Steamed Hams But It's Ace Attorney

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RamZaes : You even did the text typing, wowww

Fenix : I've never seen a more accurate Ace Attorney parody, this is amazing!

Matty 2792 : The whole thing was amazing but the little speech at the end was the cherry on top lmao

Countdown Bleck : 4:33 makes me laugh so much because it kinda sounds like it could be Ace Attorney dialogue and the music fits so well. Fine work, sir. 10/10 meme

Nintendrew : Top meme of 2018. Much like Skinner's steamed hams, this was very well done.

Godot : As an Ace Prosecutor, I approve

Cyrule : Jesus Christ dude, you favorite way too many comments.

Enceladeans : Those aren't steamed hams at all! It's clearly some authentic Japanese ramen.

OneCanOfSprite : It's over. This can't be topped. Steamed Hams is finished

HereComestheChief : Eat your steamed hams, Apollo.

GameKeeper28 : "These are patterned Skinner burgers" *Psyche-Lock appears*

dollores : I love you

Cosmodore : There is nothing wrong with this. Nicely done.

HappyScary Dean : Skinner updated the steamed clams to steamed hams. Talk about the detail level.

Bleenderhead : "I hope to see an aurora borealis in my kitchen one day, too." This is so inspirational.

fireluigi12 : Chalmers should stop judging things based on narrow-minded cultural assumptions.

lmarcondesm : Now to reload and ask about the fries so you can see all the dialogue.

NumbFeet : lost it completely at "the past is what makes us"

John : Oh my god the hamburger inspection screen, you've killed me

Green Potato : This interpretation of the Steamed Hams meme really is special, as it puts us in the perspective of the Superintendent, who had a sort of "villanous" role in most of the videos. Therefore, i appreciate this excellent art piece even more.

TheStoryteller : I love you so much for this.

Introbulus : >> Next Case >> Turnabout Newspaper Box

Jason Lo : I can’t, the increasingly pitched questioning beats as he comments on the Aurora Borealis are just too much to handle.

SemihAki : This is surprisingly high quality lol.

conditionals : I love how Chalmers' napkin at 2:53 looks like Edgeworth's cravat

hathejoker : Fucking 10/10

surviving gamer : Please favorite my comment too.

surviving gamer : And this one too please.

Forensicswaifu : I cried like three times, this was beautiful. well done

NFUN : "What about the fries?" Fantastic

Kazuma Kiryu : The Northern Lights never happen

Israel Hernandez Ros : This is totally genius. Not only because of the funny mix but on the deep dissection of the joke itself. Hope you make more! There's a lot gags on Simpsons and other series to analyse!

shary96 Games : This video wins the Internet, there's no way it can be topped.

Yui Wrong : THIS IS TOO GOOD!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

David Lewis : wtf so much attention to detail

Yoshimitsu126 : Something is wrong with the like button. I can only press on it once to upvote this video.

Neufel-b : Incredible work. I'm pooped.

Xenon : This is closer to investigations

SuperBlahmaster : Wonderful. But could have used Cornered somewhere.

cookiefonster : i can safely say that you made steamed hams 10 times better. good job.

fireluigi12 : BEST ONE EVER (Even the typoes are authentic lololol)

Francesco Carra : Lavoro eccellente, good job!!

Silibus Joe : I had to clap at this one. You got it dead to rights.

Huracán : What about the fries?

xPotato Playerx : HOLD IT! Why is there smoke coming from your oven, Seymour? ----------- OBJECTION! Well, I'm from Utica, and I've never heard the phrase "steamed hams." Oh, not from Utica, no, it's an Albany expression. I see. *Steamed Hams updated in the mind record.* ------------ Patented Skinnerburgers! Ooooooold family recipe. OBJECTION! Yes, and you call them steamed hams despite the fact that... TAKE THAT! they are obviously grilled. *pursuit theme plays*

geo mundi : amazing work. mind if I ask what program you use to do some of the editing? "what i'm saying is, I hope to one day see aurora borealis in my kitchen too"

Isaac Harry : This was beautiful and the best steamed ham I've seen by far

Carson Chavez : This is pretty close to MGS Steamed Hams. Unsure which I like more.

Pedro Mata : The culmination of human existence

Faustomanyyz : Dude, this is by far, one of the best. Good job!!