Chet Atkins - Mr. Sandman (TV 1954)

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doodleedledoo : Once upon a time you could get on national prime time TV just for being really good on electric guitar.

Milo Shapiro : Who doesn't love a Gretsch

eyg24 : at 1:34 does he hit the A string harmonic then finish the chord?! mmmmmmmmmmmm smooth

metelicgunz 1 : Who knew this would evolve into death metal...

Real Backing Tracks : I love how at 1:04 he plays that blazing fast lick like it's no big deal just to show "hey if you're worried I don't shred, I definitely shred."

The Internet Killed Music : This guy was a huge inspiration to George Harrison.

Tong Zou : I can't believe this guy did this in 1954... alot of guitarists can't even play this song today

Michael Lucarelli : The Love how he applied classical technique in his playing. Amazing guitarist!

Whiskey Bottle : This needs to be the theme song for Fallout 4, has such a post apocalyptic, nuclear war tone to it :)

OneMinuteFixed : A guy can train a whole life to play like that and still fail at some point, that's true talent right there

toners tummy : Im just going to throw my guitar in the trash.

Big Boss Laiho : more metal than Bring me the horizon

stockjonebills : Hendrix, Clapton, Beck..Hah. Here is one of the kings that influenced them all.

frank maffa : how the heck did he learn how to play like that??

Manuel Fellner : Back when skill and class were required to be a musician.

burnindownthehouse : Now THAT'S how you fingerpick! That is masterful.

Prince Westerburg : Just imagine seeing that on TV and having no way of seeing it again, recording it, seeing him live, getting the sheet music etc. Life before the internet really focussed the mind!

FENTON : Can someone please hit me right in the face for not having discovered Mr. Atkins until just yesterday!?

baba yaga : this guys pretty good but he's no lil wayne

multiverser : How to play guitar, in less than 2 minutes.

johnny hally : very good but can he play smoke on water?

Francis Madigan : Mister salmon.... bring me cream cheese . Put it on a bagel, the one with black seeds

JakeYencikMusic : Chet Atkins put his foot up on a platform 50 years before all the deathcore kids

Rotisserie Chiggen : The 50s were a cool time

PC Disciple : Dang this sounds AMAZING

LemonMouse Entertainment : He makes it look so easy. Its not

Rohan Buch : Bring me a meme, make him the dankest that i've ever seen

Electrical Conscience : My favorite part 1:34

Aaron Daniel : sounds like 2 guitars at once when he plays

no google plus : Dude was the real deal!

Mister Cik : Martin mcfly loves it !

Olivia Bunbury : Tommy Emmanuel brought me here :3

Tom Nieder : 0:48 guy in the top left corner of the shot is hilarious and I'm pretty sure the guy below him is John Wayne taking a nap. Not sure I could handle the 50's. Everyone has that 'hit me I'm a douche' look about them. Can't deny Chet rips on guitar though.

gabriel232 : i can't stop watching this plz help

MrPavelOK : But can he play Enter Sandman?

BillyBob Hammer : Taught him everything he knows.

trollercoaster99 : Smoother than buttah

gaazbro : That vibrato at 1:35.

Kevin Sudie : The most tasteful whammy ever

BATPIK ! : This video was one of the reasons I started playing guitar years ago. I still can’t play it lol

Suraj Lamichhane : Still enjoying his melodies after all these years.. he did a little "i'll see you in my dreams" at 0:36, such an inspiration this man :)

GunproofGrandad : Wow... He's so precise. Beautiful.

Bella Speelman : For everyone wondering about the make and model of the guitar, it a gretsch 6120 DSW

thewierddood : This was uploaded exactly 13 years and 14 days ago. 👌👌

Becky Lipps : Loved Chet and Mr. Sandman. Fantastic picking!!❤

Geraldo Hembley : what a beast, this is real mastery

Nicolás Jiménez Alarcón : Exit light Enter night Take my han... Oh damn wrong song

Fortnite Lover_FTW : This could be in the top 10 heavy metal songs of all time

mithrandell : *Ten Characters that can defeat Thanos (even with the infinity gauntlet) in seconds*