The Doomed Cleveland Balloonfest of '86

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Ryanside : Ballootion.

Chris Angulo : Wow good job mess that up for the rest of us we be cleaning ur mess

Harry Canary : Isn't this littering ?

Jason Wood : This story has it all Reporters kissing ladies on the mouth, midgets with microphones, child labor injuries, stunning practical effects, a monstrous villain towering over a city, historical document, death and Americana...

SuperPlayz Gaming - Roblox & More : This is why the world is running out of helium.

Jive Turkey : Life before the Internet.

kelan andersson : Is it just me or did this video have a strangely eerie feeling to it...?

Nat R : The real question here is did that lady ever get her watch back??!

Helmet Barf : Like I needed another reason to hate Cleveland.

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : I stole a balloon in free balloon day

Tunnel Chaser : Can someone write the city a littering ticket?

Sofiane Delaa : when humans reach the highest level of stupidity

The Dollar Guy : Hydrogen balloons would have been more exciting.

Purefoldnz : All that helium is worth its weight in gold.

captain air__ : Rip environment

anastasia : *Extreme* birthday party

greenie2600 : "At least they're no longer posing a threat to fish and wildlife" ...I'm not so sure about that.

breakaway2x : Legend has it there are still some deflated balloons on Cleveland's grounds.

Just a simple Yandere : What...

F : Helium is actually mined, and is a limited resource. What a waste.

Kohlton Miller : "It's no longer the butt of jokes" the irony

F : People died for this....

GA. Luigi : Being from Cleveland (and actually knowing who the hell Big Chuck and Little John are), I can confirm that it really is a super depressing city LMAO

Mr Daniel Explains : I can understand mistakes like this from the 1800s but you would think that by 1986 people would have a better understanding of science.

LStatic : Live footage of the State of Ohio celebrating after Jake and Logan Paul left for Los Angeles

Kohlton Miller : Ohio's gift to Canada: 1.5 million balloons.

Shogun : America, wrecking the world since its inception.

Bobby Armijo : It's 2018 how many people are watching this and thinking to themselves "how many of them balloons are still on the bottom of that lake bed?"

Ellie Tso : Oh environment...

Parzival : “At least they’re not hurting the fish and wildlife, and not posing a threat to the lake.” The balloons literally flew to Canada, the country that has more lakes in it than the rest of the world combined (that’s a true fact). They may not have affected your lake but they most definitely affected thousands of others.

Smegma Lasagna : The ballopolypse

DXLucas Original : "What could go wrong?", everyone thought.

GTZ 15 : How's the weather today? Balooney

humpty : Cleaveland the mistake by the lake

- ̗̀droopy•dot ̖́- : how to ruin the environment 101

Devin Hansen : It's like watching some strange, surreal apocalypse.

sofaking onmynuts : you heard her guys, completely harmless. i was worried there for a moment

Drama : Lmao Cleveland can't do anything rite

Lou Lou Bobbs : this reminds me of the WKRP episode with the turkeys....they thought they could fly. What did they think would happen to the balloons eventually? I love how the news anchors joked that they'd all get blown into Canada and then just laugh about it. What morons.

Heather Wanders : I can see how much tons of waste was generated that day. You didn’t think what will that cause in the future. You were all happy, and now some aquatic animals are suffering. Poor land, poor animals, poor environment. :(

h baker : Magic, the balloons just "disappeared" no one knows where they went but they are no longer threatening fish and wildlife, just fishermen

Chris Sheppard : _(((birthday bash intensifies)))_

FearlessFerret : The cringe

Long isGone : What were they thinking back in the day. hahahahaha

Filthy Junior : polluting.exe

desertbluesman : One of the worst ideas ever

TheDragonstorm1993 : The Balloons first attempt at taking over the human race


Sean Suerto : who's dumb idea was this?

Chalk Needles : How could anyone think this was a good idea? Stupid humans.