Puppet Has Wild Night Out

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thewinterizzy : We truly don't deserve Scuz. What a blessing.

tallasianchick : This explains the instastories now...

The TRY Channel : This is glorious. More Scuz pls.

sweetsacrifice77 : This is the quality content I signed up for.

The Sneople : I was one of the puppeteers at this thing. I could see you from my monitor. Had I known this was what that was for, we would have called you up and interacted with you!

Trey Bayles : Hey Scuzz, you may have felt that your first segment didn't go as planned but it did. This is the exact candid response to the situation that the audience wanted whether we knew it or not. Keep it up, kid! We're all rooting for you.

Jay Casillas : That girl at the end looked liked she was checking out Elliot.

Brynley Louise : I still remember when you guys did this to Sam Bashor. Bow-tie and all lol

Adam Marshall : This is chilling. "I need an adult" confirms that Scuzz is indeed a child. And you forced that child into that terrible, terrible place. How dare you.

Aszkara Gilchrist : Now THIS is everything I hoped for!! I lost it when Ernesto showed up hahaha

Chris M : We need to get this into liquid form so I can shoot up. This is incredible! Also the woman at 3:55 was checking Elliott out.

Tessa Bohn : This is everything I didn't know I needed.

Kelly Vergara : Scuzz is too pure for that! How could you let him go into the den of seediness and depravity unaided?! Shame on all your families. 4/5 stars: would watch again.

SETO : This is a lot like Sam going to that Adult Con back on SourceFed

Dom Valdespino : This may be my favourite valleyfolk video thus far, absolutely amazing , a huge smile has been plastered on my face throughout 10/10

Sarah Buchan : When Furnesto sees Scuzz in the club and he pulls the dollar down like “OH...” Dead 😂🤣💀

greattheillusion : I am perfectly okay with, and completely stand behind all of the puppet action happening here on the Valley folk. Awesome stuff!!

Kala Thurman : I am here for this transition into a full blown puppet show.

katie joyce : scuzz i love you so much, please don’t do random sugar again (strangers will lace it), also i need to see scuzz at a renaissance fair or zoo

Colorblind Mode : I love scuzz and all, but I need more Furnesto cleaning

NE1 : This is awesome. Dont be discouraged if the channel is slowly growing, we are here to support y'all through patreon and consistent, good content like this will gain traction!

Doremi : Awwwwww❤️ you should take scuzz to Chuck E. Cheese

Dano Coutiño : Sugar also has a crippling hold on me, buddy. I had a ton of coke yesterday. And chocolates. But we'll get through. One day at a time.

Jiggly Carollo : "I need an adult."

JordaniusVonRhod : What happened to that one blue puppet steve did at sourcefed? BRING HIM BACK

Derrick Van-Wyk : More of Scuzz. We need 100 times more Scuzz.

Rkiver : Scuzz is honestly adorable. More Scuzz!

TheDrTwist : The guy at 1:40 was a bit weird no? like "hey I see this chick on the ground doing some weird puppet shit and there was like this camera and stuff, but thats crazy so Imma stand real close and videotape/take pictures for an awkward amount of time... NO LESS. Awkward to infinity is my motto"

Ravenq222 : Dear God this is the best video yet!

AheLiLi M : "I'd like to thank the Valleyfolk for, uh, trusting me with this segment." LoL! Scuzz, you're a pure sweetheart. I love you and Furnesto!

ncoope00 : Lee's voice for this is perfect. Please continue.

Phabien P : If this isn't it, I don't know what is. I wanna see scuzz do stand up next. PLEAAASE 🌄

Marycarmen Rodriguez : This👏. Was👏. Awesome 👏. Loved it!😂

Jordan Loyd : Scuzz!! Aw buddy. I wanna give you a hug.

Quiet Fish : I feel like Scuzz should become a little more innocent as he devolps but I think that's where he was going. Good stuff

Ally Stewart : I'm gonna be honest I was really drunk watching this and I'm real confused

Garrett Mulholland : So good, looking forward to more of this please!

Nicholas Wheeler : Lee Newton... how dare you let our child relapse with sugar and go out yonder alone! Im going to file for custody

drake. : I want Scuzz to be my father in law tbh

amberbuttersz : Yes!!! I love everything about this video. Just everything.

Niña Loyola : Scuzz, you did a great job in this segment! You're doing awesome, buddy!

nya_e22 : that was awesome I for real clapped at the end.

marileethomas : Favorite video yet! ❤️ you guys!

Mark Titus : 10/10 would die for skuzz

Kris Torisky : Best video yet guys. The production quality of this video was through the roof. Keep it up!

TomForNow : This is the best thing. Perfect.

XXCallie PayneXX : This was a veryyyy very funny segment

TomForNow : Our poor lil Scuzz is like a dear in the headlights. Goodness i love this character.

Andre Porter : No offense but Scuzz is the character I didn’t know I needed

Christian Wright : This is Brilliant!!! Beautifully shot and acted. Really top notch work yall