Monte Video And The Cassettes - Shoop Shoop Diddy Wop Cumma Cumma Wang Dang (1983)
In 1983 this was New Zealands second most popular song

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Monte Video And The Cassettes - Shoop Shoop Diddy Wop Cumma Cumma Wang Dang (1983)


hikkchik : I hadn't heard this since I was 13.  Thank you for uploading!

Dan Sheppard : This guys voice is awesome.

munchkinsmunchkin : This song soooooo screams the 80s Gotta love it :D

munchkinsmunchkin : Oh most of your views are mine lol Thankyou for uploading it :D

K to the K : Pretty good drugs at this time obviously.

ProjectFlashlight612 : The very definition of a novelty song. 

Angus Creagh : that guy looks like a mixture between Matt Smith and Bill Nye

KJA : Throw back to my nine year old self... classic!

Jeremy K Melbourne : 1983 the hot ones...

William Noyce : Love this track. Great memory from my youth.

Joel Henry : in your face wang dang

John Clark : Roll on the 80's. the one hit wonders all ways stick!!! :)-

munchkinsmunchkin : The start of the song sounds just like another 80s song....... "Walking on sunshine"

Nexbex : best song i've heard in 25 years

3instein : He sounds like the guy from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared.

xeman88 : ...omg, why is Steve Rogers wearing a tweed jacket and bow tie and sporting a cockney accent??? :-O

CryptoCracker : well sheriff-womble, as you see.. these old songs send the new songs back to school lol

thisjacktansley : 'Cumma Cumma Wang Dang' Really...

Iain Mac : Ahhhh the 80's :)

Paco Reguenga : One of my most beloved jewels from the 80s! Makes me feel young again!

Darren L : 1983 The Hot Ones

Dene Moss-Mason : Such talent wish this guy would make more of his music available

toadster1 : hi reddit

Vander Karl : First!

Paul Barnett : classic

Carbon_based_life_form : Takes me back to the days when I had no idea what he was singing about. La-la-la-la-Lola pt 2.

Jagan : I love this song. I wasn't even born when it was out but I remember listening to it on a cassette

Klah1979 : love this song since i was a kid wiked funny

TheAussieSlayer : WangMYDang

Mike Mercado : Must be Betamax era?

ModernRebel : What is this treasure I just stumbled upon lol

Melo Boy : Music was so much better back then

Jagan : I'm only 33but I had the hot ones cassette as a kid, loved it!!

barry Delisle : Shop shop diddy wah Wang dang

Daynoss R : Pinched me ang about

tforceraven : XD

GospeL WeeD420QC : 🤘🤑🤘

Jack Kahler : #Cumma   #Wang  lol wtf

layla wallbanks : This is my fav song and I’m only 10

MrBlackFabio : I can’t believe I remember this song. Made no sense, but I liked the music.

barry Delisle : Great sing along song

Kain Thomos : still love this lol

barry Delisle : What it mean

channelhismojo : At 0:46 in the black dress - that's a dude.

Nova's Mum : This song reminds me of when I was a kid. lol

Volker Loges : Oh ha-ha-ha

The Guilty Pleasure Of the Cover Version : Does anyone know the story behind this? It was a kiwi song but he definitely doesn't sound kiwi? 

Hayden Sleep : I love this song I'm 12 my mum and dads fav song