Amazing Japanese Repairmen #9 'Vegetable Grater' English subtitles
Only in Japan would be a guys who is dedicated to repairing vegetable graters Amazing stuff The channel is full of great material

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Wiiの間:修理、魅せます。 #009「おろし金」 Wii Room: The Fascinating Repairmen. #009 "Grater" Repairman: 勅使河原隆 Teshigahara Takashi Playlist that will be updated with all future episodes: I will NOT be redoing episodes 1-7 in Aegisub at this time.


Andy : working on his fathers work, what a pleasure that must have been. also yasuo at the end needs to do some voice acting

joshin : This is awesome. I love watching a craftsman work

Cody : this is cool, but who the hell is paying him?