Go ahead, take a bath. It's the Detroit Police.

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Matthew Phillips : America on Fire... Charlie LeDuff...A&E at 11p est

Emma Lauren : Give this man his own show

LittleLulubee : Detroit is a dangerous, high-crime place. The cops respond first to shootings, assaults, and killings before a broken-in house where the thieves are long gone. Makes perfect sense.

Jimin's Mami : Dude had my ass dead when he came out the bathroom with a robe and towel on his head as he looked through that woman's fridge😂

Ahempleasegoaway : This guy needs a Netflix show.

Wati Umi : This shit was actually funny!

Niya De'Souza : I love this guy 😂😂😂😂

joe mama : They probably fired this reporter for showing real news instead of fake news smh

Relatively Presentable : Hahah this guy was great. The bath.. him in the robe with the towel wrap on his head in front of the fridge. I died. Are these skits a normal thing with this fox station?

Curt Robin : I feel like this is the opposite of what they call fake news cuz he just seems so real and genuine lol.

Richard's World Traveler : The kids were like, who's this white guy in the house?

Russell : Fox Detroit, the most savage of Fox networks !!! Freaking awesome.

Chris Perrault : This mofo had a third leg 😂

nodnoc : I live in Florida and live watching this guy's news segments. Great reporter! He needs a show

Terzie Gibbons : This man deserves a promotion

John Lee : Plot twist: the police broke in the house

Tampatec : Great guy, lol

DeadlyBreath9790 : This guy is so funny

Deadpanlolli : The best reporting ever.

Joe M : Just keep spamming the police, it's an actual emergency and this is a dead serious problem.

murdermymeat 69 : funny and accurate.

Note Tooself : Funny but so sad at the same time!

Русский пингу : This is why you can't rely on the Police also why you need to protect and use your second amendment right

AsterHD : This mas man, came to a house that got robbed, just to make himself at home and have McDonalds with the suspect..... AMAZING AHJFSFIEUNIDJLUEFSE

Jef Rey : They need to nuke detroit and start over!! Anything would be an improvement. It's so sad because at the turn of the century(20th) Detroit was the place to live.

WeGotGame 21 : I thought the police broke into a robbers house while he was taking a bath

ImPuG : Lmfao he is taking a bath

beach side : The pixellation when he bent over killed me. Then reading the cat in the hat. Charlie is the best lol

David H. : Uhm, that's a burglary not a home invasion.

Jerry Shay : This is not new news in 1982 I believe it was. Long story short I lived on 6 Mi near Linhurst. Drunk at high speed plowed into parked car in front of corner house pushing it into another and another then into ours then he passed out on the top of the car for 4 or 5 hours then got up and walked away. Us and the other two neighbors repeatedly called the police they never showed up. A few days latter every one had to go down to police dept to file reports for Insurance purposes. Where they were treated as if they were trying to file a false report. I left Detroit and never looked back.

Corrupt : That guy was so nice lol

Famous kasey : We need more people like this

Jason Walton : Charlie is a beast..he always keeps it real here n Detroit. Yeh Detroit has a lot of issues..hopefully one day we get em solved..that was one reason I moved. The lack of police presence was sad..I took matters into my own hands..not waiting around for cops when I’m trying to raise my family...had to move

NPS94 : And then they say you shouldn't have guns because you should leave it to the police lol. Also they won't show up to home invasions but God forbid you go 10 miles over the speed limit on an empty road...

lee-yo wah-lee : i said no ice....giiirrrrllll if u dont take this damn tea

Sage The Poet : this man needs an award!

SSP AMV : That's because more police is "racist" and that it "hurts" minorities.

TYLER ROSE : He’s fine 🤤

w23857980 : I prefer slow cops than the fast trigger cops that come to your house and shoot you.

Joe Mendez : in 1992 9 people were awarded $150,000 each for a settlement against the state of Florida for the Rosewood Massacre. The Judge said the events were "typical of the era". The Black Panthers formed to protect black people from events like that and was attacked by the gov't. Police still don't show up to black neighborhoods. so... people actually wonder why minorities don't trust cops hell, I'm pretty white and I have had cops lie to me.

Enchanty : Detroit is okay in a few areas buttt still tf

Paul Starrish : 2:21 mmmmm look at the tasty tide pods there

LaKeisha Reed : Wait i can't.... Someone needs to mow that grass. 😳😭😭

Gmngvlogs &MORE : That's because there's not enough cops to handle the shit in Detroit.

Mighty Raccoon : That news reporter was hilarious.

Madison Gibson : This is extra af lmao love it

Mr Funky : Uhmmm....it's the zip code where the "black" residents lived. Cause I bet 30 min north of there in the gentrified dwnt. area they'd be there quick fast and in a hurry. Change your zip code change the police response time.........

AYOKIMI IGBO : once we called the police and they came at 2 o clock in the morning to make a report.. i think we made the call in the morning time

PK PK : Liberals: Why do you need a gun, the police will protect you! Me: This is why, snowflake.

William Powell : was... was this serious?