The Doomed Cleveland Balloonfest of '86

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J M : these gender reveals getting out of control

Andrea Velez : Canada must have been very confused

ZeroEight : I can just hear the environmentalist crying in agony.

Machine Gun Mike : Lol! How did they think this was a good idea?

Andy Aldrian : "No one is sure where they went, but atleast they are not a threat to fish and wildlife". Possibly the most idiotic sentence ever spoken.

Marc Anthony : Pollution on the next level

Chillen Killen : Was everyone doing cocaine that day or what?

Michael Jay - Value Investing : If each balloon weighed 1.5 grams, then 1.5 million balloons would have dumped nearly 5000 pounds of non-biodegradable latex into environment.

Dana Danarosana : Much of the 1970s was spent cleaning up the Great Lakes and its watershed from heavy industrial pollution. Cleveland decides to launch 660,000+ lbs of toxic butadiene and styrene back into the same ecosystem 6 years later for no reason! My head hurts!!!

serchizm : "They're Canadas problem now." -Chief Wiggum

Pixel : I love how much all of this must've went through and no one ever paid attention to the fact this was a terrible, high-pollution idea.

Riptide 10x : Next on the agenda, Cleveland attempts to set the record by having 10,000 people shoot their guns straight up.

Owen Thomas : Poor Cleveland, they just can’t get anything right can they

Mazda Cosmo : but did they ever find the watch?

PURPLE PUCKER : What an utterly moronic idea.

Elwood Scott : Guinness didn't even recognize it. Ouch.

All Usernames Taken : Ironically, this actually makes me think even lower of Cleveland.

MoonCloudGaming : All of their trash swam to Canada and they were happy and celebrating the fact that they probably caused the death of thousands of sea creatures...

Black Dot : *News Reporter* We Don't Know Where They Went But We're Glad Its Not Our Problem

Mike Combs : How did they not foresee the consequences? This is Idiocracy level stupidity. The best part is the chopper flying around the cloud of balloons. What about airliners?

k a y l e e : 30+ years later and this still doesn't make any sense.

but2star : When the balloons burst, it fell into lakes, rivers and sea ..... marine life will feed on it ... especially the turtles and many will perished from indigestion ... well done by the clever people from Cleveland.

Caleb Bailey : How did anyone think this was a good idea?! This was 1986 not 1486

Usairname : the true pollution is making 1.5 million balloons in the first place

Todd Risinger : The most important thing I learned from this is the name "mistake on the lake" for Cleveland.

Big Ragu : Canada should have built a balloon wall and made America pay for it.

Gunns Now : the people responsible for this event should be in trouble for littering

Jack Hammer : 2:49 me when I accidently spill an entire box of fruit loops on the kitchen floor

WonkaVator72 : 3:13: "It's completely covering the Terminal Tower!" Except that we can see virtually all of the Terminal Tower.

g00gle minus : A moment of silence for all the plastic pollution that was created that day.

Devin Hansen : It's like watching some strange, surreal apocalypse.

Nathan Baker : This video convinced me to move to Cleveland and invest there.

gogreenrobot : 5:48 Nobody knows where the balloons went... So it's all good. Good job, Cleveland.

songpoetry1 : And I thought 99 balloons were a lot.

Tyler Rigdon : A perfect example of why Cleveland is and always will be the mistake on the lake

Tunnel Chaser : Can someone write the city a littering ticket?

Valkyrie Fleischmann : And I thought littering was illegal

chuckyko : 2:25 "It's no longer the butt of jokes." What has Cleveland been since 1986? The city most likely to be the butt of jokes.

Jim Upp : That reminds me of the WKRP episode when mr. Carlson dropped live turkeys from a helicopter. "OH MY GOD THEY'RE TURKEYS!!!!"

Super Greene : Glad we skipped Cleveland route on our recent US trip

Oscar Armstrong : How did no one think of the effect on the enviroment from 1.5 million balloons? wtf.

wollers7 : I recycled my plastic straw today; that should make up for Cleveland's dumb stunts.

King Kenya : I wonder if they are still discovering balloons today?

Wholesome Lad : Someone threw a dart at the balloons *_The End_*

Allen Atkins : Who thought this was a good idea?

Firestarter : Imagine being on the tower and not knowing what was happening

RAiHaN ESsAk : The guy yelling, "We did it Yeah". 3:28 Yeah you did do it, littering the lake & Air.

Bazanji : Terrible idea and incredibly bad for the environment.

J Sawyer : I love how much they were defending their reputation and trying to prove the haters wrong, yet this whole thing made them look sooooooooooooo dumb.

Mario Giresi : The Mistake on the Lake. You can say that again.