Steamed Hams But It's Ace Attorney

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iKiwed : Hello everyone! We've reached more than 300.000 views! I want to thank everyone for your comments and feedback. I read all of them and I appreciate your suggestions. If it was possible, I really would like to update my current video and fix all the mistakes I did, like the lack of an "Objection", the military time system, the capitalized I's, and more details I never noticed. I also read many of you just started playing Ace Attorney because of this video. I'm truly happy for that! I suggest for new players to start from the beginning, the first trilogy of Phoenix Wright. The first 4 games (including Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney) are awesome under many aspects. You can play all of them on iOS or Nintendo 3DS. To end this comment, I'll just leave some suggested Steamed Hams videos for you: Steamed Hams But It's Ghost Trick (If you like Ace Attorney, check this out. This video is inspired by another game made by the creator of Ace Attorney, called Ghost Trick.) Steamed Hams But It's Megaman Battle Network Steamed Hams But It's Zero Escape (If you like visual novels and puzzle, you may like this video, too.) Steamed Heads (Steamed Hams but with Mario Head) Steamed Hams But It's L.A.Noire Steamed Hams but It's a Danganronpa Class Trial Thank you, see you in another video.

Fenix : I've never seen a more accurate Ace Attorney parody, this is amazing!

DaVince21 : This is really well made... ...But for the love of everything that is good, _please_ capitalize the word I next time!

hypedmaniac : Absolutely Commendable. Every Aspect To This Overall Really Nails Every... Damn, there's no good words beginning with Y that can finish that. As for now, the capitals read out 'ACE ATTORNE'

GameFace : That Seymour sure steams a good ham.

BugCatcherWill : Am I out of touch?'s the Autopsy Report that's wrong

RamZaes : You even did the text typing, wowww

witty 'n snarky : The QUALITY in this is astounding. I expected something half-assed but this is really well made.

Treblaine : "Hold on a sec. I definitely have an evidence. I noted it in *my mind.*" 10/10

yo soy arból : tfw even Aurora Borealis is localized but not DGS

Huracán : What about the fries?

Nintendrew : Top meme of 2018. Much like Skinner's steamed hams, this was very well done.

Silibus Joe : I had to clap at this one. You got it dead to rights.

xManarchie : Was expecting a Psyche-Lock to appear at 4:43

LordLukste : I can't believe your attention to detail. You even put in the "ding" from when someone drops a hint in their dialogue.

chris cahill : The fact that Chalmers' suit and tie matches Phoenix's makes this even better

Cyrule : Jesus Christ dude, you favorite way too many comments.

George Wang : Eat your steamed hams, Apollo.

Christianthepupbot : Skinner: You have to trust me on this! Besides, you have no proof that these aren't my Steamed Hams. (This could be my last chance to find out what really happened. I like these burgers, but I like the truth even better) Chalmers: Seymour, this reminds me of another saying we have in Utica...we call the route to the truth "Steamed Logic." *EPIC ZOOM IN* (Let's go over the facts. I know for sure that Skinner is hiding something, but what could it be? Maybe I should start with these burgers. Something's off with them... ) (What's off about these burgers) >The way they are made< >There's no sauce >They are surrounded by fries *SMASH* THESE HAMBURGERS ARE OBVIOUSLY GRILLED! (Skinner keeps calling them "Steamed Hams." And when I pointed this out to him, he just went away. That's when he told me something else...Aurora Borealis...At this time of day, at this time of year, at this part of the country?) (How could the Northern Lights in Springfield right now?) >Springfield is located in Canada >They're not< >I got the wrong house *SMASH* THEY CAN'T BE! (It's not possible, but, I saw lights in his kitchen. Obviously, they aren't man-made. They were right there, but, what could they be if they're not the Northern Lights?) (What is the source of those lights?) >Work of Bart Simpson >Spirit Channeling >Seymour's Oven< *SMASH* THE LIGHTS WERE COMING FROM SEYMOUR'S OVEN! (Of course! Seymour was trying to hide what was in his oven from me. What's so important?) (What's in Skinner's Oven) >Steamed Clams >A ruined roast< >The body *SMASH* SEYMOUR'S ROAST IS RUINED! (Which means Seymour's oven is on FIRE! So he could have made these hamburgers. So, who did? What did? Where did?) (Who really made the Steamed Hams?) >Skinner's Mom >Homer Simpson >Krusty< *SMASH* *STEAMED HAMS* *ARE* *KRUSTY BURGERS*

Brandon Kirkley : This is amazing and you should feel proud. Even put in chalmer's thoughts.

