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Tobberz : This is the BBC World Service in a nutshell

FoodPorn : ah yes 26 railroad its difficult if you dont live in england but its fairly close to eleventy past the twelve just before hinkelteplumpton but not after tea time

jammadamma : Today in Kzichistan a peaceful demonstration turned to bloodshed, as members of the Tzillytribe flooded Kenpau square in rememberance of the third aniversary of the Holmsburg massacre. But finally some good news out of neighboring Canduzi, as locals there have reached an uneasy alliance with the bordering Trilicabubsywubsydoll. And now with sports, here's Frample Tromwibbler. From the world of sport - the Cointon Spinkywompers flomped the Floingboing Welfinclompers 70 fluff to 40 flave. At the tone the time will be twenty-six railroad. Beep!

David Murphy : I love the BBC world service

Terry I : I don't get to bed until like 27 railroad, which is like half past 64 turnpike.

Lovelle : "but finally, some good news." Yes, that's definitely not American radio.

Blues : I'm offensive and I find this British

Michael : Remember the Holmsburg Massacre! My fellow Tazili - unite with me! Occupy Kempal square

Backless Chaps : Talk about a STEREOtype.

1292liam : I'm not sure about any of that

ChayD : Tune into the shipping forecast on BBC Radio 4 for much lols

6string : I laugh every time! This is brilliant

christianbro2 : So true about shortwave radio lol

gferrol118 : As a British person, I can confirm this is accurate

cr4yv3n : Americans trying to understand world news in a nutshell :)

IanPolerCP : As a proud Kanduzian, I can assure you that this information is 100% accurate.

Sean Dali : Americans and geography...

Alen B. Baras : Kazikistan? Nyah, close enough.

Kari Chandler : The "Cointon Spinkywompers." I almost died laughing at that...😂

Redcoat 142 : So American news isn't like this?

FriskyFox : Producer: "Cherry Chevapravatdumrong" lmao What a mouthful.

Bloodyminer : Kazakhistan? best country in the world

Carefree Jimbob : frample tromwibbler!

Jeremy Merrifield : Probably the most intelligent broadcast heard by an American on The Wireless for years

Joshua Yates : I think you mean 'railway'.

jammadamma : 70 fluff to 40 flave

Inter-dimensional Lizard : This reminds me of the radio series "On the Hour" by Chris Morris. It's on YouTube also.

Food Grave : BBC I'm looking at you

Mario Donaldo Mendoza Pineda : Take a Shawwaaa

Joe Cassara : "The sport", not sports!

Cogs Hollow : Anyone else from the UK think these "British voices" sound Australian...or just me?😆

Lee Turner : We call them railways here in Blighty, not railroads...... we are also all pedants.

Kaxmi : I'm English , this is 1000% true

Naz Mukash : It's Kazakhstan, I live in there))

NelsonClick : Dear England, this "joke" sketch demonstrates EXACTLY how BBC radio sounds to American ears. This could possibly be the most laser accurate satire ever conceived of American impressions of UK broadcasts. Yes. I stand by that superlative and am willing to defend it to my very annihilation.

J J : Intellectual stimulating one sided communication on a good old blighty wireless with afternoon tea at the vicarage whilst cleansing the vermin from the lawn with a croquet mallot.

David Birks : Just like the bbc world service. Apart from we dont use the word railroad

Morbius1963 : Bill Bryson explains that a visitor to America can do a great magic trick. Go there, buy a newspaper and see your own country disappear. Recently millennials interviewed thought that America should go to war with N. Korea and thought that it was somewhere near Canada. I think Michael Moore has something to say about it too.Bill also goes onto explain that FG had the same reaction to "Secrets and Lies", "Shallow Grave", "My Left Foot", "The Commitments", "Shine" and "The English Patient". We, on the other hand, have no problem with films from Hollywood because a petro chemical explosion needs no translation.

anonyman13 : *railway

pachy444 : No BBC broadcaster would say Railroad... in the UK it's Railway.

Simon Templar : I guess British radio seems strange to Americans who think the world IS the USA. Still funny though😂

Alex Hopkins : I thought this was radio 4 bus is this something different?

Colin Chapman : To all the English on here who write comments about being offended by this, it's a joke. There poking fun at the British stereotype. Same as us When we say American and you get that image of a an overweight guy leaning against a pickup with a pistol in one had and a burger in the other or a black guy standing outside a 7-11 with his pants halfway down his arse and brown bagged beer in his hand. You know that not all Americans are like that, well not outside the south anyway. Murica FU#K YA! Just kidding we know your not all married to your sister. 😂

OceanBlue : I thought the British spoke English?

Bobby Samra : That’s was a Australian accent!

Boi Bottlecap : Sounds like BBC radio 4

ChemicalFX : Me listening to BBC World Service every night before falling asleep

Chris Bradford : Script: Today, in Kuzikistan, a peaceful demonstration turned to bloodshed as members of the Turzili tribe flooded Kenpao Square in remembrance of the third anniversary of the Holmsburg Massacre. But finally, some good news out of neighboring Kanduzi, as locals there have reached an uneasy alliance with the bordering Trolika Bubsie Wubsie Dal. And now with sports, here's Framptal Tromwibbler. From the world of sport, the Contein Spinky Whompers flumped the Floing Boing Welfenclumpers, 70 fluff to 40 flabe. At the tone, the time will be 26 railroad.

Stiff Wit : OMG I love it

dtvfan24 : whereever i go , bbc world service is great to catchup on non US news