Go ahead, take a bath. It's the Detroit Police.

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Russell : Fox Detroit, the most savage of Fox networks !!! Freaking awesome.


Madison Gibson : This is extra af lmao love it

WeGotGame 21 : I thought the police broke into a robbers house while he was taking a bath

Elizabeth Cartagena : I was done at the bath, I'm really done at story time... 😂😂😂

Chance Peepee : funny and accurate.

Elizabeth Cartagena : This is SO FUNNY 😂😌... But it really isn't ... 😶

Eric Fartman : Yo know that my man smacked that fat ass after that.

Mo Pie : Tomorrow? Yep “Really nigga” Tomorrow? Lol

steveo stanley : He need to make some more this shit funny as hell

Soullise News Network : Finally, FOX made a non-partisan, non-pandering, non-fake news report.

ENB Jr : He funny that girl said some dumb shit and he was like "oh a rocket science" 😂 savage 5:23

Sergeant Flipper : If you feel like murdering because you're a sociopath, remember to calmly move to Detroit, where your kind is safe

FlyingBlob88 : that sweet tea has spit all in it.

Remi Panda : Detroit Canada

Lindsay Tucker : Lmao shut upppp i’m screaming 😂 Fox News is savage 😂

TypeONegative 1377 : Damn way better than fox 7

WHO? : This guy is awesome

XeX : That guy was so nice lol

Bajan Beauty : "I came fast like 911 in white neighborhooods, ain't got no shame bout it". Idk why that's the first thing that popped up in my head.

Darren Ward : What a nice woman. She dries my pants while I clean up

Jullian Henry : Give this man a promotion

Ty Cy : Charlie LeDuff deserves his own TV Series exposing Cross-Country Cop Fuckery

L U : this guy deserves a medal

UNKOWN ERROR : Month later police arrive

Joe. : 2:23 was he jerking off

es rubii : Lol fox 2? Naw dawg its Fox 13 up in here

CHEVYDURAMAX 1 : The women had her house broke into and she's worried about ice

Aaren YASS : How long ago is this from!? This man has personality! He's a PERSON, a real MAN! brought this lady some food and read books to her kids because these cops suck. But now Fox is dry, it's a vampire. I'd like to see other news channels actually be worked on by PEOPLE, lets see them be warm hearted and funny like this, compassionate. As if. -

tetrax th : Literally the most savage thing I've seen from main stream media, this dude! This fucking dude is a fucking legend!

Don B : well now we know where to do crime, thanks fox

Dumb Dead1 : Black cops show up 4 hours later.

Charlotte wood : This is just too cute!!! Reporter was sooo “tongue in cheek”......love it! But a sad commentary for sure!!!

Crimson Comet : Did you sleep with her or something

deIlluminati : This is fucking great. What a way to turn a shitty situation wholesome


Mastiff Myths, Legends and Lore : Now's the Time To Get Away With Murder in Detroit zerofucks are given

Anthony J. Di Sano : That's why, when you live in Detroit and need the police you always LIE and tell them it's a FIRE. They show up much, much faster. (Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!)

Krispy : Lmao she really bitched about that fucking ice

Soph • : Just let the ice melt

born2h8 : He seems real as fuck compared to the other reporters

JonD : Great job LeDuff! That totally sucks for the lady and others in Detroit. I feel bad also for the LEO on duty, cause they are fulfilling their end, but management, resources, etc. are all stretched too thin. Kind of a sham really.

Lyric Ford : This vid is from 2012, why are there comments so recently? lmao

Johan Larsson : Welcome to sweden... among the highest taxrates in the world, and this is how our police work. There are multiple cases where the police have asked the resident, over the phone, to do a crime scene analysis by them self and then report what they find back to the police.

UNKOWN ERROR : Police give no craps

Jcirc The inhaler : Sean Penn went too far studying a role and wound up as a fox 2 reporter, trapped serving the Detroit community for the rest of his life

MARISSA MORALES : I thought the police walked in on someone taking a bath 😡

jmsmilin : damn

Lone Panda : Savage

Dan Mel : I thought it was a woman in the tub, very funny though