The Doomed Cleveland Balloonfest of '86

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Ivan Paligutan : 3:57 “Cleveland, home of the... home of the... home of the... (gestures someone to hand him a paper of Cleveland’s accomplishments)

Kayla LK : And they wonder why we're running out of helium.

World Citizen : Lol that journalist at the end, basically explaining that it must have disappeared from the planet if she can't see it anymore, so everything's okay. No wonder how they managed to do such a stupid thing in the first place.

PowahSlap Entertainmint : Man, this blows.

MoreImbaThanYou : "The balloons [...] are noolonger here today. Noone's quite sure where they went, but at least they are no longer posing a threat to fish and wildlife, and they are not littering the lake." I have no words for this.

TeamSesh Ωmega : "No longer will Cleveland be the butt of jokes!" *nope, nope, y'all are still the butt of jokes*

Rachel Stephens : The same Boomers who came up with this idea are the same ones complaining about Millennials. Did people think that the balloons would just disappear and not litter the lakes and city?

Moto Sly : so that's what all the fish are dying from at the moment... and turtles etc...

MildManNerd : Batman takes all the balloons. :(

TheCornbeefsoup : When you really think about it. As a whole...humans are pretty stupid.

chaffXgrenade : Interesting. Kinda creepy looking when it first launched, like a multicolored smoke cloud.

Justin Y. : But why though

The Backyard BBQ Show - BBQFOOD4U : No one knows where all the balloons on the lake went? LoL Rubber did disappear in 86.

AyeItsNoura : 1:25 I AM SO CONFUSED WHAT

The Mr. Pete Channel : Pollution creates jobs.

Death By Cognitive Dissonance : Cleveland, making good decisions since....well... maybe not.

JPG : This is America.

Some Guy on a Computer : I'm can't help but feel sorry for them. they just wanted to do something fun with community but it ended harming the environment.

swanxen : Guinness book of world records broken, for killing the most marine life in one try

Richard Head : 3:40 *_"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THERE IS NO MISTAKE ON THE LAKE ANYMORE!!!"_* Are you sure about that?

k a y l e e : 30+ years later and this still doesn't make any sense.

Jeremy Boateng : why haven't I ever heard of this?

ThePunitiveDamages : An even bigger mistake on the lake!

History Man : It said 60% of the balloons landed in the lake and “the majority went to Canada”. 🤣

CULPRIT 777 : how did they even get a permission 4 that was there no authority no govt.. i'm stunned

ANDY WHITBY : There’s some idiot in an office somewhere being given the green light on idiotic ideas... I always find it strange how no one else in these meetings speak up with common sense.

Doge This! : "How to kill all the wildlife in Cleveland."

Manas Mallik : Ohh thanks.... You just polluted my earth 😠 Go there and get all the trash you did there.... Then come and celebrate 😒

Nich hcin : who’s idea was this??

Talking Gorilla : wonder if she got her watch back

Devin Hansen : It's like watching some strange, surreal apocalypse.

Dominik No : *So much plastic* 💀

Louis : *There are probably still balloons left in Cleveland*

ab_ vevo : Great plan, went to shit literally right away...I love how she said not polluting and there's still polluting! Humanity with the invention of the Internet has taken 20 steps past this generation...I feel like I'm watching cavemen finger paint😂

David Miller : Sounds about white...

Bible Illustrated : "Up!" goes wrong

Amelia Burtis : I can not believe this is a thing that happened like how

Malica Hamilton : Americans are crazy .... Imagine all that unnecessary mess for what

Juniors—16 : And this is how we ruin our world

Ivan Forsman : We'll put Cleveland on the map! How? Environmental pollution, that's how.

Howard Lovecraft : Um...we’re just gonna ignore that midget newsman?

Arthur C : No wonder this Earth is dying.

catyear75 : As of today there will be a retroactive tariff on the balloons the US so generously sent to Canada......

Patrick Wilmes : Reminds me of the thanksgiving episode of WKRP in Cincinnati

Tunnel Chaser : Can someone write the city a littering ticket?

Said Ali : This is why Lebron is leaving.

Trevor Craven : "Cleveland home of the...home of the...home of the..." Home of the team that basically threw game 3 and 4 of the NBA finals (thanks LeBron)

Jeremy Boateng : Hey at least they're not Detroit?

AsianPerson3 : Chooper 6 is down I repeat chopper 6 is down.... damn baloons.

Firestarter : Imagine being on the tower and not knowing what was happening