings of the oppression olympics in here too.


THEFLORIDAONE2 : When will the SJW's see they are the biggest joke to mankind?

sikbowl : The Nostradamus of our time. Whomever wrote this sketch I need to hear more of your prophecies! Does anyone know what this is from?

Red I : Honestly I think this whole SJW bullshit did actually started in the 90s, maybe The Kids in the Hall was trying to tell everyone what college kids are like but no one read into it because they didn't think it meant anything, plus there was no social media back then and no one had any recording devices so there was really no way to make everyone aware of this

costa200 : This is some prophetic shit right here... It basically has all the SJW current memes.

Ebon Phallus : Canada has clearly had an sjw problem for a while

Drago1995 : they predicted everything from today goddamn 1993 feels like it's reality and 2016 a comedy

jeff daniels : Hugh what Hugh what Hugh WHAT

E. M. Walker : 69 triggered SJW's disliked the video!

ShadowIllusion7 : Political Correctness is the pussification of America.

Luke Nero : This guy voiced Yes Man in Fallout: New Vegas

MercenaryX21 : It's absolutely scary just how they predicted it all.

LordKarnage12345 : Tumblr.avi

Teocyn : Hilarious that this is how the world is today.

Wade Fisher : Made 22 years ago. Bear that in mind...

Katamount : Man, Scott Thompson just nailed the Suey Park faux-outrage in this one. I love that the professor even offers to talk about it and they still leave. :D EDIT: In reviewing this comment and the number of upvotes it has received from likely anti-feminists, it should be noted that I do believe that there's multiple levels of this sketch. As the art teacher says, the issues are valid, but the sketch is clearly poking fun at the over the top reactions of the students. Boycotting an art class for using a white nude model is like demanding Colbert be cancelled for an out of context joke even though he's clearly a liberal person himself. When you say "SJW" as in a person interested in social justice that doesn't pick their battles well, fine. But if you're applying it to somebody vocal about matters of culture from the perspective of the minority, then you're just as bad as the jerks that stayed to ogle the model at the end.

Silas ofNj : This about sums up Yale, Missouri State U, and all the bratty self-entitled snowflake students of this generation. #GoodJobParents

kidpresentable : Modern day Twitter.

alex Debroux : People here are acting as if SJWs are a thing of this century. They existed in the 90s but we now hear a lot more about them due to the technological evolution

ChaoticInfinityX : "language is a virus"... *MGSV flashback*... realizes how old this clip is*... *mind blown*!!!

DefThrone : This is frightening.

Captain Catfish : If you told me this was released recently I wouldn't bat an eye out. Bless you magnificent Canadian bastards for predicting tumblr.

Classix : Okay, we all need to get this video on our phones, and have it at the ready when we encounter an sjw. Just to show them that they are, in fact, ridiculous. Literally.

Skinny Clemenza : Was Bruce the early nineties version of a white knight?

NRG Buster : God dammit. Why is it that when people predict the future, it's always dysfunctional shit like this? How come there are no good futures? Did humanity peak hundreds of years ago and now we're just doomed to decline?

Rheymet : they went back in time to warn us but we didn't listen