The Doomed Cleveland Balloonfest of '86

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Pixel : I love how much all of this must've went through and no one ever paid attention to the fact this was a terrible, high-pollution idea.

William Thomson : Now that will actually carry a house UP!

Da Shark Slayer : "This city is no longer the butt of jokes anymore." What kind of human being thinks that releasing 1.5 million balloons is going to earn them respect and admiration

ZybakTV : Sounds like some shit Cleveland would do...

killox : Canada: *sees 1000000 balloons coming down lake* Canada: *Wtf?*

L F : these gender reveals getting out of control

Papi Harpy : Great job: 2 dead, lots of litter, airline and chopper problems, a very confused Canada.

Neeraj Patidar : Looks like Cleveland was full of stupids in 1986.

Alex 10,000 : so were not gonna talk about that tiny balding man holding the microphone?

Cristhoper Sukhwani : Who's here because of the Cove Manila NYE shit Balloons Fest?!

Elwood Scott : Guinness didn't even recognize it. Ouch.

American Spirit : how many fish and birds died because of the ridiculous stunts

Ordinary Non Player Character : This is like micro plastic pollution on a scale we can see. We are literally killing our planet

Eunoia Vision : So many comments about pollution and animal food chain damage. But another consequence is the helium. Helium is a finite supply on earth and once it's gone, it's gone. Strangely enough, the price is still artificially kept low.

Ralph Washburn : Reporter: "No more 'mistake on the lake' " Days later..... " ....yeah ....about that"

Marc Anthony : Pollution on the next level

senorashish : This is why LeBron left. Twice.

songpoetry1 : And I thought 99 balloons were a lot.

jessie 123 : And now Okada (Philippines) is about to do this. Stoopid hoomans. Ugh.

Video E Checker Specilized Agent : Cleveland you've just created a 1,000,000 dollar fine for mass littering

k a y l e e : 30+ years later and this still doesn't make any sense.

EmilyB3690 : What's sad about this is that the guy was so enthusiastic, wanting to do something that he thought would be good and fun, only to end up inadvertently causing the death of two people. I'm sure that weighs heavily (or weighed, if he's deceased) on his conscious.

Rory O'Brien : I would be beyond pissed if I was still in the lake in a life jacket and the balloons hampered my chances of survival.

aris orais : World record mass littering.

Shirtango : Is everybody thinking what im thinking? How many balloons would it take to make that midget float away.

Oscar Armstrong : How did no one think of the effect on the enviroment from 1.5 million balloons? wtf.

Racer X : I didn't know balloon releasing was such a mark of accomplishment...

Woctowus Forever : That’s so sad that so many balloons landed in the ocean :( imagine all fish and birds that died trying to eat them

Michael McDonald : Every time they make a comment like “this city isn’t a joke anymore” or “look at us! Cleveland! YEAH! releasing a bunch of balloons MEANS SOMETHING!” I weep for them a bit.

JoeEckhardt : I’m from Cleveland and this just fully illustrates our luck with anything we try to do

Big Ragu : Canada should have built a balloon wall and made America pay for it.

Yeah O : Imagine if this was done in 2018 😂 so many health and safety and pollution threats. That plastic is still floating around in the sea or land right now

Jose Peixoto : THIS WAS IN 1986 1986 1986.....NOT NOW...

mike stang : Another Democratically run city, I'm surprised it didn't bring down any jetliners, nice job.

solen 1 : Am I the only one that feels click bated

Farm Alarm : aaaaand Now we have a *Helium* shortage in 2018. Thanks Cleveland.

Arthur Dent : And to think that there's plastic in the oceans, shocking!

Plasma Dragon : For some reason I expected the balloons to start swirling around in the sky to reveal a tornado about to touch down right above them.

Jesus Christ : 2:50 the money shot

NUTTY : And the Gen Xers are blaming it on phones

Firestarter : Imagine being on the tower and not knowing what was happening

Joanne Do : All those poor turtles

GhosterGuy Uy : Guinness after the incident was like: "Yall hear sumn?"

Ella Hewis : Who else is so proud that they live in Cleveland?! 🤪 “Home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!” Also, the guy yelling while reporting is hilarious! 😂😂 Hey, don’t forget the Factory of Sadness! My bad, it’s called the Browns Stadium.

KyleMcGyle : No more mistake on the lake. From that day forward they covered up the lie in the sky

First Last : It's like watching some strange, surreal apocalypse.

Keshav Bajpai : *New way to increase pollution by making world records*

nayyah bey : Disney: *See's an old man* Disney:*sees an Asian kid drop his ice creams* Disney:*See's 1, million balloons* Up!

XxITSARIxX Luv : I wasn’t been so that helium would have been out of my picture💁🏾‍♀️💀

Altair : When all the idiots team up for something this is what you get.