Turnabout : You had me at Steamed Turnabout

Nycro : Thanks. This made me start with Ace Attorney.

Patrick Farina : A couple of things bothered me. 1. I wish you had called this “chapter 3: luncheon Turnabout.” Since every level in that game was called turnabout.2. You said the time was 0030, but that’s 30 minutes past midnight. 3. There was no objection. You could have stuck it in before the Aurora Borealis. Other than that, I must say, you steam a good ham.

Nicholas Kawamura : 4:00 Choosing Objection 2004, the obvious best objection theme. Good choice.

Yonk : the hamburger minigame wrecked me. The epilogue DESTROYED ME

Cosmodore : There is nothing wrong with this. Nicely done.

Brush Rolla : I will never see Chalmers in another one of these memes the same way again.

Luiginxer : Better than Dual Destinies

Basterd Swordsman : Points for using the best objection theme 👌

The Ultimate McNugget Nagi : How did you get the font? This is too accurate, I can’t even breathe. God skill editing, I applaud.

Matty 2792 : The whole thing was amazing but the little speech at the end was the cherry on top lmao

Athesies : when i first watched this video i knew nothing about the series, i now know everything that happens in the first 2 games and am going to buy a game in the series the next time i get the chance, this meme video somehow ended making me a fan

FanatSors : This is golden, thank you sir.

Take Hiro LOL : Perfect! So damn good! I played the first 3 Ace Attorney games and those hours were awesome, but this has made me smile for several days!!!

Kaosorer : Good lord this is probably genuinely one of the most well done edits of this I have ever seen, everything about it is just, fantastic, I am truly, truly impressed. God bless you.

gateguardian44 : You combined my favourite TV show with my favourite anime. May whatever higher power exists bless you eternally!

Alex Hompesch : I thought this was just going to add the music, but it’s so much more than that.

Carrot Snarrot : This is the video that convinced me to play the Ace attorney series

PBMCC88 : I noticed some minor grammar stuff, and the time at the start is odd, but I must say, you meme a good ham. Great work!

Countdown Bleck : 4:33 makes me laugh so much because it kinda sounds like it could be Ace Attorney dialogue and the music fits so well. Fine work, sir. 10/10 meme

stern9367 : That is incredible. I want a full game. also favorite my comment plz

GeneralOlde : The greatest thing this video takes from Ace Attorney is the level of sympathy Chalmers displays towards Skinner. It's actually kind of heartwarming.

ScreamingMilitaryManFace : This was awesome, dude. Amazing editing and very clever. Didn't expect the story to be from Chalmers' POV, either!

Gregory Bogosian : This should have ended with Skinner confessing to burning his house down on purpose to kill his overbearing mother and collect the insurance money.

Godot : As an Ace Prosecutor, I approve

rattyeely : I like how this reveals the secret phycology of Chalmers

Robert Anderson : This was absolutely amazing. I think it's my favorite version of this meme. Very charming. One slight missed opportunity: You should have made the date April 14, the original airdate of 22 Short Films about Springfield, which Steamed Hams was a part of. But that's just a nitpick. That being said, one little touch I liked were the typos sprinkled here and there in the dialogue. The Ace Attorney series has its fair share of typos. EDIT: I JUST realized: "22 Short Films about Springfield"... and March *22!* I see what you did there!

chaoticcranium : OBJECTION! There wasn't a single "OBJECTION!" in this Ace Attorney parody! (But it was really accurate to the game, and very funny. I should really stop being such a jerk. One day I hope to see the Aurora Borealis in my kitchen, too.)

TOSfan64 : Skinner's breakdown was always kinda lame in my opinion. All that build up and he just walks away...Capcom really dropped the ball on this case.

Enceladeans : Those aren't steamed hams at all! It's clearly some authentic Japanese ramen.