A man touches the buttocks of a waitress

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TheAndrewj96 : Turns out this scumbag has two kids. So not only is he a terrible role model for his children, but he's sadly already reproduced in the first place. Also, I love how he just keeps walking after he touches her. Clearly he has done this at least a few times before, and fully expects her to do absolutely nothing about it. Oh, how gloriously wrong he was.

Brant Frans : She should have picked up a chair and smashed it over his head.

Drake likes Weird Things : I can guarantee you this wasn't the first time this man did this, just the first time he was caught on camera. I hope his wife leaves him.

Vivian Polack Kutter : Awesome!!! well done!!!!!

ΣLVIЯΔ : slammed that dirty perv bless her ❤🤘

Kevin Brock : As a man, whose wife is in the US Army as a Special Forces support Mechanic & Paratrooper and who has a little girl himself....bravo, ma’am....bravo! I will save this clip for when my daughter gets older to show her what is possible when you demand respect & autonomy from the male gender. It does my heart good...a virtual high-five to you.

chasfh : This is a welcome sign of the times. Just a few years ago, most young women would not known how to handle this situation, because society deemed this to be, if not exactly OK, then at least no big deal. It's not like that anymore. Young women are increasingly being raised to have self-respect and, even more importantly, self-esteem. Let this serve notice to men everywhere: do something like this at your peril, because women ain't putting up with this shit anymore. Bravo.

Robbie James : This is just beautiful. What a champion she is. Not even a moment of hesitation. Good on her!

Darko Fist : Very good, an additional kick in the balls would have been welcomed also. Way to go.

Elmo : As a father of two young ladies, let me say, "kudos" to you, ma'am.

Mike Johnson : what a creep! He totally deserved that

Eugene Michalak : I wish it had sound

Frenzy Entertainment : Badass!

Aletha White : I cried watching this. I have had that happen so many times. You end up feeling powerless. I don't go in crowds and I always cover my butt. Yet it happens. I've asked male friends advice and they said wearing loose clothes only shows your butt is big and makes them more curious. It is shameful that any man can feel that entitled to touch a stranger. I know I am not the only female that has experienced this and to see someone fight back makes me feel empowered. Good on her.

Väinö Tapio : Need more woman to stand up to these douches like she did. You gotta wonder how many other women he has done that to before. I feel sorry for his wife.

J.Grace : He got what he deserved! Don't touch anyone without their permission

Tina Walton : Would love to see the rest of this video! And yes, well done to the server.

bird718 : thats so funny, the guys an idiot, that girl rocks!!!!

beakt : It boggles my mind that men do this. I truly don't understand it. I love women and their bodies and the ecstasy that touching a woman brings me as much as any man. But to grab a stranger's butt like that is just unthinkable.

Corcon : As a guy, I can not understand how some guys don't have boundaries. I learned those, I think, by the age of four.

Daniel Modell : He's 100% a Trump guy.

Nina Ross : Good for her, nasty perv got just what he deserved

Christopher Molden : ...and she didn't even drop her customer's order. That's what I call handling business!

LQ : Pig.Good for you lady.

f quint : Good for her!! What a gross creep. Glad she got him.

mrmacross : Dude went down pretty quickly. Drunk and stupid are a bad combination.

Rob Spencer : BooohYaaaaa! Way to go! A shot to the privates would have been justified too!

getplaning : This video is approved

Pansophic One : Does anyone know where this guy works? We need to find his employer and let them know what kind of person they have working for them. He needs to be fired from his job.

Brianna Smith : Women everywhere are rising up!

warriorbard : *slow clap* You go, girl. Show him who's boss.

Tabsoft : Awesome!! Don't take that kind of crap at all! NOT Okay to grope anyone $&!thead!

rogueberry &dissent : Yes! 👍🏻 Should have "touched" him in his balls with your knee too!

Paul Booty : its what he deserves

P S : Absolutely awesome.

speedbuggy16v : Awesome, I would encourage a follow up throat punch though, kudos on the restraint!

Jenn Terry : I love this girl. Some of these comments, not so much. It's not women's jobs to police the behavior of men. Whether she jacked him up or not, he was wrong. And I bet most people wouldn't even believe her if there was no video footage.

sweetsugarjones : 👏 bravo 👏

pedro yoogevari : Fuck yea!!

Martine COMBES : Elle a bien fait de lui mettre un coup. J'aurais fait pareil. Les serveuses sont pas des putes. Le respect existe !

Michael Risser : And he "told police the touching was "an accident" and he was trying to get the woman to move out of his way". Didn't look like an accident to me, nor was she in his way. Even if she was, a polite "excuse me" would have been sufficient. Got less than he deserved if you ask me.

RShipwash : I wish there was a way to LOVE this! Get him, girl! He should be glad that you stopped and didn't continue to beat his ass. 😂

LaDonna * : He learned his lesson

zemetrius : good for her.

Zombalaya Q : That, she did! An icon. A queen. A heroine.

William Payton : Oh well, he deserved what he got. But on the other hand, is it ok for a man who just had his package touched or butt grab to pummel and slam a woman? Women do the same thing.

Paul Prince : I think you have done the right thing maybe now he will wake up

P.J. Whitman : Good on her.

Djamel Arbouche : That’s the definition of « girl power » !

Tee F : Made my whole week. Justice is awesome.